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Impellizzeri 100%

the conceptual model, validity, reliability, and responsiveness.


Strategy(1) 93%

- Search Engine Optimization Social media and community Responsiveness Functionality and usability Appearance Content Search engine optimization SEO is very important to optimize and to generate traffic and visibility to our website.


Vanessa AKAM in a glance v1 80%

international mobility welcomed WHERE TO FIND ME Sector + 33 6 50 14 43 61 +33 7 61 66 91 18 profile/vanessa.akam Market Association, foundation, international organization, foreign subsidiary of international company, international agency/fund, nonprofit organization ● Worked in a wide range of sectors adaptability MY TARGETS International Solidarity, Social Solidarity Economy, Humanitarian, Diplomatic Corps, NGOs ● Professional experience abroad international openness Taste for teamwork - excellent interpersonal skills l Resourcefulness, responsiveness, initiative, autonomy Strong involvement, dedication, determination Computing and web fluency – good knowledge of social and professional online network ● ● ●


Diaporama 80%

IAPV (Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus) → désorientation → pas de retour à la ruche 5 Crithidia mellificae Nymphe atteinte de la loque américaine Abeille infectée par le DWV Abeille infectée par le CBPV (au centre) Zhiguo Li, Yanping Chen, Shaowu Zhang, Shenglu Chen, Wenfeng Li, Limin Yan, Liangen Shi, Lyman Wu, Alex Sohr, Songkun Su (2013), Viral Infection Affects Sucrose Responsiveness and Homing Ability of Forager Honey Bees, Apis mellifera L., PLOS ONE, 8, 10 5 Les conséquences des activités anthropiques Trop d’uniformité génétique (fécondation contrôlée) Monocultures (artificialisation des terres, fauchage) Mauvaise nutrition due à la surpopulation (alimentation artificielle) Pesticides Stress causé par les activités humaines + stress lié aux transhumances, espérance de vie réduite par le réchauffement climatique… =>


Job description-2015-10-UX Enchanter 79%

• Mastering Adobe Photoshop • UI / UX / IX Design • Understanding of the technical challenges of a mobile/web product • Good Mobile / Internet / Social Media / Startup culture • Flexibility, responsiveness, creativity and desire to work quickly and well Well-liked additional experience:


Ram Powertrains 2018 FINAL EN 76%

The motor generator unit works with a 48-volt battery pack to enable quick and seamless Engine Stop/Start (ESS) function, short-duration torque addition to the engine crankshaft in certain driving situations and brake energy regeneration, which improves responsiveness and efficiency.


Chinese guidelines for childhood asthma 2016 74%

The guidelines note that the most common symptom is expiratory wheezing and that lung function is marked by variable expiratory airflow limitation and airway hyper-responsiveness.


Refined Salt In Gcc 71%

GLOBAL PRESENCE LOCAL RESPONSIVENESS Blueline Chemicals started as a grassroots project in 1998 with a small product portfolio.



We offer our customers to outsource our skills according to their needs to give them more flexibility and responsiveness.


Executive Bodyguard Services 66%

Key Reasons to Consider GSG Protective Services Responsiveness/Communications – GSG Protective Services believes communication is the key to excellent customer service.


Atik-Aicha.mag 66%

Abstract the health sector became recently a great interest and at all levels, where the subject of quality of health services became of an international increasing interest, so the hospital institutions tray to provide health services with a high quality to achieve the maximum possible satisfaction for the patient, this research aims at studying the fact of health services quality in public hospital institutions for the town of saida and it impact on patient satisfaction, basing on the dimensions of quality of health services, the research has proved that the patient is satisfied with the four dimensions (reliability, responsiveness, guarantee, empathy), but it is not satisfied at a distance of Tangibility, which requires the development of health services commensurate with the needs of patients, by technological development and physical dimension side improvement.


Saint Paul Garage Door Repair 64%

We bring the same attitude of professionalisim and responsiveness to our residential garage door customers.


beerda spatial restriction behaviour colangeli 64%

To assess a dog’s behavioral responsiveness an animal was introduced into a novel environment, given the opportunity to escape their home kennel, restrained, walked down an unfamiliar corridor, presented a novel object, exposed to loud noise, given food, or confronted with a conspecific.


de bodinat Agomelatine 2010 64%

Although changes are heterogeneous, frequent findings in patients with depression include a blunted amplitude of daily rhythms and poor responsiveness to environmental (photic and non-photic) entraining stimuli.


Future Earth RFP for Regional Offiche 63%

In developing a mechanism for this, Future Earth is cognisant of key principles of legitimacy, credibility, inclusiveness, representation, transparency and openness, accessibility, responsiveness, flexibility and adaptability.


Manuel descriptif des grade dans ONU 63%

Impact of the work reflects directly on the overall reputation of the team in terms of quality of process execution and responsiveness to client needs.


neural plasticity of speech processing before birth 62%

Results Our results show that exposure to pseudowords modulated the neural responsiveness as predicted.


instruments aimed at evaluating of bronchiolitis 61%

This assessment of measurement properties typically includes appraisal of validity (face validity, construct validity, and criterion validity), reliability (internal consistency, test-retest reliability, and inter-rater agreement), responsiveness, and usability [5].


GROW Press Release - IDPS - 17April2015 - English 61%

Finally, improving the responsiveness of warning systems, from community level up to national and regional levels, relies mostly on involving all stakeholders, including farmers' organizations, and on States’ engagement to ensure full efficiency» details Sidy Guèye Niang, Regional Food Security Advisor for Oxfam.


CRM SMALL BUSINESS - Team Rocket 60%

Start Ups like Privateaser are also known for their new way of management and responsiveness to the clients.


FINAL 9-11 Review Commission Report -Unclassified 59%

With regard to access, we experienced a “pull system”—we received what we asked for—but the responsiveness and collaborative spirit of our two substantive FBI liaison officers, Elizabeth Callahan and Jacqueline Maguire, provided us invaluable access to key people and relevant data that enabled us to produce an objective, comprehensive, and constructive review.


Manudem-EN 58%

MANUDEM’s strong points are know-how, experience and the ability to work noble materials, as well as its responsiveness and adaptability.


Guide de bonnes pratiques PHC DREIC 2015 58%

This framework is drawn up in order to allow researchers to carry out joint research with more flexibility, freedom and responsiveness, while at the same time protecting their discoveries.


Rythme circadien et ischemie-reperfusion 57%

The circadian clock within the cardiomyocyte is essential for responsiveness of the heart to fatty acids.


Newsflash Winter 2010 54%

In addition, B-Pack offers its customers and partners a unique and lasting superior level of quality, responsiveness, expertise and commitment.