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edurevReviewPaperWriting 100%

edurevReviewPaperWriting A guide for writing scholarly articles or reviews for the Educational Research Review ...............................


Peer Review Fraud Hacking the Scientific Publication 91%

“This is officially becoming a trend,” Alison McCook wrote on the blog Retraction Watch, referring to the increasing number of retractions due to fabricated peer reviews.2 Since it was first reported 3 years ago, when South Korean researcher Hyung-in Moon admitted to having invented e-mail addresses so that he could provide “peer reviews” of his own manuscripts, more than 250 arti- cles have been retracted because of fake reviews — about 15% of the total number of retractions.


Brinck et al-2018-Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 90%

Brinck et al 2018 Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Perioperative intravenous ketamine for acute postoperative pain in adults (Review) Brinck ECV, Tiippana E, Heesen M, Bell RF, Straube S, Moore RA, Kontinen V Brinck ECV, Tiippana E, Heesen M, Bell RF, Straube S, Moore RA, Kontinen V.


instruments aimed at evaluating of bronchiolitis 87%

Rodr´ıguez-Mart´ınez Carlos E, Sossa-Brice˜no Monica P, Nino Gustavo.Systematic review of instruments aimed at evaluating the severity of bronchiolitis.Paediatric Respiratory Reviews This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.


Curcuma 87%

An overview of systematic reviews ⁎ Ester Pagano1, Barbara Romano1, Angelo A.


Marine Mammal Stock Assessments 86%

Reviews are -- by design -transparent collegial reviews, not anonymous peer reviews.


Link49 ne sait pas parler anglais 86%

Link49 ne sait pas parler anglais Accueil | News | Blogs | Videos | Reviews | Previews | Features | Boards | IPhone | Facebook Se Connecter | S'inscrire Pas un blog parfait, loin de là, mais un blog personnel, tout simplement...


HSE Management System(1) 86%

Q4 Q1-Q4 FY07/08 FY08/09 • Small group discussion • Line reviews 1996 2000 • HSEMS First Pilot Implementation • HSEMS 1st revision Roll out sessions Ongoing • CHSEC endorsement • MD/CEO approval • Roll out • Key stakeholders review • Update TPs/HSE Mgrs Forum • Legal review


Chesney et al-2014-World Psychiatry 86%

GOODWIN, SEENA FAZEL Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Warneford Hospital, Oxford OX3 7JX, UK A meta-review, or review of systematic reviews, was conducted to explore the risks of all-cause and suicide mortality in major mental disorders.


WP Tweet Machine 86%

"WP Tweet Machine review", "WP Tweet Machine bonus", "WP Tweet Machine JVZoo", WP Tweet Machine reviews, "WPTweetMachine review".


Scores non validés de dyspnée chez les siffleurs 85%

Scores non validés de dyspnée chez les siffleurs Paediatric Respiratory Reviews 15 (2014) 98–112 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Paediatric Respiratory Reviews Review Systematic review:


Contenu de cour - SSG Agenda - 2 day - No Security 85%

It also reviews the different UIs, and describes advanced configuration capabilities.


RewardsNetworksDiners 85%

RewardsNetworksDiners I  Dining  Customers  Review   Based  on  45  Reviews     4.2  out  of  5     Food   Service   Cleanliness   Value           4.2  out  of  5   3.9  out  of  5   4.1  out  of  5   4.2  out  of  5       5.0  out  of  5       Whole  experience  was  great!!


Becker et al-2015-The Cochrane library 85%

Becker et al 2015 The Cochrane library Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Methods of milk expression for lactating women (Review) Becker GE, Smith HA, Cooney F Becker GE, Smith HA, Cooney F.


Administrative+Executive 84%

The first one is the support of the Regional Director in the business reviews with various parties within organization.