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100% - reward

reward Primates prediction of reward for adversarial multi-armed bandit problem Alexis JACQ March 22, 2014 Contents 1 Introduction 2 2 primate prediction of reward 2 3 The Exp.3 algorithm facing a switching strategy 4 4 Network view of the Exp.3 7 5 Exp.3 network with reward prediction 5.1 Empirical learning of the reward . 24/03/2014

94% - L'équation du bonheur

Using computational modeling, we show that emotional reactivity in the form of momentary happiness in response to outcomes of a probabilistic reward task is explained not by current task earnings, but by the combined influence of recent reward expectations and prediction errors arising from those expectations. 19/08/2014

94% - HUMOUR

40, 1041–1048, December 4, 2003, Copyright 2003 by Cell Press Humor Modulates the Mesolimbic Reward Centers Dean Mobbs,1,2 Michael D. 26/12/2013

94% - HUMOUR 2

Females also exhibit greater activation of mesolimbic regions, including the nucleus accumbens, implying greater reward network response and possibly less reward expectation. 13/01/2014

92% - The importance of consistency in the training of dogs, Introduction The aim was to study whether punishment was a risk factor for problem behaviours, and how reward, punishment, attitudes and rule structure (permissiveness-strictness, consistency) in combination affect obedience and specific problem behaviours. 12/05/2013

91% - 3 Sora PNAS 98

7699–7704, June 1998 Neurobiology Cocaine reward models: 28/09/2011

91% - 5 Sora PNAS 2001

5 Sora PNAS 2001 Molecular mechanisms of cocaine reward: 28/09/2011

91% - AION Patch Notes 4 5

Iron, Bronze, and Mithril coin reward boxes have been added. 15/03/2014

90% - 6 Hall Neurosci 2002

Mice with gene knockouts of each of these transporters display cocaine reward, manifest by cocaine place preferences that are at least as great as wildtype values. 28/09/2011

89% - musique triste

reward of imagination, emotion regulation, empathy, and no ‘‘real-life’’ implications. 11/11/2014

89% - REISS

Humor modulates the mesolimbic reward centers, 1041-1048, © 2003, with permission from Elsevier Activation in males Activation in females 0.3 Activation level 0.3 Activation level already been shown that, for certain types of task, women use these regions of the brain more than men do. 13/01/2014

87% - Dictionary of Islamic Terms

decency reward of the Hereafter i, $I modesty && 27/06/2012

85% - 20160418 Conditions LetsRaceTogetherContest EN

for each of the 2 selected tweets a sticker on one of the 2 F1s starting the Grand Prix, including the Twitter account of the selected tweet #LetsRaceTogether ARTICLE 6 - Publicity and promotion of the selected authors By the act of accepting their reward the authors of the selected tweets authorise the Organiser to use both their name, the name of the Twitter account, their first name, and their town or city of residence in all advertising or promotional events relating to the present Operation, without any remuneration, right or benefit of any kind being due to them, other than the award of their reward. 20/04/2016

85% - emotional learning

In term of reinforcement learning, the current emotion determines what kind of self-reward/self-punishment is going to be activated for a given observation. 03/03/2014

82% - Photo Contest Rules

They will receive a mail that confirms the nature of their reward and terms to get it. 13/10/2015

81% - 5 Tips to a balanced dog

When he gets to you, reward him with affection and a treat. 03/09/2019

81% - report

p PM →O = (t/(t 10)) PO→M = 0.1  d PM →O d PO→M (machine to others without discount) 2   d rB −rB = max PM →O − ,0 (machine to others with discount) rB     2 r −r d = min PO→M BrB B ,1 2 The probability to miss the offer is pmiss = 0.99 1.2.3 Reward function We want to maximize the cumulative profit. 05/02/2014

80% - TraductionPatchnote

Quests that rewarded Allagan tomestones of soldiery will now reward Allagan tomestones of poetics. 17/06/2015

79% - Coupe d'Europe Anglais

- We will reward the three teams of four players with the highest result. 21/02/2019

78% - management control system and human resources

mechanisms , most of the time quantitative and objective, which influence employee behavior such as the use of rules, the hierarchy of authority or the reward system. 29/02/2012

78% - Nostale Log Tool Manual Eng

About using Family Commands ITEM_SYSTEM Record of Item creation with using production tools RAID [CREATE] Record of Raid creation by Raid team leader RAID [JOIN] Record of Raid team members RAID_REPAY Record of Raid’s (own) number and Rare grades of reward items RAID_ITEM Record of item type of a Raid reward and it’s (own) number RAID_FAILURE [OUT LEADER] Record of Raid failure (because of Leader’s death) RAID_FAILURE [USE-UP LIFE] Record of Raid failure (because all vitality was consumed) 3. 17/08/2017

77% - Chapter 2

3 Our reward system and dopamine: 09/07/2019

77% - 4.PerformanceLossAversion

utility theory, behavioral finance, portfolio performance evaluation, performance measure, reward-to-risk ratio, loss aversion. 29/06/2013

76% - 110 Hadith Qudsi AR ENG

57 Compassion of Allah's Messenger rLJ <.;k.uJ1 ~ on his Ummah .58 Fever and other diseases lessen sins 60 When a slave falls sick, reward will be recorded for him ,.. 19/01/2017