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35 € (inscription pour une ou deux classes au choix) 15 € par classes supplémentaires 25 € boxe paillé, disponible à partir du Samedi Classe 1 Classe 2 Classe 3 Classe 4 Classe 5 Classe 6 Classe 7 Classe 8 Classe 9 Classe 10 Classe 11 Classe 12 Ridden Classes Hongres/ Juments Ridden Classes Etalons C.S.O Club 2 (0,85 m) C.S.O Club 1 (0,95 m) C.S.O Amateur 3 (0,95 m) C.S.O Amateur 2 (1,05 m) Dressage Club 2 Grand Prix Dressage Amateur 3 imposée B (D4) Dressage Amateur 3 imposée A (D3) Dressage Amateur 3 Grand Prix (D1) RLM Club 2 Libre RLM Amateur 3 libre Les reprises sont téléchargeables sur le site de la FFE, de l'ACAAGE ou de l'ACA France Père :


HE 99%

When fighting with a Great Weapon, the bearer gains Multiple Wounds (2, Monstrous Beast, Monstrous Cavalry, Monsters, Ridden Monsters).


Team Host Presentation EN 97%

I have ridden in mounted games teams for more than 20 years and was a member of the Belgian teams several times at the European Champs.


NewsletterGCA - GB 91%

First of all, our greatest thanks to the royal stables of Bahrain who have taken 3 of our Larzac horses to the very top- Qadjar Larzac, Persepolia Larzac and Olympik Larzac (the last two trained by Alan Leon and ridden by Salman Essa).


musée 2 81%

Veste et brassard de Pierre Durand Coton, jersey Nylon 1988 These two shoes were attached to the hooves of Jappeloup de Luze (19751991), the horse ridden by Pierre Durand, when this famous pair won the gold medal in the individual jumping event at the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988.


ilovepdf merged 78%

pts Paired Weapons May upgrade one model to a Champion 10 May be Plague Ridden* 20 Armour :


Nagah 78%

The Liche-King 2000 pts Vampire Covenant or Undying Dynasties Only Character, Single model, One of a Kind M WS BS S T W I A Ld The Liche-king - 5 3 6 6 6 5 4 10 Ridden Monster Spectral Crew(1) 6 3 - 3 - - 1 2D6 - 60x100mm base Armour:


Livpure Water Purifier 78%

The environment we live is highly pollution ridden and toxic.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 15 72%

Lee Hyun, a debt-ridden teenage orphan, puts his account of the toplevel avatar in the Continent of Magic up for auction.


Horseback Riding Tours 69%

On a cattle drive you might be traveling 6 to 12 miles a day in a straight line, but you will have ridden three times that much bringing in the strays from the flanks.


infinitif 69%

past Abide Abided \Abode Abided ‫التزم‬ Demeurer Arise Arose Arisen ‫نشأ‬ Survenir Awake Awoke Awoken ‫استيقظ‬ Réveiller Be Was\ were Been ‫يكون‬ être Bear Bore Borne\ Born ‫تحمل‬ Porter Beat Beat Beaten ‫فاز‬ Battre Become Became Become ‫أصبح‬ Devenir Befall Befell Befallen ‫مس‬ Arriver à Beget Begot Begotten ‫نجب‬ Engendrer Began Begun ‫بدأ‬ Commenc er Behold Beheld Beheld ‫لمح‬ Voir Bend Bent Bent ‫انحنى‬ Plier Bereav Bereft Bereft ‫ثكل‬ Déposséd er Beset Beset Beset ‫هاجم‬ Assaillie Bid Bid\ Bide Bid\ Bidden ‫عرض‬ Parier Begin Writing from From Young English club infinitif French Arabic participle translatio translation n Bind Bound Bound ‫ربط‬ Lier Break Broke Broken ‫كسر‬ Briser Blow Blew Blown ‫هجوم‬ Buy Bought Bought Cast Cast Cast ‫استرى‬ ‫ألقى‬ Faire sauter Acheter Come Came Come ‫جاء‬ Venir Cost Cost Cost ‫كلف‬ Couter Cut Cu Cut ‫قطع‬ Couper Deal Dealt Dealt ‫تعامل‬ Traiter Dig Dug Dug ‫حفر‬ Creuser Do Did Done ‫فعل‬ Faire Draw Drew Drawn ‫رسم‬ Dessiner Dream Dreamt Dreamt ‫حلم‬ Rêver Drink Drank Drunk ‫شرب‬ Boire Dwell Dwelt Dwelt ‫سكن‬ Habiter Drive Drove Driven ‫دفع‬ Conduire Eat Ate Eaten ‫أكل‬ Manger Fall Fell Fallen ‫سقط‬ Tomber Feed Fed Fed Nourrir Feel Felt ‫أطعم‬ ‫شعر‬ Fight Fought Fought ‫تقاتل‬ Find Flee Forget Found Fled Forgot Found Fled Forgotten Forgive Forgave Forgiven ‫وجد‬ ‫هرب‬ ‫تنسي‬ ‫غفر‬ Combattr e Trouver Fuir Oublier Pardonner Get Got \Gotten ‫يحصل‬ Obtenir Felt Sentir From Young English club Jeter Donner Gone ‫منح‬ ‫تذهب‬ Ground Ground ‫طحن‬ Moudre Grow Grew Grown ‫زرع‬ Croître Have Had Had ‫سحب‬ Avoir Hear Hew Heard Hewed Heard \Hewn ‫سمح‬ ‫حطب‬ Entendre Tailler Hide Hid Hidden ‫جلد‬ Cacher Hit Hit Hit ‫ضرب‬ Frapper Hold Held Held ‫عقد‬ Tenir Hurt Hurt Hurt ‫جرح‬ Blesser Keep Kept Kept ‫احتفظ‬ Garder Kneel Knelt Knelt ‫ركع‬ S’agenouil ler Know Knew Known ‫علم‬ Savoir Lay Laid Laid ‫وضع‬ Poser Lead Led Led ‫قاد‬ Conduire Lean Leant Leant ‫هزيل‬ Penchez Leap Leapt Leapt ‫قفز‬ Sauter Learn Learnt Learnt ‫تعلم‬ Apprendr e Leave Left Left Laisser Let Let Let ‫ترك‬ ‫ودع‬ Lie Lay Lain ‫كذب‬ Mentir Lose Lost Lost ‫فقد‬ Perdre Make Made Made ‫جعل‬ Faire Mean Meant Meant ‫عني‬ Signifier Give Gave Given Go Went Grind Aller Laisser Meet Met Met ‫تقابل‬ Rencontre r Mislay Mislaid Mislaid ‫أضاع‬ Egarer Mistake Mistook Mistaken ‫أخطأ‬ Se tromper Mow Mowed mown ‫جز‬ Tondre Outdo Outdid outdone ‫تغلب‬ Surpasser Overdo Overdid Overdone ‫تطرف‬ Exagérer Outrun Outran Outrun ‫تجاوز‬ Envahir Pay Paid Paid Payer Prove Proved Proven ‫دفع‬ ‫ثبت‬ Prouver Put Put Put ‫وضع‬ Mettre Read Read Read ‫قرأ‬ Lire Rebuild Rebuilt Rebuilt ‫اعاد البناء‬ Redo Redid Redone Remake Remade Remade ‫فعل ثانية‬ ‫صنع ثانية‬ Reconstru ire Refaire Rend Rent Rent ‫مزق‬ Déchirer Refaire Repay Repaid Repaid ‫رد‬ Rembours er Reset Reset Reset ‫تجبر‬ Remettre Ride Rode Ridden ‫ركب‬ Montre Say Said Said ‫قال‬ Dire See Saw Seen ‫شاهد‬ Voir Seek Sought Sought ‫طلب‬ Chercher Sell Sold Sold ‫باع‬ Vendre Send sent sent ‫ارسل‬ Envoyer Set Set Set ‫وضع‬ Fixer Shake Shook Shaken ‫هز‬ Secouer Sewed \sewn ‫خاط‬ Coudre Shoot Shot Shot ‫اطلق النار‬ Tourner Show Showed Shown ‫عرض‬ Montrer Sit Sat Sat ‫جلس‬ S’Asseoir Slay Slew Slain ‫ذبح‬ Tuer sleep Slept Slept ‫نام‬ Dormir Sling Slang Slung ‫رمى‬ élinguer Smell Smelt Smelt ‫شم‬ Humer Sow Sowed Sown Semer Spend Spent Spent ‫زرع‬ ‫أنفق‬ Passer Split Split Split ‫انقسم‬ Scinder Spread Spread Spread ‫نشر‬ Diffuser Spring Sprang Sprung ‫وثب‬ Naitre Stand Stood Stood ‫تحمل‬ Se tenir debout Steal Stole Stolen Voler Swear Swore Sworn Take Took Taken ‫سرق‬ ‫أقسم‬ ‫أخذ‬ Prendre Teach Taught Taught ‫علم‬ Enseigner Tear Tore Torn ‫قطع‬ Déchirer Tell Told Told ‫أخبر‬ Dire Think Thought Thought ‫اعتقد‬ Penser Tread Trod Trodden ‫داس‬ Fil Undo Undid Undone ‫فك‬ Annuler Upset Upset Upset ‫قلب‬ Wake Woke Woken ‫استيقظ‬ Boulevers er Réveiller Jurer From young English club Sew


verb list irregular 69%

PRESENT PAST PRESENT/PAST PERFECT (with has, had, have) arise awake bear become arose awakened bore became arisen awakened borne become begin bend bid bite blow break bring burst buy build can catch choose cling come cost creep dig do drag drug draw drink drive eat fall feel fight find` fit forget forgive forsake freeze get give go grow hang (execute) hang (picture) have hear hide hold hurt keep know lay (put or place) began bent bade bit blew broke brought burst bought built could caught chose clung came cost crept dug did dragged drugged drew drank drove ate fell felt fought found fit forgot forgave forsook froze got gave went grew hanged hung had heard hid held hurt kept knew laid begun bent bidden bitten blown broken brought burst bought built could caught chosen clung come cost crept dug done dragged drugged drawn drunk driven eaten fallen felt fought found fit forgotten forgiven forsaken frozen gotten, got given gone grown hanged hung had heard hidden held hurt kept known laid lead learn leave lend let lie (recline) lose mean meet pay raise (lift) read ride ring rise (move upward) run say see sell set shake shine (give light) shine (polish) shoot show shrink sing sink sit slay sleep sneak speak spend spin stand steal sting strew strike strive swear swim swing take teach tear tell led learned left lent let lay lost meant met paid raised read rode rang rose ran said saw sold set shook shone shined shot showed shrank sang sank sat slew slept sneaked spoke spent spun stood stole stung strewed struck strove swore swam swung took taught tore told led learned left lent let lain lost meant met paid raised read ridden rung risen run said seen sold set shaken shone shined shot shown shrunk sung sunk sat slain slept sneaked spoken spent spun stood stolen stung strewed struck striven sworn swum swung taken taught torn told think throw tread wake wear weave win wring write thought threw trod waked wore wove won wrung wrote Revised May 2005 at Meramec thought thrown trodden waked worn woven won wrung written


SAYIT Liste verbes chansons 68%

PASSÉ A1 step 2 (5e) savoir apprendre éclairer rencontrer payer monter (cheval, vélo) sonner courir vendre fermer chanter épeler nager enseigner dire/raconter penser comprendre briller know learn light meet pay ride ring run sell shut sing spell swim teach tell think understand shine knew learnt lit met paid rode rang ran sold shut sang spelt swam taught told thought understood shone known learnt lit met paid ridden rung run sold shut sung spelt swum taught told thought understood shone A2 step 1 (4e) souffler apporter attrapper coûter battre mordre saigner combattre traiter / distribuer creuser voler interdire geler obtenir grandir / pousser cacher laisser frapper se coucher perdre signifier quitter / partir blow bring catch cost beat bite bleed fight deal dig fly forbid freeze get grow hide let hit lie lose mean leave blew brought caught cost beat bit bled fought dealt dug flew forbade froze got grew hid let hit lay lost meant left blown brought caught cost beaten bitten bled fought dealt dug flown forbidden frozen got grown hidden let hit lain lost meant left FRANÇAIS VERBE PRÉTÉRIT PART.


mamoouth et spawn 68%

Small Beast 315 Big Beast 630 EMPOWERED (max 35%) War Mamouth 1270pts Single Model M WS BS 0-1 Unit per Army S T W I A Ld Mamouth 8 3 - 7 7 10 1 * - Ridden Monster Barbarians Crew (5) - 4 3 3 - - 3 1 7 100x150mm base Armour:


Verbes irréguliers anglais 68%

  Infinitif Prétérit Participe passé Traduction   to be was / were been être   to beat beat beaten battre   to become became become devenir   to begin began begun commencer   to blow blew blown souffler   to break broke broken casser   to bring brought brought amener   to build built built construire   to burn burnt burnt brûler   to buy bought bought acheter   to catch caught caught attrapper   to choose chose chosen choisir   to come came come venir   to cost cost cost coûter   to cut cut cut couper   to dig dug dug creuser   to do did done faire   to draw drew drawn tracer, dessiner   to dream dreamt dreamt rêver   to drink drank drunk boire   to drive drove driven conduire   to eat ate eaten manger   to fall fell fallen tomber   to feed fed fed donner a manger, nourir   to feel felt felt sentir, éprouver   to fight fought fought battre, combattre 1/3 23/04/2017 Verbes irréguliers anglais ­ 85 verbes irréguliers à connaître ­ Grammaire anglaise ­ BabelCoach   to find found found trouver   to fly flew flown voler   to forget forgot forgotten oublier   to freeze froze frozen geler   to get got got obtenir   to give gave given donner   to go went gone aller   to grow grew grown cultiver, grandir   to have had had avoir   to hide hid hidden (se) cacher   to hit hit hit frapper, atteindre   to hold held held tenir   to hurt hurt hurt blesser   to keep kept kept garder   to know knew known connaître, savoir   to learn learnt learnt apprendre (aussi "learned / learned")   to leave left left quitter, laisser   to lend lent lent prêter   to let let let laisser, louer   to lose lost lost perdre   to make made made fabriquer   to mean meant meant vouloir dire   to meet met met rencontrer   to pay paid paid payer   to put put put mettre   to read read /rɛd/ read /rɛd/ lire   to ride rode ridden monter, chevaucher   to ring rang rung sonner   to rise rose risen élever, se lever   to run ran run courir   to say said said dire   to see saw seen voir   to sell sold sold vendre   to send sent sent envoyer   to set set set poser, fixer   to shake shook shaken secouer   to show showed shown montrer   to sing sang sung chanter   to sit sat sat s'assoir, être assis   to sleep slept slept dormir   to smell smelt smelt sentir   to speak spoke spoken parler   to spend spent spent dépenser 2/3 23/04/2017 Verbes irréguliers anglais ­ 85 verbes irréguliers à connaître ­ Grammaire anglaise ­ BabelCoach   to spring sprang sprung jaillir, bondir   to stand stood stood être debout   to steal stole stolen voler, dérober   to swear swore sworn jurer   to sweep swept swept balayer   to swim swam swum nager   to take took taken prendre   to teach taught taught enseigner   to tell told told dire, raconter   to think thought thought penser   to throw threw thrown lancer   to understand understood understood comprendre   to wake woke woken (se) réveiller   to wear wore worn porter (habit)   to win won won gagner   to write wrote written écrire Sources:


Superheroes ID worksheet B 67%

But as Spider-Man, he fights evil in the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of New York.


english-grammar-for-beginners 67%

M.L.Kulabdeen 02 You learn from your mistakes grind ground ground grow grew grown hang hung hung have had had hear heard heard hide hid hidden hit hit hit hold held held hurt hurt hurt keep kept kept kneel knelt knelt know knew known lay laid laid lead led led leave left left lend lent lent let let let lie lay lain lose lost lost make made made mean meant meant meet met met mistake mistook mistaken partake partook partaken pay paid paid put put put read read read rid rid rid ride rode ridden ring rang rung rise rose risen run ran run say said said see saw seen shrink shrank or shrunk shrunk shut shut shut sing sang sung sink sank sunk sit sat sat sleep slept slept slide slid slid sling slung slung slink slunk slunk slit slit slit speak spoke spoken speed sped sped spend spent spent shed shed shed shine shone shone shoe shod shod shoot shot shot show showed shown English Grammar for Beginners By:


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 16 67%

Lee Hyun, a debt-ridden teenage orphan, puts his account of the toplevel avatar in the Continent of Magic up for auction.


doc 66%

Verbes irréguliers anglais V V-ED V-EN TRADUCTION abide abode abode demeurer arise arose arisen s'élever, survenir awake awoke awoken (se) réveiller bear bore borne supporter beat beat beaten battre become became become devenir begin began begun commencer bend bent bent (se) courber bet bet bet parier bid bid bid offrir (un prix) bind bound bound lier, relier bite bit bitten mordre bleed bled bled saigner blow blew blown souffler break broke broken casser breed bred bred élever (du bétail) bring brought brought apporter build built built construire burn burnt burnt brûler burst burst burst éclater buy bought bought acheter cast cast cast jeter, lancer catch caught caught attraper choose chose chosen choisir cling clung clung s'accrocher come came come venir cost cost cost coûter creep crept crept ramper cut cut cut couper deal dealt dealt distribuer dig dug dug creuser do did done faire draw drew drawn dessiner dream dreamt dreamt rêver Page 1 Verbes irréguliers anglais drink drank drunk boire drive drove driven conduire dwell dwelt dwelt habiter eat ate eaten manger fall fell fallen tomber feed fed fed nourrir feel felt felt sentir, éprouver fight fought fought combattre find found found trouver flee fled fled s'enfuir fling flung flung jeter violemment fly flew flown voler forbid forbade forbidden interdire forget forgot forgotten oublier forgive forgave forgiven pardonner freeze froze frozen geler get got got obtenir give gave given donner go went gone aller grind ground ground moudre grow grew grown grandir hang hung hung pendre, accrocher have had had avoir hear heard heard entendre hide hid hidden (se) cacher hit hit hit frapper, atteindre hold held held tenir hurt hurt hurt blesser keep kept kept garder kneel knelt knelt s'agenouiller know knew known savoir, connaître lay laid laid poser à plat lead led led mener lean leant leant s'appuyer leap leapt leapt sauter Page 2 Verbes irréguliers anglais learn learnt learnt apprendre leave left left laisser, quitter lend lent lent prêter let let let permettre, louer lie lay lain être étendu light lit lit allumer lose lost lost perdre make made made faire, fabriquer mean meant meant signifier meet met met (se) rencontrer mow mowed mown tondre overcome overcame overcome surmonter, vaincre pay paid paid payer put put put mettre quit quit quit cesser (de) read read read lire rid rid rid débarrasser ride rode ridden chevaucher ring rang rung sonner rise rose risen s'élever, se lever run ran run courir saw sawed sawn scier say said said dire see saw seen voir seek sought sought chercher sell sold sold vendre send sent sent envoyer set set set fixer sew sewed sewn coudre shake shook shaken secouer shear sheared shorn tondre (des moutons) shed shed shed verser (des larmes) shine shone shone briller shoe shod shod ferrer, chausser shoot shot shot tirer Page 3 Verbes irréguliers anglais show showed shown montrer shrink shrank shrunk rétrécir shut shut shut fermer sing sang sung chanter sink sank sunk couler sit sat sat être assis sleep slept slept dormir slide slid slid glisser sling slung slung lancer (avec force) slink slunk slunk aller furtivement slit slit slit fendre, inciser smell smelt smelt sentir (odorat) sow sowed sown semer speak spoke spoken parler speed sped sped aller à toute vitesse spell spelt spelt épeler spend spent spent dépenser spill spilt spilt renverser (un liquide) spit spat spat cracher split split split fendre spoil spoilt spoilt gâcher, gâter spread spread spread répandre spring sprang sprung jaillir, bondir stand stood stood être debout steal stole stolen voler, dérober stick stuck stuck coller sting stung stung piquer stink stank stunk puer stride strode stridden marcher à grands pas strike struck struck frapper string strung strung enfiler, tendre (une corde) strive strove striven s'efforcer swear swore sworn jurer sweep swept swept balayer swell swelled swollen enfler Page 4 Verbes irréguliers anglais swim swam swum nager swing swung swung se balancer take took taken prendre teach taught taught enseigner tear tore torn déchirer tell told told dire, raconter think thought thought penser throw threw thrown jeter thrust thrust thrust enfoncer tread trod trodden fouler aux pieds undergo underwent undergone subir understand understood understood comprendre upset upset upset bouleverser wake woke woken (se) réveiller wear wore worn porter (des vêtements) weave wove woven tisser weep wept wept pleurer win won won gagner wind wound wound enrouler withdraw withdrew withdrawn (se) retirer wring wrung wrung tordre write wrote written écrire Page 5


path of vermin 64%

Mass of Flesh Putrefying Touch Plague-Ridden The target unit gains Regeneration (5+) against Close Combat Attacks.


verbs 62%

IRREGULAR VERBS past participale acted added agreed allowed answered arrived asked awoken awaked backed baked born borne become begun believed belonged blown boxed broken brightened brought built bumped bought called carried caught changed chased cheered chosen cleaned climbed closed coloured come compared a3 a acted added agreed allowed answered arrived asked awoke awaked backed baked bore bore became began believed belonged blew boxed broke brightened brought built bumped bought called carried caught changed chased cheered chose cleaned climbed closed coloured came compared or Ap 1 simple past aj ‫المعني‬ ‫ يمثل‬- ‫يتصرف‬ ‫يضيف‬ ‫يوافق‬ ‫يسمح‬ ‫يجيب‬ ‫يصل‬ ‫ يطلب‬- ‫يسأل‬ ‫يوقظ‬ ‫يستيقظ‬ ‫يرجع‬ ‫يخبز‬ ‫تلد‬ ‫يتحمل‬ ‫يصبح‬ ‫يبدأ‬ ‫يعتقد‬ ‫ينتمي‬ ‫ يعصف‬- ‫يفجر‬ ‫ يعبيء‬- ‫يالكم‬ ‫يكسر‬ ‫يسطع‬ ‫يحضر‬ ‫يبني‬ ‫يصدم‬ ‫يشتري‬ ‫ ينادي‬- ‫يسمي‬ ‫يحمل‬ ‫ يصطاد‬- ‫يمسك‬ ‫يغير‬ ‫يطارد‬ ‫يبتهج‬ ‫يختار‬ ‫ينظف‬ ‫يتسلق‬ ‫يغلق‬ ‫يلون‬ ‫يأتي‬ ‫يقارن‬ m ) ‫الفعل ( مضارع‬ act add agree allow answer arrive ask awake awake back bake bear bear become begin believe belong blow box break brighten bring build bump buy call carry catch change chase cheer choose clean climb close colour come compare a completed contained controlled cooked copied corrected cost counted covered crashed creaked crossed cried cut danced decided died dug dirtied divided done downed drawn dreamt drunk driven dropped dried eaten ended enjoyed excited exclaimed excused fallen favoured feared fed felt ferried fought filled a3 or Ap 2 completed cantained controlled cooked copied corrected cost counted covered crashed creaked crossed cried cut danced decided died dug dirtied divided did downed drew dreamt drank drove dropped dried ate ended enjoyed excited exclaimed excused fell favoured feared fed felt ferried fought filled aj ‫يكمل‬ ‫يحتوي‬ ‫يسيطر علي‬ ‫يطهي‬ ‫ينسخ‬ ‫يصحح‬ ‫يكلف‬ ‫يعد‬ ‫يغطي‬ ‫يتحطم‬ ‫يزيق‬ ‫ يشطب‬- ‫يعبر‬ ‫ يبكي‬- ‫يصرخ‬ ‫يقطع‬ ‫يرقص‬ ‫يقرر‬ ‫يموت‬ ‫يحفر‬ ‫يوسخ‬ ‫يقسم‬ ‫يفعل‬ ‫ينزل‬ ‫ يسحب‬- ‫يرسم‬ ‫يحلم‬ ‫يشرب‬ ‫يقود‬ ‫يسقط‬ ‫يجفف‬ ‫يأكل‬ ‫ينتهي‬ ‫يتمتع‬ ‫يثير‬ ‫يهتف‬ ‫يعتذر‬ ‫يقع‬ ‫يؤيد‬ ‫يخاف‬ ‫يطعم‬ ‫يشعر‬ ‫يعبر بالمعدية‬ ‫يحارب‬ ‫يمأل‬ m complete contain control cook copy correct cost count cover crash creak cross cry cut dance decide die dig dirty divide do down draw dream drink drive drop dry eat end enjoy excite exclaim excuse fall favour fear feed feel ferry fight fill a found finished fished flown folded followed forgotten forwarded frightened gotten gotten up given gone governed grown guarded happened headed heard helped hidden hit held hoped hurried hurt imagined included introduced invented invited irrigated joined jumped kept kicked killed known landed lasted laughed laid a3 or Ap 3 found finished fished flew folded followed forgot forwarded frightened got got up gave went governed grew guarded happened headed heard helped hid hit held hoped hurried hurt imagine included introduced invented invited irrigated joined jumped kept kicked killed knew landed lasted laughed laid aj ‫يجد‬ ‫ينهي‬ ‫يصطاد‬ ‫يطير‬ ‫يطوي‬ ‫يتبع‬ ‫ينسي‬ ‫يرسل‬ ‫يخيف‬ ‫ ينال‬- ‫يحصل‬ ‫ينهض‬ ‫يعطي‬ ‫يذهب‬ ‫يحكم‬ ‫ ينمو‬- ‫يزرع‬ ‫يحرس‬ ‫يحدث‬ ‫يتصدر‬ ‫يسمع‬ ‫يساعد‬ ‫ يخفي‬- ‫يختبيء‬ ‫يضرب‬ ‫يمسك‬ ‫يأمل‬ ‫يسرع‬ ‫ يؤلم‬- ‫يؤذي‬ ‫يتخيل‬ ‫يشمل‬ ‫يقدم‬ ‫يخترع‬ ‫يدعو‬ ‫يروي‬ ‫يربط‬ ‫يقفز‬ ‫يحافظ‬ ‫يركل‬ ‫يقتل‬ ‫يعرف‬ ‫يهبط‬ ‫يدوم‬ ‫يضحك‬ ‫يضع‬ m find finish fish fly fold follow forget forward frighten get get up give go govern grow guard happen head hear help hide hit hold hope hurry hurt imagine include introduce invent invite irrigate join jump keep kick kill know land last laugh lay a learnt left let lied lain lifted lit liked listened lived locked looked lost loved made married matched meant measured met melted mended milked minded missed mixed moved named needed opened ordered owned packed painted passed paid phoned pinched planned played pleased pointed a3 or Ap 4 learnt left let lied lay lifted lit liked listened lived locked looked lost loved made married matched meant measured met melted mended milked minded missed mixed moved named needed opened ordered owned packed painted passed paid phoned pinched planned played pleased pointed aj ‫يتعلم‬ ‫يترك‬ ‫ يدع‬- ‫يسمح‬ ‫يكذب‬ ‫ يرقد‬- ‫يتمدد‬ ‫يرفع‬ ‫ يشعل‬- ‫يضيء‬ ‫يحب‬ ‫ينصت‬ ‫ يقيم‬- ‫يعيش‬ ‫يقفل‬ ‫ينظر‬ ‫يفقد‬ ‫يحب‬ ‫يصنع‬ ‫يتزوج‬ ‫ يالئم‬- ‫ينافس‬ ‫يعني‬ ‫يقيس‬ ‫يقابل‬ ‫يذيب‬ ‫يصلح‬ ‫يحلب‬ ‫يالحظ – يعني ب‬ ‫ يفتقد‬- ‫يخطيء‬ ‫يخلط‬ ‫يتحرك‬ ‫يسمي‬ ‫يحتاج‬ ‫يفتح‬ ‫يأمر‬ ‫يملك‬ ‫يحزم‬ ‫يدهن‬ ‫يمر‬ ‫يدفع‬ ‫يهاتف‬ ‫يقرص‬ ‫يخطط‬ ‫ يعزف‬- ‫يلعب‬ ‫يرضي‬ ‫يشير‬ m learn leave let lie lie lift light like listen live lock look lose love make marry match mean measure meet melt mend milk mind miss mix move name need open order own pack paint pass pay phone pinch plan play please point a posted poured prayed preferred prepared pretended pulled pushed put questioned rained reached read realized remembered replied reported rewarded ridden righted rolled rounded rowed run sailed saved saved sawed said scored seen seemed sold sent set sewed shaken shined shot shouted shown signed a3 or Ap 5 posted poured prayed preferred prepared pretended pulled pushed put questioned rained reached read realized remembered replied reported rewarded rode righted rolled rounded rowed ran sailed saved saved sawed said scored saw seemed sold sent set sewed shook shined shot shouted showed signed aj ‫يرسل بالبريد‬ ‫ يسكب‬- ‫يصب‬ ‫يصلي‬ ‫يفضل‬ ‫ يعد‬- ‫يجهز‬ ‫يتظاهر‬ ‫ يجر‬- ‫يسحب‬ ‫يدفع إلي األمام‬ ‫يضع‬ ‫يسأل‬ ‫تمطر‬ ‫يصل‬ ‫يقرأ‬ ‫يدرك‬ ‫يتذكر‬ ‫يجيب‬ ‫يبلغ‬ ‫يكافيء‬ ‫يركب‬ ‫يصحح‬ ‫ يتدحرج‬- ‫يلف‬ ‫يدور‬ ‫ يتشاجر‬- ‫يجدف‬ ‫يجري‬ ‫يبحر‬ ‫ينقذ‬ ‫يدخر‬ ‫ينشر الخشب‬ ‫يقول‬ ‫يسجل‬ ‫يري‬ ‫يبدو‬ ‫يبيع‬ ‫يرسل‬ ‫ يضبط‬- ‫تغرب‬ ‫يخيط‬ ‫يصافح‬ ‫يلمع‬ ‫يطلق النار‬ ‫يصرخ‬ ‫ يظهر‬- ‫يعرض‬ ‫ يمضي‬- ‫يوقع‬ m post pour pray prefer prepare pretend pull push put question rain reach read realize remember reply report reward ride right roll round row run sail save save saw say score see seem sell send set sew shake shine shoot shout show sign


Lost fleet rules 61%



Owners 60%

Success was already in the making with her second offspring, Viking du Tillard, later to be ridden by Hervé Godignon at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.


IC2bis 59%

Attacks made with Pike gain +1 Strength when directed against Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry, Chariots and Ridden Monster Engaged to the front.


IC2bis 59%

Attacks made with Pike gain +1 Strength when directed against Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry, Chariots and Ridden Monster Engaged to the front.