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The project discussed in this paper therefore set out to increase the section modulus of the shaft of the connecting rod while maintaining its rigidity and achieving weight savings. 31/12/2014

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bradykinesia, muscle rigidity, tremor at rest, and impairment of postural reflexes.2 Patients with PD experience increasing difficulties with walking, balance, and bed mobility. 22/02/2017

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What’s more, this same advanced chassis design and rigidity that led to its unsurpassed performance wasn’t something merely destined for the intimidating expanses of the Nürburgring: 19/12/2016

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On completion of the repair work, insulation and dielectric rigidity tests must be performed. 21/01/2016

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Rigidity Modulus: 21/04/2014

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a child recognizes a dog  with 4 pictures, AI needs 100 000 "The rigidity of large companies comes from the desire to minimize the risks. 04/03/2018

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480 41 142 21 114 Gel time (min) 50 45 40 35 30 0% Cobalt deactivation by MPP 10% 20% 30% Additive content / formulation (wt%) MP MPyroP MPP Experimental set-up for heat release and smoke opacity measurements 5500 5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 0% ↗ gel time for high loading 60 40 20 10% 20% 30% 40% Additive content / formulation (wt%) MP MPyroP MPP 0% 10% 20% 30% Additive content / formulation (wt%) MP MPyroP MPP 40% The rigidity of materials increases almost linearly with increasing loading → diffusion problem due to the viscosity Heat release and smoke opacity measurement of UPR 450 600 400 Br-UPR 350 300 Ortho-UPR 250 36.1wt% MP 200 34.7wt% MPyroP 150 38.5wt% MPP 100 500 Br-UPR 400 Ortho-UPR 36.1wt% MP 300 34.7wt% MPyroP 200 38.5wt% MPP 100 50 0 0 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 Time (s) Phosphorus FRs ≈ Br-UPR for heat release Br-UPR 80 0 0 Mass Loss Calorimeter (MLC) coupled with an opacimeter (ASTM E906) 100 *Curing conditions : 21/09/2018

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ICOS’ name comes from the Icosahedric (20 sides) shape of its patented speaker unit, which warranties extreme rigidity. 15/10/2014

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3 François Hollande and France's labourmarket rigidity: 20/04/2012

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 Stiffness is the rigidity of an object — the extent to which it resists deformation in response to an applied force. 03/04/2016

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The aerodynamically designed compound pendulum provides maximum rigidity in the direction of the impact and virtually eliminates any windage losses. 19/02/2019

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Cement may be poured into the post as well for more rigidity. 26/03/2014

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energetic rigidity in structures and in the information processing of the body This analysis method does not replace a regular diagnosis but serves as addition, from the cause of the problem with the intention to recover the body and mind based on the EDT analysis according to Peter Mandel. 21/06/2016

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And with a range of cast, forged and innovative flow-formed alloys, every model wears purebred AMG wheels1 that balance high rigidity with ultralight weight. 03/05/2012

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gear ppsotion, engine temp, humidity, pressure, gas pump, water pump, radiator function, electr timming 24 different maps capacity, 4 gear maps for pilot ENGINE CONTROL SENSORS integrated injection driver integrated starter driver barrel gear sensor, can control each gear engaged the engine maps are adjusted for every gear protocal can 2.0 B crankshaft position sensor this allows the ECU to adjust very accurately the timing for injection and ignition PWM pump water control electrical water pump and fun control allows the ECU to control the water temperature, regardless the pilot does and engine rpm engine fun control sensor BATTERY LiFePo4 de 2.1 Ah i 13,2 V necessary to ensure that all the system gets the electrical power needed in every moment POWERBOX ECU Vertigo design control all the electrical power, save all the components from short circuit manifold Titanium WEIGHT 63 kg FRAME 15CDV6 steel aluminum 6082 high flexibility from steel multitubular combined by rigidity at some required areas from aluminum frame SWING ARM cast aluminum pivoting points arm, 2 pivot swivel points swing arm less weight, improving swing movement, easiest maintenance front SUSPENSION Tech Alu gold long travel suspension, high performance adjustable shock absorber REAR SUSPENSION monoshock / swing arm, Vertigo special swing arm combined with multiregulation REIGER monoshock long travel suspension, high performance adjustable shock absorber FRONT MUDGUARD double injection, PPR / TPR combined components soft areas were required to improve mudguard function REAR MUDGUARD double injection, PPR / TPR combined components soft areas were required to improve mudguard function AIRBOX high capacity upper airbox, 1,1l capacity, airbox on top fresh and cleaner intake air, upper position to improve waterproof condition GAS TANK HIGH CAPACITY LOW CG, 2,7l capacity, low and centered Gravity Center position perfect balance of weight, less or more weight does not affect balance on general weight, constant bike performance GAS CAP COVER PPR Clip Cover, PPR Cover over gas tank cap bayonet type clean and safe area from dirty and water, easy to refill EXHAUST MUFFLER 2 exit exhaust, symmetric and centered silencer very low weight and power /  torque response Handlebar Renthal Rim Morad mechanized Crankcase Magnesium Rear axle Paralleled excentric Form and Function Combat ICE HELL 06/11/2014

49% - prescott 2009 Parkinson’s disease, caused by the loss of dopaminergic nigrostriatal projections, is a debilitating neurodegenerative disease characterized by bradykinesia, rigidity, tremor and postural instability. 04/10/2011

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2 1 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 Couches gelcoat iso npg 2 Barrière chimique à haute résistance (anti-osmose) 4 Couches en fibre de verre en laminage 5 Sandwich structurel en fibre de verre 6 Tôle galvanisée pour une plus grande rigidité et durabilité 7 Renforts horizontaux et verticaux pour une plus grande résistance structurelle 8 Projection de fibre de verre avec resine et topcoat iso pour la protection du laminage exterieur 1 Gelcoat 2 High resistance chemical barrier 4 Laminated fibreglass layers 5 Fibreglass structural sandwich 6 Galvanised iron for high rigidity and durability 7 Horizontal and vertical reinforcements for greater structural resistance 8 Exclusively designed with fibreglass and resin to protect the laminate The materials used to manufacture our swimming pools are of the highest quality and are also used in other industries such as shipping and aerospace. 31/05/2019


- Slide linear guides o This product has outstanding precision and rigidity, capable of sustaining loads and moments from all directions, maintaining excellent accuracy of motion as a linear motion guide. 17/07/2017

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Indeed - auction will be a fun and exciting new experience for people who wouldn't do it because of the rigidity of the current model. 06/09/2018

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Even at full capacity, these frames have excellent rigidity with negligible frame deflection. 19/02/2019

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spring-linked for easy assembly and button-clip connection for added rigidity. 11/09/2014

45% - Altered Level Of Consciousness

Changes in mental status can be an early sign.21 Diagnostic features include patients with exposure to a dopamine antagonist within 72 hours prior to symptoms, elevated temperature, associated profuse diaphoresis, and generalized rigidity.21 Although NMS is very rare in the pediatric population, symptoms are consistent with those described for adults.22-24 A literature review of case reports by Neuhut et al reviewed 23 episodes of NMS in 20 subjects with ages ranging from 11 to 18 years. 15/09/2017

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Lowers have an integral triggerguard for maximum structural rigidity, and have pictogram selector markings for safe, fire, and three-round burst firing positions. 29/10/2015

44% - Olanow et al 2009 adagio

R asagiline in Parkinson’s Disease A  neuroprotective therapy that slows or stops disease progression is the major unmet medical need in Parkinson’s disease.1 Although current therapies provide beneficial effects on symptoms that help control the classic motor features of the disease (i.e., tremor, rigidity, and bradykinesia), intolerable disability eventually develops in most patients.2 Numerous agents have neuroprotective effects in laboratory models, but none have been shown to have disease-modifying effects in patients with Parkinson’s disease.3 A limiting factor is the requirement for a clinical end point that reliably measures disease progression and is not confounded by the study intervention’s effects on symptoms. 04/10/2011

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This means that the vehicle has solid rigidity for on-road performance, while still having good suspension articulation and flex for good off-road performance. 12/02/2012