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Eliz Master Budget HRGGP Russia update 11-09-2012 100%

me Rights Anti-Discrimination Center Memorial NGO 40021826 (Russia) Defending Roma Rights in Russia / Year 2 of 3 01/31/2013 $130,000.00 Human Commitm/ The purpose of this charitable Russiadonation isadditional to support the Anti-Discrimination 65000.00Center Elizabeth Memorial Eagen (ADC) | Katalin to act Reti as |aAttila legalKovacs and research entity defending ethnic minority rights in the R Rights 2013 request to commitment 2013 with 10/01/2010 Russia Project Arkhangelsk regional organization of the AllPersons with Disabilities - for Equal 40023004 Russian non-governmental organization of 11/04/2011 Recognition before the Law the disabled "All-Russian organiza 40022702 Centre of Assistance to International Protection 20031870 Centre of International Protection (IPC) 40021534 Annual Training for Lawyers Practicing in the Field of European Protection of Human R 01/01/2001 08/31/2013 $56,000.00 2013 Commitm/ committment The purpose of this grantRussia is to provide support to the Arkhangelsk Regional 28000.00Organization Agnes Karadi of the | Elizabeth All-Russian Eagen Association | Katalin of Reti the Deaf (ARO ARAD) to conduct education for peopl Disabilities BGRHR ARO 2013 ARAD 05/31/2013 $80,000.00 Victims of The purpose of the grantRussia is to support the International Protection Centre (IPC) Agnes to conduct Karadi training | Elizabeth on theEagen use of| the Katalin European Reti Court, seeking to improve the quality of Russian s torture Defending Human Rights in Russia 07.10.2010 31.01.2013 Civic Assistance Committee for refugees and Kamil Satkanbaev Internship forced migrants 09/10/2011 Human in representing Rights Russia precedent-setting cases at domestic and international legal mechanisms;