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PhysRevA.84.023824 100%

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023824 (2011) Periodicity property of relativistic Thomson scattering with application to exact calculations of angular and spectral distributions of the scattered field Alexandru Popa* National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Laser Department, P.O.


PhysRevA.84.024701 97%

Both the oscillations and the cusps originate from an attractive long-range dipole interaction between the scattered electron and the excited H or He+ target.


PaulBriard-2012-LS-Lisbon 93%

The spot at the center of the spectrum corresponds to the fringes with low spatial frequency formed by interference between the reflected and refracted light signal scattered by each particle.


PaulBriard-2011-Optics Express 92%

13 / OPTICS EXPRESS 12700 scattered by the droplets and a reference beam are recorded.


Corydoras ortegai 91%

panda by its greater number of lateral body plates, lack of dorsal-fin blotch, scattered chromatophores surrounding midregion of cleithrum, caudal fin with series of small blotches restricted to rays, slenderer body, and narrower intercleithral area.


PaulBriard-2012-DH-Miami 83%

To evaluate such complex interference patterns, a code which explicitly includes interference effects has been written to rigorously simulate the field scattered by a cloud of spherical particles [2].


Un système de mesure à l'aide de nouveaux Pulse L 83%

The laser spot is formed on the skin surface of the wrist of tested subject and the variation of the spot image is captured by the CMOS image sensor and then projected onto the scattered points that represent arterial pulsations.


PaulBriard-2012-MFTP-Agadir 79%

Particles are illuminated by a pulsed laser beam and a CCD camera records the interference fringes of the waves scattered by the particles.



9.7 Sum-of-plane-waves form of scattered pressure field below lowest point of scattering boundary .


النفسي 65%

the first to measure the psychological stress and it comprises 66 elements scattered on six dimensions;


rangement encre Distress 65%

tattered rose spun sugar worn lipstick barn door fired brick aged mahogany dried marigold spiced marmalade rusty hinge scattered straw mustard seed wild honey shabby shutters bundled sage crushed olive peeled paint pine needles forest moss weathered wood stormy sky faded jeans chipped sapphire tumbled glass broken china victorian velvet milled lavender dusty concord old paper antique linen frayed burlap tea dye brushed corduroy vintage photo walnut stain pumice stone black soot


PITCH DECK APP Buster Challenge 65%

OUR TEAM CHALLENGE MARKET AND COMPETITORS Over 200M challenges scattered over different networks



ing the thickness of the current comet belt, it will spread more and more with the tendency to form And I say that these scattered comets will weld together and form a compact ice r a future sphere with two mouths (which 'black holes' are used for the attraction of hydrogen by the sun to maintain its combustion.


Le rôle de l'industrie dans les villes moyennes de Bretagne 63%

Abstract Within the last forty years, the comparison, in 40 Breton towns, of the situation of industry and the prospects of industrial locations, shows that the « Breton industrial Model » has magnified its scattered characteristics.


Commercial Loan Rates Canada 60%

JENOM INTERNATIONAL, through its Associates, can also assists with site selection and development for both commercial and industrial purposes and can offer various building sizes, including large industrial structures scattered throughout the region.


solar oceanbazar folheto 59%

If the Zoopraxiscope was built out of a wheel using glass slides that converted individual static images into seamless movement, Simon reposesses old glass slides to turn seamless projected movements into fragmented images scattered and diffused into the space surrounding the viewer.


PaulBriard-2012-CFA-ASFERA-Paris (1) 59%

The field of interferences created by the waves scattered by the particles can be recorded and analyzed with using a 2D Fourier transform.


texte Friche de Mai fb 58%

This creates a living environment right in the middle of the industrial installation, with staircases, mezzanines, roof structures, and appliances like stoves, foundries and furniture scattered around between the machines.



These finished pellets could then be scattered by hand over the deserts and savannahs.


First 58%

I have included in my account, some of the more important practical aspects of aircraft flight, and I have given examples of recent innovations, descriptions of which are generally only to be found scattered around in assorted technical journals.


Cahier de Saison Printemps Ete 2017 TBD 57%

Or observe an Alençon lace stitch with dancing daisies, a guipure covered with blooming roses or a Chantilly lace scattered with hyacinths and orchids to transpose lace into a garden.


Gege Blog 19.1 - Rebuild of Gearbox A (f).PDF 56%

The goal is to recover a maximum of original elements from the A since it is that of the car, but a lot of parts (mainly those of the transmission brake and the pedal) are always scattered in cases, and they must be found, cleaned and checked for wear, to be replaced by better ones from the other boxes.


KTL Profile 56%

They can be witnessed leaving the forest at dusk against a backdrop of spectacular sunsets and scattered thunderstorms to feed on bountiful fruit in the surrounding forests.


Mostal (Procyanidin B2 2nd study) 55%

(i) scattered staining for PKC-bI was observed in the basal layer of the epidermis and the infundibulum of the outer root Ó 2002 British Association of Dermatologists, British Journal of Dermatology, 146, 41±51 PROCYANIDIN B-2 MODULATES PKC EXPRESSION sheath keratinocytes;