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5.2 Governing equations for scattering from a rough interface separating a homogeneous half space separated from another half space, probed by a cylindrical wave radiated 0 by a cylindrical source whose support is Ω sn . 07/09/2011

99% - okube2012

okube2012 research papers Journal of Synchrotron Radiation ISSN 0909-0495 Residual-density mapping and site-selective determination of anomalous scattering factors to examine the origin of the Fe K pre-edge peak of magnetite Received 9 April 2012 Accepted 9 July 2012 Maki Okube,* Takuya Yasue and Satoshi Sasaki* Materials and Structures Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nagatsuta 4259 (R3-11), Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-8503, Japan. 27/07/2016

98% - Caractérisation des polymères doc

– Polymers and neutron scattering (Polymères et diffusion de neutrons). 23/07/2014

97% - PaulBriard 2012 MFTP Agadir

Two scattering configurations are considered: 18/01/2015

95% - PhysRevA.84.025402

PhysRevA.84.025402 PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 025402 (2011) Temperature-dependent photon scattering in blue-detuned optical traps Matthew L. 01/09/2011

86% - 2017 Lifting options for BALLON stratospheric aerosol

Engineered aerosols might enable scattering that did not produce so much diffuse illumination, potentially circumventing a significant side-effect of sulphate aerosols. 29/05/2017

85% - PaulBriard 2012 LS Lisbon

The signal obtained is termed the “scattering composite function”. 18/01/2015

85% - Tresset, Postdoc Position, 2017

  An   experience   with  scattering techniques (SAXS/SANS) will be favorably considered. 27/01/2017

76% - HDR VDP Article Original 2005

The proposed metric takes into account the aspects of high contrast vision, like scattering of the light in the optics (OTF), nonlinear response to light for the full range of luminance, and local adaptation. 17/01/2012

74% - PhysRevA.84.023824

PhysRevA.84.023824 PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023824 (2011) Periodicity property of relativistic Thomson scattering with application to exact calculations of angular and spectral distributions of the scattered field Alexandru Popa* National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Laser Department, P.O. 31/08/2011

74% - resubmittedatomlaserfdback

Although bosonic atoms and photons both exhibit Bose-stimulated scattering that is fundamental to laser operation [7, 8], there are significant and interesting differences. 14/10/2011

74% - PaulBriard 2012 DH Miami

For this paper only the toward scattering is discussed (20°< 18/01/2015

71% - 07 App RadioAnatomy Cambridge

Compton (incoherent) scattering becomes more important for biological tissues as X-ray photon energies increase (high kV) and is proportional to tissue density. 29/10/2015

71% - inshi002

1 )とするとき、構造因子 (scattering P factor) は SG = j fj exp{−2πi(hxj kyj lzj )} と与えられることを説明せよ。 . 19/08/2012

70% - PhysRevA.84.023843

In many cases the reflection or scattering properties of a convex surface of a reflector are required. 01/09/2011

70% - Direct observation of Anderson localization of matter waves in a controlled

It has been realized later that Anderson localization (AL) is ubiquitous in wave physics2 as it originates from the interference between multiple scattering paths, and this has prompted an intense activity. 07/09/2011

69% - PhysRevA.84.023836

The purpose of this paper is to study the scattering of microwave electromagnetic fields from MDM-vortex polaritons. 29/08/2011

66% - Polarization Effects in Optical Coherence

Since light from the reference arm was split equally and into the horizontal and vertical polarization states, were proportional to the light amplitude fields reflected from the sample [11], depth of light reflected from the sample, described the and the attenuation of the coherent reflectivity at depth beam by scattering, the speed of light in a vacuum, the birefringence given by the difference in refractive indices along the fast and slow ) and the angle of the fast axes of the sample ( optical axis measured with respect to the vertical. 07/08/2012

62% - sons par radars

The operating principle of detection the acoustic wave signals based on the Wave Propagation Theory and Wave Equations of The ElectroMagnetic Wave ( E M W ) and Acoustic Wave (AW) propagating, scattering, reflecting and interacting has been investigated. 19/09/2011

62% - 2012 RANGER Brochure

This scattering can turn into what is called “blue blur.” The new RANGER HD and HD light lenses eliminate “blue blur” giving the shooter a clear advantage in these conditions. 23/12/2013

62% - taxe carbone pour la géo US20120117003

12/942,701 light-scattering nanoparticle (527), deploying the strato Nov. 25/07/2017