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100% - Les Cahier de la FI 6

En dehors de toute dimension morale ou éthique, la question économique que posent les rémunérations très élevées de ce top 20 des Sharia Scholars est de savoir si elles sont justifiées sur un plan financier au sens où le fait d’engager un Sharia Scholar connu apporterait une plus-value à l’institution qui l’embauche. 29/12/2017

88% - formation 01 Bibliographie  Google scholar : 07/02/2013

87% - non elite journals

We computed the 10 most-cited journals and the 1000 most-cited articles each year for all the 261 subject categories included in Scholar Metrics. 25/10/2014

86% - lesson 2 High Motivation in Supplication

Call Allah and persistently beg of Him, and Allah Most High, through his Generosity, Grace and Mercy, will grant you Al-Firdaws Al-Alaa, even if you do not perform that much voluntary worship, or you are not a scholar, a scholar of Fiqh, or a scholar of Hadeeth, and He will grant it. 19/06/2014

84% - Shaping Identity Male and Female Interactions in Cinema

Shaping Identity Male and Female Interactions in Cinema University of South Florida Scholar Commons Graduate Theses and Dissertations Graduate School January 2012 Shaping Identity: 20/12/2015

82% - csi 20170511 philadelphia innovationdistrict report1

About the Centennial Scholar Initiative The Centennial Scholar Initiative cultivates a new style of scholarship at Brookings, fostering work that is cross-program, inter-disciplinary, international, and intensely focused on impact. 06/06/2017

81% - The True Islam

Then after all that they pretend that they are following the scholars of the “Salaf”, and proudly recite that that ancient scholar said so and the other said so …etc. 14/05/2016

81% - 9 arctic home in the vedas

I desire, however, to take this opportunity of gratefully acknowledging the generous sympathy shown to me at a critical time by that venerable scholar Prof. 08/11/2016

81% - What is an Academic Paper

Of course, being a scholar requires that you read, think, argue, and write in certain ways. 11/03/2017

79% - Ibn Taymeeyahs Letters From Prison

One of those unique men in lslaamic heritage was the dignified Scholar and valiant Mujaahid: 21/02/2014

78% - Awesome Facts Teachers Guide REL61212

Long before Christopher SURGICAL (pages (pages 84–85) 84–85) INSTRUMENTS Columbus set sail, Muslim S eSa e a PA FIC FIC n PCAI C As far back as the 10th scholar Al-Idrisi created I n Idni da i a O COEPCAeENA N century, doctors in the an atlas showing Europe, DISTILLATION DISTILLATION ni Mecca ns Muslim world worked with Asia, and North Africa. 22/11/2014

77% - The Polemic about the "karāmāt al awliyā'" and the Development of Ṣūfism in al Andalus

287/900),10but he is a late source and the word is not found in the early Andalusian biographies devoted to the same scholar. 01/05/2013

76% - Chinese Government Scholarship Application

-be under the age of 45 and have completed at least two years of undergraduate study when applying for general scholar programs; 21/01/2015

76% - atelier redaction

– Encyclopédie et dictionnaire – Internet • Moteur de recherche • Google scholar 19/12/2012

76% - Allah is preparing us for victory

The solution to the Ummah’s problem 3 30 Allah is Preparing us for Victory About the Shaykh Imam Anwar al-Awlaki is a Muslim scholar who was born in New Mexico. 19/04/2013

75% - tribunejuridique.ijhad almara

tribunejuridique.ijhad almara Department: Criminal Justice Specialization: 13/12/2016

75% - 9788825522044

the German scholar dedicates an intense chapter to the questions deeply intertwined, and equally central for the architects of that cultural climate, of the movie and the cinema theatres, identifying a theme of research absolutely rich and promising5. 18/02/2019