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In “Frequently” section the user can select the scale of output data, namely, “Daily”, “Monthly”, “Seasonally”, and “Yearly” (Fig.


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composante saisonnière dans le PIB Evolutions du PIB de la France "seasonally adjusted"


Advanced Tools for Drought 83%

You can import your data as excel file and calculate KBDI in yearly, seasonally, monthly, and daily Formats.


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Figures in column (a) are seasonally adjusted percent changes at an annualized rate from the previous period.


Genetic grazing system 58%

Although many newer pasture-based herds are seasonally calved in the US, that practice is not as widespread as in NZ or IE.


France holds back eurozone recovery - FT 54%

The first estimate from Eurostat revealed seasonally adjusted exports rose by 0.2 per cent, while imports fell by 1.2 per cent.


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In fact, even the concept of an hour had previously been quite elastic, with an hour’s length varying seasonally in Roman times, for example.


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Black uakaris are known to migrate seasonally to other areas, following the seasonal variation in fruit availability (Boubli 1999).


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Regionally and seasonally the effect of solar forcing may be enhanced due to dynamic feedbacks that are largely missing in models (see Gray et al 2010).


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For example, under a local hectare approach, a nomadic herder ranging seasonally over 10 hectares of low-productivity, arid grassland will have a Footprint far greater than an individual who consumes the products of 5 ha of the most productive cropland in Switzerland.


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yifkj = μ + βifkj + ζ k βkj + γxifkj + ηzifk + aifk + hfk + vk + «ifkj , where yifkj is SBP or DBP for individual i in household f in village k at time j, βifkj is an individual’s exposure, ζ k(βkj) is the random slope at the village level, xifkj are other individual-level covariates that vary seasonally (e.g., ambient air temperature);