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80% - FALLER Neuheiten 2016

The entire estate has developed around a late Gothic monastery with fountain hall following the arrangement of the most varied seclusion buildings, the ochre and limpid white stone masonry of which is dissolved again and again into a thin structure through high tracery windows. 06/03/2016

65% - PKF Malta brochure

Some beaches and rocky shores are off the beaten track, but worth seeking out for their seclusion. 11/02/2016

40% - nafa'is

'The lowest stage in ascetic practice is that one choose seclusion and abstain from eating meat, drinlung intoxicants, and sexual intercourse. 14/08/2015

28% - Rupa Goswami Bhakti rasamrta sindhu Bon Maharaja

But before I could do this, I went out on foot on a pilgrimage of 650 miles to Yamunotri, Garigotri, Kedarnatha, and Badrinatha, and at last took my residence at Vrindaban and remained in exclusive seclusion observing silence for four years. 06/04/2016