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100% - Notation et seuil de réussite 2010

Scoring sections for each level and pass/fail determination (overall pass marks and sectional pass marks) In the new test, pass/fail is determined by the examinees’total score and also their score for each scoring section. 02/09/2012

98% - Garage Door Minneapolis

They have undergone certification as a Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technician through the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). 31/07/2017

96% - driving cessation in older adults

used a cross-sectional, cohort, or case–control design; 23/02/2016


In 2010, the European Study on Cardiovascular Risk Prevention and Management in Usual Daily Practice (EURIKA), a cross-sectional study of the status of primary cardiovascular disease prevention, identified that 38.8% of patients achieved a target BP (Fig. 09/06/2016

91% - solex mv mh catalogue english


91% - GJMS Vol 1 1

Community-based, Descriptive and cross sectional household survey Place and Duration of Study: 06/04/2011

80% - Relationship Between Strength, Power, Speed, and Change of Direction Performance of Female Softball Players

885–895, 2010—The purpose of this study was to investigate (a) the cross-sectional relationship of strength, power, and performance variables in trained female athletes and (b) determine if the relationship between these variables changes over the course of a season. 30/03/2012

79% - Saint Paul Garage Door Repair

Sectional Doors Loading Docks And everything for your dock area With the addition of Loading dock products and accessories we now offer sales and service for everything in your dock area. 12/11/2015

78% - Prevalence of Subclinical Hypothyroidism

A Cross-Sectional Study from South India Ghanshyam Palamaner Subash Shantha a Anita Ashok Kumar a Viraj Bhise a Rohit Khanna b Kamesh Sivagnanam a Kuyilan Karai Subramanian a a Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, and b L.V. 28/12/2011

78% - MARSTON & GOODELL Cartridges

and that the said improvements are fully and substantially set forth and shown in the following descriptive specification thereof, referring to the drawing annexed hereto, in which-- Y Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of a shot" 21/05/2020

75% - No correlation between serum testosterone levels and state level anger intensity in transgender people: Results from the European Network for the Investigation of Gender Incongruence

Cross sectional studies comparing transgender people on gender affirming hormones with those without, report lower subjective levels of gender dysphoria, body uneasiness, anxiety and depressive symptoms in those on gender affirming hormones. 10/03/2019

73% - from philippe grandjean A351 FluorideNeurotoxReview

Fourteen recent cross-sectional studies from endemic areas with naturally high fluoride concentrations in groundwater supported the previous findings of cognitive deficits in children with elevated fluoride exposures. 14/04/2021

72% - Kawasaki KX 250 F 2006 Manual de reparatie

•Refer to the sectional table of contents for the exact pages to locate the specific topic required. 18/07/2012

72% - Kawasaki KFX 700 V A1 Force 2004

Refer to the sectional table of contents for the exact pages to locate the specific topic required. 19/03/2013

72% - Lara Erel Portfolio WEB

Well-cemented organizations are presented from afar as from a bird’s eye view perspective or closer as in a scientific sectional view. 08/01/2016

72% - Lara Erel Portfolio web

Well-cemented organizations are presented from afar as from a bird’s eye view perspective or closer as in a scientific sectional view. 16/10/2016

71% - aes catalogue 5

Cable descriptions give the number and size of cable strands and the total cross-sectional area of conductor. 24/09/2010


The main crossnificantly smaller (Schro sectional area of the exit of the facial canal is wider compared to the entrance (Dawidowsky et al., 2011), which Falloppius himself reports (Figs. 08/01/2014

70% - Distress and pain

We employed a cross-sectional cohort design in which 67 selected female veterans completed self-administered questionnaires to assess history of sexual violence and experiences of distress and pain associated with the pelvic examination. 15/04/2015

63% - The impact of housing design on Health A L Verret, N Prince, Y Jerome

Lower levels of sunlight within the home have been proven to result in impaired cognition in depressed participants of a cross-sectional case study. 12/10/2018

62% - SEP ET SEL

The first group consisted of a traditional cohort to test our main hypothesis, and the second group was made up of a cross-sectional sample recruited for replication purposes. 01/09/2014