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Sulfuric Acid Treatment 100%

The growth of seedlings was monitored and showed rapid increase in height and leaf numbers with 100 % survival up to 2 years.


ZA EcoBb tomato whitefly 2007 89%

Tomato seedlings (cultivar Rodade) were grown in the Plant Pathology greenhouse for 5 weeks prior to transplant.


Polyter-Flyer 83%

Polyter Grp Polyter Grp is recommended for sowing, bedding out young seedlings, repotting plants and seedlings resulting from in vitro culture, dressing plants with naked roots to protect them from drying during transport and storage and to limit the stress of replanting.


Toumatia et al. 2015.PDF 80%

The reduction of chocolate spot disease symptoms reached 80 and 91.7% with IA1 and YA seedlings pretreatments, respectively.


Reid & Casallas-Pabon 2012 Scientists exploring bat roostsfor rebuilding forests 77%

after two years of monitoring, Reid's team detected no significant change in the number of seedlings beneath active bat roosts.


Presentation aphyllas - English 74%

Loïc Tasquier What was last year a small presentation of my first results has now become a very long list of seedlings.


transposonslight 71%

Seedlings were grown in darkness for 4 days and were then kept in darkness or transferred to FR light for 8 hours (h) before analysis.


Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania 65%

Botanic Gardens  planting  watering  controlling of weeds  Pruning  Labeling/ plant identification  Establishing new plots  Collecting plant material for the botanic gardens Nursery work  Seedlings planting/transplanting  Weed control  Vegetative propagation Cultivations  Pruning  Collecting of fruits  Watering Ornamental plants  Pruning  Watering  Weed removal  Planting/transplanting Accommodation If you choose to reside at the halls of residence at MAICh, the accommodation expenses (including meals) are offered at discount prices.


johnson 2016 62%

september &


New Phytologist Paganelli et al 61%

Kanamycin resistance was scored in 2-wk-old seedlings.


alnglua 52%


2012 catalog covers & introductions pdf 43%

It is producing seedlings with heavily saturated color.


Waste waters organic farming in DRC 38%

The setting buries certain seedlings and watering by the water of made collecting.


ch5 35%



The difference in the recorded infestation rate can be explained by the geographical location nearby the Tunisian infested palm groves, soil nature, date palm seedlings origin and / or the poorly maintained palm groves.


ch2 28%

This British horticulturalist and botanist conducted basic research in plant physiology that led to the discovery of the phenomenon of geotropism, the effects of gravity on seedlings.


v.boury 10%

Replanting Programme In 1983, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) funded construction of a nursery area near the lighthouse, where the ranger, together with volunteers, raised seedlings for the island.