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Severe allergic asthma 100%

Severe allergic asthma 22/07/2017 This article is a CME certified activity.



SOUVENIR ET ALCOOL History of Alcohol Use Disorders and Risk of Severe Cognitive Impairment:


greatbatch2015 85%

153–165, January 2015 A DOI:10.1002/qj.2346 Tropical origin of the severe European winter of 1962/1963 R.


NEJM fluids in severe sepsis 81%

NEJM fluids in severe sepsis The n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l of m e dic i n e original article Hydroxyethyl Starch 130/0.4 versus Ringer’s Acetate in Severe Sepsis Anders Perner, M.D., Ph.D., Nicolai Haase, M.D., Anne B.


SIADH and bronchiolitis 79%

2016;84(1):24---29 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Association between moderate---severe bronchiolitis and syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion in emergency departments夽 B.


M0008957D RS2 EtherCAT e 74%

■ Warning Symbol Danger Warning Caution Caution Denotes immediate hazards that will probably cause severe bodily injury or death as a result of incorrect operation.


Albumin replacement and septic shock NEJM 2014 74%

Albumin replacement and septic shock NEJM 2014 The n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l of m e dic i n e original article Albumin Replacement in Patients with Severe Sepsis or Septic Shock Pietro Caironi, M.D., Gianni Tognoni, M.D., Serge Masson, Ph.D., Roberto Fumagalli, M.D., Antonio Pesenti, M.D., Marilena Romero, Ph.D., Caterina Fanizza, M.Stat., Luisa Caspani, M.D., Stefano Faenza, M.D., Giacomo Grasselli, M.D., Gaetano Iapichino, M.D., Massimo Antonelli, M.D., Vieri Parrini, M.D., Gilberto Fiore, M.D., Roberto Latini, M.D., and Luciano Gattinoni, M.D., for the ALBIOS Study Investigators* A BS T R AC T BACKGROUND Although previous studies have suggested the potential advantages of albumin administration in patients with severe sepsis, its efficacy has not been fully established.



Total knee arthroplasty Computer-assisted surgery High tibial osteotomy One-stage surgery Malunion Severe extra-articular bone deformities Knee arthritis a b s t r a c t Same-stage tibial osteotomy may deserve consideration in candidates to total knee arthroplasty (TKA) who have severe bone deformities, particularly at extra-articular sites.


Asthma Management for children 71%

Immunology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital Colorado, 13123 East 16th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80045, USA Keywords   Asthma  Early asthma  Inhaled corticosteroids  Lebrikizumab  Mepolizumab Omalizumab  Severe asthma  Tiotropium Key points  Children with frequent wheeze, allergies, parental history of asthma, early illness, and environmental exposures to tobacco smoke and violence or stress may be at higher risk to progress to persistent wheeze or asthma.


NMBA in Early ARDS 71%

We evaluated clinical outcomes after 2 days of therapy with neuromuscular blocking agents in patients with early, severe ARDS.


Management of severe perioperative bleeding .2 70%

Management of severe perioperative bleeding .2 Eur J Anaesthesiol 2013;


ACG Guideline AcutePancreatitis September 2013 66%

Pancreatic duct stents and/or postprocedure rectal nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) suppositories should be utilized to lower the risk of severe post-ERCP pancreatitis in high-risk patients.


Flu QA 2010 66%

chills sore muscles sore throat Cough is often severe and protracted, but otherwise the disease is self-limiting and recovery is 2-7 days.


Screening and management 66%

As this uncommon but severe disorder is characterized by a high level of clinical heterogeneity, an unpredictable course, high mortality and resistance to therapy [1], it has long represented one of the greatest challenges in the management of autoimmune rheumatic diseases.


Flu QA 2010 66%

chills sore muscles sore throat Cough is often severe and protracted, but otherwise the disease is self-limiting and recovery is 2-7 days.


Combs al 2010 66%

Public condemnation, when intentional and severe, heightened the experience of humiliation along with the negative consequences of anger, hostility, and vengeful urges, despite the fact that the humiliated person had transgressed in the first place.


Flu QA 2010 65%

chills sore muscles sore throat Cough is often severe and protracted, but otherwise the disease is self-limiting and recovery is 2-7 days.


Financial Market Predictions for 2014 63%

As a consequence, Peugeot is not immune from a severe backlash in the coming years.


A case report of reninoma radiological and.30 63%

Reninoma is a rare juxtaglomerular cell tumour (JGCT) producing excessive amounts of renin resulting in severe hypertension.


ADHD Diagnostic Flowchart 63%

Assess no yes Does the young person have significant personal and social impairment Exit no yes Do the problems include severe developmentally inappropriate inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity that impairs functioning?


RASOANAIVO Organic synthesis 63%

RASOANAIVO Organic synthesis Organic synthesis ICSN Worldwide Collaborations Background Gif connection ICSN Madagascar Cape Town Lille, Montpellier, Others Muséum NHN INSERM The ICSN World-Wide Collaborations Integrated approach to ethnobotany-directed screening Philippe Rasoanaivo Institut Malgache de Recherches Appliquées Ethnic group Ecosystem Environment Ethnobotany Plants Culture ► medical (health, foods) ► Functional ► Cultural ► Cognitive 1985’s Severe malaria epidemics in The Highlands of Madagascar


302-06735 en 63%

Floods, landslides, severe storms Brazil 76 15


humanitarian Snapshot 11July2014 oPt V1 63%

Gaza Crisis Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 10 July 2014, 1500 hrs) Geographic breakdown of fatalities(7th to 10th of July) Situation Overview 1.8 On 7 July 2014 a humanitarian emergency was declared in the Gaza Strip, following a severe escalation in hostilities involving intense Israeli aerial and navy bombardment and Palestinian rocket firing.


Terrain Rules Guidelines 170209 62%

Terrain Rules Guidelines 170209 Description of the main generic terrains Linear obstacles Massive structures Terrain areas Terrain Ht unless Hard otherwise told Blocking Climbable Dense Enclosed Hazardous Impassable Severe Cover by TO Forest areas Miscellaneous obstacles (crates, giant mushrooms, trees…) Rough terrain area (rumbles, crop field, torrent, shallow water, swamp…) Deep water Caustic pools, burning ashes or other fog generating damaging terrain areas Trapped areas, piranha pools, other damaging terrain areas 5 Buildings, Vehicles Ruins 5 Vantage points (roof tops, stairs, bridges…)


Optimal duration. pdf 62%

De Waele a and Ignacio Martin-Loeches b Purpose of review Whilst many guidelines recommend limiting the use of antibiotics because of the increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR), this strategy becomes challenging when dealing with severe infections in critically ill patients.