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instruments aimed at evaluating of bronchiolitis 100%

Systematic review of instruments aimed at evaluating the severity of bronchiolitis Authors:


Bronchiolitis Score of Sant Joan de Deu 92%

An expert opinion was used to classify patients according to clinical severity.


Professeur Hamonet ECNE-10-00337 92%

Severity of symptoms and signs are quantified according to a Likert scale from 0 to 4.


20JustQ605 90%

&operation=go&searchType=0 &lastSearch=simple&all=on&titleOrStdNo=0741-8825 RESEARCH NOTES RACIAL DIFFERENCES IN PERCEPTIONS OF THE SEVERITY OF SANCTIONS:


wer8422 88%

22, 2009, 84, 197–212 Contents 197 Considerations for assessing the severity of an influenza pandemic 203 Estimating the global burden of foodborne diseases:


ankle spain 86%

2582-0931) Volume 5 Issue 5 May 2021 Ankle sprain, physiotherapy from the évaluation of the injury, the assessment of its severity, to the restoration of podal movement Npochinto Moumeni Ibrahim1,2,3,4*, Bahebeck François5 and Fred Dikongue6 Abdel nasser Njikam, et Jean pierre Moulangou7.


epigenetic et trauma 85%

a link with the severity and type of trauma N Perroud1, A Paoloni-Giacobino2, P Prada3, E Olie´4,5,6, A Salzmann1, R Nicastro3, S Guillaume4,5,6, D Mouthon2, C Stouder2, K Dieben3, P Huguelet3, P Courtet4,5,6 and A Malafosse1,2 Childhood maltreatment, through epigenetic modification of the glucocorticoid receptor gene (NR3C1), influences the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA axis).


Chinese guidelines for childhood asthma 2016 84%

(3) classification based on disease severity that corresponds with treatment step;


New assessment of hepatic encephalopathy 2011 83%

This article reviews recent developments in the assessment of HE and discusses the controversy regarding the use of a categorical or a continuous approach in measuring the severity of this condition.


Diagnosis and management of Raynaud's Sd 83%

10.1136/bmj.e289 (Published 7 February 2012) Page 4 of 8 CLINICAL REVIEW Box 3 Raynaud’s condition scorew7 The patient is asked about the frequency, duration, and severity of attacks to arrive at a single score expressed on a scale of 0-10 (0=patient not handicapped by attacks;


Standard Precipitation Index 77%

Meteorological Drought Monitoring 3-Buy the software that can calculate 8 indices and severity.



LIST OF AGRICULTURAL AND METEOROLOGICAL SOFTWARES Name Version Short description Cost Links to pages RDIT 1.0 User friendly software for calculating rain-based drought indices and severity 44.95$ Rain-based Drought Indices Tool 1.0 and 2.0 A unique software for monitoring and prediction drought and severity.


Overview Of DMAP 76%

A reliable index must be able to quantify drought severity, detect drought beginning and end times for early warning systems, monitoring and prospective water resources planning.



We hypothesized that the severity rather than the extension of ischemic stroke in a circumscribed strategic lesion correlates with abnormal yawning.


Poster I - Clinical diagnosis of ehlers-danlos syndrome - New fondamental insights into the clinical setting - Hamonet. Manicourt.Hermanns-Le.Pommeret 70%

Statistical analysis showed that distributions of severity indices on 1, 3, 4 and 5 are similar and correlated two by two.


topiramateCocaine 70%

P = .003) for having “reportedly no symptoms or borderline symptoms” in the global severity of cocaine dependence and 0.754 vs 0.561 (OR, 2.40;


Help Drought Indices Tool 69%

The severity of drought can be assessed by comparing the quantity of rainfall in a particular month or several months duration with the long time cumulative distribution of rainfall values for that time.


jsc120003 2526 2533 (1) 69%

radiographic severity, respiratory system compliance (ⱕ40 mL/cm H2O), positive endexpiratory pressure (ⱖ10 cm H2O), and corrected expired volume per minute (ⱖ10 L/min).


Spillers-Nutrition-Insights-Gastric-Ulcers 69%

Feeding practices can impact on the severity and frequency of gastric ulcers therefore correct feeding management and appropriate nutrition can go a long way to reducing the risk and decreasing the severity of gastric ulcers in horses.


MH perception study SS report VF May16 69%

Findings 7.1 Background characteristics of study participants 7.2 Local illness explanations 9.2.1 Illness categories and symptoms 9.2.2 Causes of mental health problems 9.2.3 Severity and cure of mental problems 7.3 Community perception linked to a person with mental problems 7.3.1 Anticipated stigma 7.3.2 Drivers and facilitators of stigma 7.3.3 Stigma outcomes 7.4 Experiences of people with mental problems and their caregivers 7.5 Health seeking behaviors 7.5.1 Sources of care 7.5.2 Selection of sources of care 2 7.5.3 Hospitals and health centers 7.5.4 Traditional health providers 7.5.5 Church-based healing 7.5.6 Prison 7.5.7 Pharmacies / medications 7.5.8 Community based care 8.


catastrophisation 69%

In cross-sectional studies in osteoarthritis patients, catastrophizing correlates with higher pain severity (14,15), higher levels of observed pain behaviours and functional limitations during standardized activity tests (15), and lower pain threshold and tolerance (16).


Topic sessions-International Congress Ped.Pulmo. Lisbon 2017 69%

Indoor sources of NO2 include gas-fueled schools with asthma, asthma severity, allergy and airway inflammation cookers, fires and water heaters;


Kodovazenitis et al-2014-Journal of Periodontal Research 69%

The first is a sensitive case definition that enables the inclusion of incipient cases, whilst the second is a more specific case definition that allows the inclusion only of cases with substantial extent and severity.


PIVSPWIScoliosis 68%

Associated risk factors during adolescence, such as maturity of the epiphyses at the onset of the curve, rapid bone growth, or extensive bone growth, appear to influence curve severity and progression.