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100% - Poster COAST Bordeaux SPAGNOLI MINGHELLI 2 sc(1)(1)

Poster COAST Bordeaux SPAGNOLI MINGHELLI 2 sc(1)(1) Automatic method to extract the Shoreline using WorldView-2 images, containing foam J. 05/01/2018

80% - PRESS RELEASE english

A collection of four such world class surf spots on a less than one kilometer stretch of shoreline can be found nowhere else around the world, making this area truly unique. 08/12/2016

69% - AS332 L2 Super Puma helicopter G WNSB Press Release

The helicopter was largely broken up by repeated contact with the rocky shoreline. 29/08/2013

63% - côte sableuse

A new photogrammetric method for determining shoreline erosion. 25/08/2011

62% - 6 article mahdia salakta

The recent tendency is announcing profound changes mainly expressed by a runaway expansion of human activities and occupation as well as signs of an important retreat of the shoreline and the multiplication of protective structures parallel to the encroachments of managements at the expanse of the coast system. 07/04/2018

56% - Guardalavaca an

More than 30 immersion sites have been explored, offering astonishing visibility, warm, clean waters and a few meters of coastline for the most part, as the coral reef is about 100 meters from the shoreline and covers 900 meters. 18/04/2019

47% - horaire et programme

vers de meilleures pratiques de lutte aux plantes nuisibles Benjamin Lelong, Ph D, adjoint aux recherches et aux formations continues sur l'éradication, le contrôle et la prévention des plantes envahissantes, Université Laval Période de questions Today’s Agenda 8:30 Registration and Welcome 9:10 Update on summer activities Update on the shoreline case in Hatley 9:30 Extreme rains, urban development and climate change, what can we expect? 02/10/2015

45% - 2012 catalog covers & introductions pdf

Cloud Berry X Bliss Bomb $50.00 Gypsy Lady flamingo frenzy (T.Johnson ‘12) TB Midseason-Late 36” (91cm) Looking at a clump of these rich pink beauties, one could easily imagine a shoreline populated by a flock of brightly colored flamingos. 07/01/2012

36% - Marine Modelling Int 2013 02 BLACKJACK 29RTR

Removing the stainless-steel propeller for its sharpening/balancing work only required an 8 mm wrench and 22 FEBRUARY 2013 LAKESIDE FEEDBACK As always, following the Spektrum radio’s binding procedure and a suitable shoreline radio range check, the Pro Boat catamaran was buttoned up and ready for its first test run. 28/01/2015

35% - Marine Modelling Int 2015 02 PROBOAT REFITS

After a few circuits around the lake’s slightly enclosed shoreline, we did make a couple of small tweaks to the sail-set/servo sheets/ cords to better suit Mike’s sailing skills. 28/01/2015

31% - BS270 corsica

Looking satisfied with the results of his labours, he picked his kit up and, pausing only to cross the railway line linking Bastia to Calvi, which was separating us from the shoreline, he headed for the water to open the show. 21/01/2011