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postdoctoral position 100%

A postdoctoral position is available for a NIH-funded project to explore the function and mechanism of purinergic signaling in plants (see Choi et al., 2014.


PhysRevA.84.022102 96%

published 2 August 2011) The combination of various physically plausible properties, such as no signaling, determinism, and experimental free will, is known to be incompatible with quantum correlations.


Art1 OPA3 F actin migration PlosOne13 91%

Downregulation of OPA3 Is Responsible for Transforming Growth Factor-b-Induced Mitochondrial Elongation and F-Actin Rearrangement in Retinal Pigment Epithelial ARPE-19 Cells Seung-Wook Ryu1,2*, Jonghee Yoon1, Nambin Yim1, Kyungsun Choi1, Chulhee Choi1,2* 1 Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea, 2 KI for the Biocentury, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea Abstract Transforming growth factor-b signaling is known to be a key signaling pathway in the induction of epithelial–mesenchymal transition.


polarisation de la levure 90%

Here we discuss the signaling pathways that regulate polarity.


Khodosevichet al 2009 84%

10.3389/neuro.02.007.2009 MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE Major signaling pathways in migrating neuroblasts Konstantin Khodosevich 1, Peter H.


Art2 Mito dyn lymphocytes JEM2006 81%

Cell polarization and chemotaxis depend on the signaling of seven-transmembrane receptors coupled to heterotrimeric Gi proteins (G protein–coupled receptors).


transposonslight 81%

Transposase-Derived Transcription Factors Regulate Light Signaling in Arabidopsis Rongcheng Lin, et al.


La paresse serait génétique 80%

In summary, NAc cellularity differences and/or the lack of running-induced plasticity in dopamine signaling-related transcripts may contribute to low voluntary running motivation in LVR rats.


nature genetics melanomas 79%

Gray horses carrying a loss-offunction mutation in ASIP (agouti signaling protein) had a higher incidence of melanoma, implying that increased melanocortin-1 receptor signaling promotes melanoma development in Gray horses.


Arijit Mukherjee, Udo Broll 76%

Signaling Arijit Mukherjee and Udo Broll Received August 16, 2005;


article BSE 75%

Donaldson and Preston, 1995), legitimacy theory and signaling theory can explain this relation.


NewsletterBM1406 numero 1 74%

Kuznicki is interested in the molecular mechanisms that are involved in neurodegeneration and psychiatric diseases, with a special emphasis on the role of calcium homeostasis and signaling and β-catenin pathways.


Neurophotonic 73%

mechanisms and functions Live-cell imaging of synapses at nanoscopic resolution by STED microscopy Wine and cheese party Tuesday 21st Session 3 (Chair Paul De Koninck) 9:00 9:40 9:40 - 10:20 David Kleinfeld Dmitri Rusakov Topology and Control in Cortical Blood Flow Revealed with Linear and Nonlinear Optical Methods Nano-diffusion in the brain extracellular space examined with time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy imaging (TR-FAIM) Session 4 10:20 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:10 Richard Tsien 12:10 - 12:50 Maxime Dahan 12:50 - 14:20 (Chair Ehud Isacoff) 14:20 - 15:00 15:00 - Arthur Konnerth In vivo two-photon imaging of mouse visual cortex signaling at eye-opening pause Tracking the dynamics of single vesicles with Qdots and other optical probes Investigating cell dynamics at the single molecule level using quantum dots lunch Gaudanz Danuser 15:40 Petra Schwille High-content image analysis in early steps of endocytosis Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy in live cells and reconstituted systems Talks selected from abstracts 15:40 - 16:00 Philipp Schoenenberger 16:00 - 16:20 Pierre Marquet 16:20 - 16:50 16:50 - 17:30 Paul Wiseman 17:30 - 18:10 Ryuichi Shigemoto Optimizing the spatial resolution of Channelrhodopsin-2 activation Living cell analysis with Digital Holographic microscopy pause Advances in image correlation methods for measurements in live cells and neurons Correlative study of central synapses by fluorescence and electron microscopy winecellar visit bus at 18h30 Gala dinner at chateau Bouscaut Bus return around 23h30 Wenesday 22nd Session 5 (Chair Richard Tsien) 9:00 - 9:40 Ehud Isacoff Light-gated ion channels 9:40 - 10:20 Jerome Mertz 10:20 - 11:00 Karl Deisselroth New approaches towards fluorescence background rejection Optogenetics:


neurobilolgoy of love love addiction 70%

These processes critically involve oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine, and serotonergic signaling.


SurvivalManual 67%

123 CHAPTER 19 - SIGNALING TECHNIQUES ....................................................................................


HDDInfo Report 65%

Compliance) SATA Gen-1 signaling speed :


OXIMED2012-741545 65%

In a surprising development, augmented Wnt signaling stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis that can lead to increased ROS levels in mitochondria and greater oxidative damage [43].


246DE935d01 63%

Vertical Frequency Response Output Video Signaling Rate Input DDC Signal Input Video Signal Video Amplifier Bandwidth Input Connectors Output Connectors Supported Video Resolutions Touch screen Operating Temperature Range Operating Humidity Range 24 – 60 Hz HDMI 1.2/HDMI 1.3 2.25 gigabits per second 5.0 volts p-p (TTL) 0.5 to 1.0 volts p-p 255 mHz Eight (8) HDMI type A connectors Eight (8) HDMI type A connectors and eight (8) dual twisted pair connectors 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p 8, 10, 12 bits per channel 3.75” corner to corner -41 to 95 degrees F -5 to 35 degrees C 5 to 90% non-condensing Dimensions Rack-mounting Control Enclosure Max Power Consumption Power Regulatory Shipping Weight Intelix Part Number Included Accessories Compatible Twisted Pair Receivers Warranty 17.25” x 7.00” x 8.25” 3 RU Front panel touch screen, RS232, IR, Ethernet, wireless remote Black metal 11 watts 12 VDC CE, RoHS 12 lbs.


Open position Flower development .Postdoc. 2017 63%

N°Po.29-6-017 Translational Research Group IPS2-INRA, Paris 11-Orsay campus, FRANCE A post-doctoral position funded by the ERC Advanced grant program, SEXYPARTH, is available until filled in the group of Translational Research, in the new established research institute IPS2 located in Paris 11 campus in Orsay, France ( We are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral scientist as well as a research assistant to study the signaling network controlling sexual organs development in plants.


Post-doc position Lambert teamdocx 63% The position is funded for 18 months and is started on March 2018.


Postdoc eq Soler Chromatin Looping1 62%

Specifically, the regulation of enhancer-gene looping events during cellular differentiation or in response to extracellular signaling remains obscure.


bisphenol et hyperactivité (1) 62%

Precocious neurogenesis in the hypothalamus following BPA exposure is independent of ER signaling.


Postdoc-position-DifKin-V2 61%

difficile to colonize the host, ii) to identify their targets and iii) to characterize the role of PrkC/STP targets focusing in priority to proteins likely involved in resistance to antimicrobial compounds or in signaling pathways important for C.


9001CT1101 60%

Harmony ™ Double and TripleHeaded Push Buttons Catalog 2011 Improved selection, simplicity and robustness As a world leader in control and signaling components, Schneider Electric continues to innovate within the Harmony ranges to improve the efficiency of your dialog solutions.


Daniel et 2019 RAMOGE Explorations 2015 & 2018 60%

(i) signaling and georeference of known species, (ii) new bathymetric distribution of signaling;