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Comenzar Inicio rápido de Dropbox ¿Qué es Dropbox?


ines 98%


section 6 95%

Studies that reported no significant effect III.


DAN Gold Catalysis 91%

Nagib MacMillan Group Literature Meeting 03.17.2010 Relativistic Effects in Gold Catalysis Relativistic effects – phenomenon resulting from the need to consider velocity as significant relative to the speed of light
 m = m°/√1-(v/c)2 Consequences:


japanese-study 91%

spontaneous phasic rectal contraction that starts during storage (autonomic component);1 – 3 relaxation of the anal canal with an enlarged anorectal angle (mostly a somatic component);4,5 and straining (somatic component).6,7 Among these, straining is most significant in the


tr interessant avec copier coller 90%

i) significant reduction of the toxicity of sewage during biological treatment in all the STPs, ii) no significant toxicity of disinfection with ozone and low-chlorine-dose, iii) high toxicity due to disinfection with high-chlorine-dose from MICROTOX test, iv) toxicity due to high-chlorine-dose from algal test even after dechlorination, v) no significant toxicity of high-chlorine-dose from frog embryo test.


ED bonus 89%



Related Studies on Technology and Internet Addiction Abstract—Understanding negative consequences of heavy Internet use on mental health is a topic that is gaining significant traction recently.


Identification of factors associated with good 87%

Significant predictive factors of ΔHSDS, ranked by significance were:


BOOK OF BEETLES 9780226082752 blad 84%

This collection covers six hundred significant beetle species.


Article Futures et forward 84%

A first battery of tests establishes that the observed differences are statistically significant.


Syncope In Pediatric Patients 83%

While syncope often requires an extensive workup in adults, in the pediatric population, critical questioning and simple, noninvasive testing is usually sufficient to exclude significant or lifethreatening causes.


SchlenkerWalker Airports 2012 83%

The health effects are largest for infants and elderly, but we also observe significant changes in the health of the broader adult population.


Chapitre1tri2011 83%

C'est le digit le plus significatif, de poids le plus fort (Most Significant Digit).


smt et sciatique-1 82%

No significant differences for self-reported pain or improvement were found between the 2 groups.


Anglais EPP 2013-2014 80%

Recent reviews of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Knowledge reported on some of the known drivers of biodiversity loss as well as highlighting areas where our understanding is limited and the significant regional differences in data coverage that occur in the region.


Aliworld 2015 001-p86 79%

This result is significant for many reasons, but definitely there are savings on resources and energy.” Pizzas have to be baked at higher temperatures than bread or pastry consuming more energy.


Pétrole 78%


Homoparentalité 78%

Homoparentalité Orientation sexuelle, identité et comportements sexués :


Impellizzeri IJSM 2006 Generic vs Aerobic training in soccer 77%

There were significant improvements in aerobic fitness and match performance in both groups of soccer players, especially in response to the first 4 weeks of pre-season training.


2017-05-11-brexit-eu-china-summers-final 76%

Within the EU, China’s relative focus on Germany will be even more significant.


Relationship Between Strength, Power, Speed, and Change of Direction Performance of Female Softball Players 76%

Significant relationships were found across all time points with BW, speed, and change of direction measures (r = 0.70– 0.93) and relative strength and measures of speed and change of direction ability (r = 20.7320.85).