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section 6 100%

Studies that reported no significant effect III.


ines 97%

It covers unplanned high radiation levels and spread of significant quantities of radioactive materials ­confined within the installation.


النمو النفس 97%

significant correlations between the psychosocial development , school adjustment, and academic achievement.


Burnout 66 97%

The study also tries to find out if there is any significant statistical variance in the degree of psychological burning according to ( years of experience, age, qualification, social status ) of the samples.


PIVSPWIScoliosis 96%

A descriptive summary of the balI ) there will be no significant differtant to control for the Type I error ance responses of all the subjects is (rejecting the null hypothesis when it ences between healthy controls and included in Table 1.


Kotzamanidis JSCR 2005 strength speed training and jump run perf in soccer 96%

RESULTS Pretraining Status The ANOVAs with the pretraining values of the variables revealed no significant differences among the 3 groups.


journal.pone.0056935 94%

Moreover, the high-fit group showed overall faster reaction times than the low-fit group in the psychomotor vigilance task, while there were not significant differences in performance between the two groups of participants in the other two cognitive tasks.


428088782-Etats-Unis-Rapport-septembre-2019-criminal-Victimization-2018 94%

There was no statistically significant one-year change in the number of victims from 2016 to 2017 or from 2017 to 2018.


Allergic-Specific Immunotherapy 93%

In 2 RCTs of HDM SCIT including 70 children, authors reported on quickrelief medication use (Supplemental Table 8).‍19,​23 ‍ One of these revealed a significant decrease in the days of salbutamol used per year over the 3-year trial period in the SCIT arm versus the control arm (results in a figure).‍23 Researchers in the other trial did not find a difference within arms after 8 months and did not report a comparison between arms.‍19 These 2 small trials with medium and high ROB had inconsistent and direct results, providing low SOE that SCIT improves quick-relief medication use.


guenole 2013 92%

These clinically-referred children with intellectual giftedness are thought to typically display internalizing problems (i.e., self-focused problems reflecting overcontrol of emotion and behavior), and to be more behaviorally impaired when “highly” gifted (IQ ≥ 145) or displaying developmental asynchrony (i.e., a heterogeneous developmental pattern, reflected in a significant verbal-performance discrepancy on IQ tests).


Relationship Between Strength, Power, Speed, and Change of Direction Performance of Female Softball Players 92%

Significant relationships were found across all time points with BW, speed, and change of direction measures (r = 0.70– 0.93) and relative strength and measures of speed and change of direction ability (r = 20.7320.85).



Related Studies on Technology and Internet Addiction Abstract—Understanding negative consequences of heavy Internet use on mental health is a topic that is gaining significant traction recently.


Etude efficacité EFT (1) 91%

2) Adequate sample size to detect statistically significant (p <


Em CW 90%

Results Crop yields Potatoes showed no significant differences in yield in 2003.


69 90%

At breakfast, no significant treatment effect (P ҃ 0.975) or treatment ҂ time interaction (P ҃ 0.262) was found.


AnkleBalanceEILS 89%

In the exercise group, the results showed a significant improvement in joint position sense and postural sway as well as significant changes in muscle reaction times.


OT 20395-1 89%

0= no aberration, neutral 1= very slight aberration, barely perceivable 2= slight aberration 3= significant aberration 4= strong aberration Requirement:


Masque-Etudes 88%

We objectified evaluation evidenced changes in respiratory physiology of mask wearers with significant correlation of O2 drop and fatigue (p <


Impellizzeri IJSM 2006 Generic vs Aerobic training in soccer 88%

There were significant improvements in aerobic fitness and match performance in both groups of soccer players, especially in response to the first 4 weeks of pre-season training.


iid 2013 hsc final 87%

Increased Dose Results in Improved Growth at 12 Weeks 16 * 14 12 10 46.5% Total Terminal Vellus 12wk 19.35 39.11 15.67 24wk 13.39 16.96 17.26 36wk 12.67 20.97 9.96 Cosmetically significant results seen in subjects 40-59 years of age in both trials.


Guenole 2015 Eur J Paediatr Neurol 86%

Among them, those displaying developmental 16 March 2015 asynchrony e a heterogeneous developmental pattern reflected in a significant verbal- Accepted 17 March 2015 performance discrepancy (SVPD) on Wechsler's intelligence profile e are thought to be more emotionally and behaviourally impaired than others.