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tiana FDCOM 100%

Tiana Papercraft E H E K left arm C L I ey © Disn F D G J B chest H I A J A torso A back L K L A K A D right arm skirt © Disney Page 1 of 2 Tiana Papercraft 1.


disney-frozen-anna-papercraft-craft-printable-0913 FDCOM 99%

Anna Papercraft D E Right arm H J Left arm I ey K L Torso C Back n © Dis © Disney G D F B H E I J K cut A L cut A N A cut Front A M A Cape front Skirt © Disney page 1 of 3 T O cut P Cape inside cut U T Anna Papercraft Q R cut Cape back S Legs © Disney page 2 of 3 Anna Papercraft Instructions 1.


disney-frozen-elsa-papercraft-craft-printable-0913 FDCOM 99%

Elsa Papercraft D Right arm cut D J I F cut G H H E Left arm I J E K L K L © Disney Back cut A Torso Front M cut cut A A A N A B C Hand snowflakes © Disney Skirt ey isn ©D ey © Disn page 1 of 2 Elsa Papercraft Instructions 1.


evil-queen-snow-white-papercraft-printable-0911 FDCOM 97%

Evil Queen Papercraft D I B I E © torso C J G ey sn Di H F chest D E G H F right arm © Disney © Disney page 1 of 4 Evil Queen Papercraft J back left arm © Disney © Disney page 2 of 4 Evil Queen Papercraft K skirt L A © Disney © Disney page 3 of 4 Evil Queen Papercraft Instructions 1.


cinderella-papercraft-printable-0210 FDCOM 96%

D Cinderella Papercraft F F G I © D is C right arm ney H torso back J B © Disney F H A M L B M J A chest L K K A K A left arm E I K K M y ne is ©D B E D A B G skirt © Disney Page 1 of 2 Cinderella Papercraft 1.


Costumes 95%

Velma Kelly Roxie Hart Fred Casely Harry (Mari de Kitty) Aaron (Avocat) Amos Hart Liz (Prisonnière - Tango carcéral) Annie (Prisonnière - Tango carcéral) June (Prisonnière - Tango carcéral) Hunyak (Prisonnière hongroise - Tango carcéral) Mona (Prisonnière - Tango carcéral) Mama Billy Flynn Mary Sunshine Kitty Allez-au-diable (Meurtrière) Forgarty (Sergent détective) Juge Martin Harrison (Avocat) Greffier de la cour/huissier Murphy Maître de cérémonie Journaliste 1 Journaliste 2 Journaliste 3 Journaliste 4 Boys 1 Boys 2 Boys 3 Boys 4 Choriste du gun Costume 1 Robe Noire - fish net - Gants Robe Rouge Fedora brun - Chemise blanche - Cravate brune - tuxedo brun Tuxedo ordinaire Chapeau melon - Trop grande chemise blanche - Pantalon noir trop court Leotards, fish net, black skirt Leotards, fish net, black skirt Leotards, fish net, black skirt Leotards, fish net, black skirt Leotards, fish net, black skirt Pantalon noir, chemise grise, costard, clés Fedora - Costume rayé Robe de grand-mere et chapeau en velour Sequin Flapper dress - lunettes Long Manteau Tolge de juge - foulard rouge Toxedo à Jordan Pantalon noir, cravates laide, Chemise de couleur, veste noire Pantalon noir, cravates laide, Chemise de couleur, veste noire Pantalon noir, cravates laide, Chemise de couleur, veste noire Pantalon noir, cravates laide, Chemise de couleur, veste noire Pantalon noir, nœud papillon.


maru-t-dress 95%

• A contrast pocket • Iron on rhinestones • Fabric paint/markers • Embroidery • Crochet/felt/fabric flowers • Appliqué a motif from a print cotton fabric • Two different fabrics • Make with a gathered skirt instead Need this for another doll?


smocked-dress1 95%

It’s called a smocked dress because originally I was going to smock the skirt but it didn’t show up very well on the dark cotton print I was using, so I ended up using a regular gathered skirt.


FALL-15 CampaignPackage 95%

RSACRP3136P Printed Gia Mini Dress Continued RSALH3114 Front Button Suede A-Line Skirt —Coming Soon Alternatives:


lailasoares look book final 95%

51% Cotton, 49% Linen Milton skirt:


summer-sew-along-2013-part-7-aline-dress1 94%

The first version (on the AG) has a top ruffle inspired by the AG plaid party dress, although that one has a separate gathered skirt attached to a bodice.


summer-sew-along-2013-part-3-aline-skirt 92%

A-line Skirt As always this pattern is © by me (Jennie Bagrowski) and is for your personal use only, you MAY share it by linking to this blog, you may NOT sell it.


aurora-papercraft-printable-0210 FDCOM 92%

Aurora Papercraft D F C B © ey G sn Di D F I H chest G I H © Disney © Disney © Disney A torso back B K right arm left arm skirt C © Disney Page 1 of 2 Aurora Papercraft 1.


pointed-yoke-a-line 87%

I hate resizing pleated things, but this dress is so cute I thought many different sizes of dolls would want to wear it :) On some sizes, the back skirt piece will end up wider than needed.


summer-sew-along-2013-part-2-t-and-capris 84%

I drafted a simple circular skirt to attach to the T also and accessorized it with a flower made from this:


navajo 84%

Traditionally this costume consists of a full, velvet blouse and tiered, gathered calico skirt.


LS MODELS SBB 2019 79%

L.S.Models SBB EC car evolutions Exclusive Bt car Original version with one antenna Refit version with two antennas Actual version with three antennas For this car you will have the choose between ten different construction versions This car has a very detailed specific boogie, different than the A, B and Panorama car Pre equipped with function decoder plug Equiped with PCB for front light inversion, top light and cabin light 2nd delivery (2004) two UIC plugs Prepared to received AC pick-up 1st delivery (1997) one UIC plug Different rollos lengths and position possible Movable up/down step Original destination box with car number plate/holder Short buffer beam accessories for using additional front coupling (spare bag) Skirt for running, fixed on boogie (delivery state, min.


55 kg 40HC eng 79%

00322414 82 96 our proposition for HC 40.F Items ITEMS FOR WOMEN BLOUSE SILK AND COTON DRESSE COTON - SILK -JEANS SKIRT COTON- SILK -JEANS NIGHT COTTON GOWN Girls skirt Dresse under wear in NYLON JACKET LEIGHT PANTALON JEANS -COTTON ITEMS FOR MEN WOOLEN PANTS/ terjal JEANS COTON PANTS SHIRT S/S -L/S SUIT PYJ ITEMS FOR CHILMDREN COTON RAMAG LIEGHT POLO L/S-L/S BOY PANTS CHILD PANTS BOY SHIRT BOY ZIPER Miscellaneous ORIGINAL SHORT JEANS -COTTON JOGGING BELT under wear in cotton LIEGHT HOUS RAMAG LACE CURTAINS VELVET CURTAINS HAND BAG BLANKET ITEMS WOMEN AND MEN MIX POLO L/S POLO S/S ZIPER JACKET totale N,R balles Kg/Balles Totale of KG 35 6 8 5 0 6 4 15 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 1925 330 440 275 0 330 220 825 7 25 20 2 4 55 55 55 55 55 385 1375 1100 110 220 45 45 10 13 5 12 55 55 55 55 55 55 2475 2475 550 715 275 660 22 10 2 12 55 3 10 5 15 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 1210 550 110 660 3025 165 550 275 825 25 45 35 506 55 55 55 1375 2475 1925 27830


ballerine 79%

Fold the paper square as shown to cut out the snowflake skirt.



AW 2016/17 @lailasoares_ls Tarsila jacket 100% Merinos wool lining 100% silk Anita skirt 100% Merinos wool lining 100% silk Thays top 68% viscose 32% acrylic Thays skirt 68% viscose 32% acrylic Onda trousers 100% silk Gustavo shorts 100% Merinos wool lining 100% silk


rF55 Style Guide 78%

“I ended my studies in a diploma with the subject ‘Röcke machen Männer’ – The skirt maketh the man.” ‘Amok’ soon became a synonym for men’s skirts.


rococo-challenge 77% Skirt length measurement is waist to floor plus hem.