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100% - phrasal verb list

phrasal verb list Phrasal Verbs List Verb Meaning ask someone out invite on a date ask around ask many people the same question add up to something equal back something up reverse back someone up support blow up explode blow something up add air break down stop functioning (vehicle, machine) break down get upset break something down divide into smaller parts break in force entry to a building break into something enter forcibly break something in wear something a few times so that it doesn't look/feel new break in interrupt break up end a relationship break up start laughing (informal) break out escape break out in something develop a skin condition bring someone down make unhappy bring someone up raise a child bring something up start talking about a subject bring something up vomit 1 Example Brian asked Judy out to dinner and a movie. 09/02/2014

99% - PhrasalVerbs

try to find a reason for something, have a opinion about something • OUT TO BE : 14/06/2016

97% - hive mind chat

Something enchanting about two strangers sharing a common, niche interest, and discussing it in a polite way. 12/06/2016

95% - Virtues List

the act of accepting something or someone Contentment, Forgiveness Rejection Assertiveness Adjective : 07/05/2015

91% - Something There

Something There Something There From Walt Disney's Transcribed by Aruthaa Fyour Diluent Beauty and the Beast Alan Menken Arrangement by Kyle Landry Bright q = 125 4 rit. 23/01/2015

91% - Unit 5 OK

Change of meaning Remember infinitive gerund when you when you remember do first and something then you then you do remember something it Forget infinitive gerund when you when you didn’t did remember something to do and you something won’t forget it Try Need infinitive gerund infinitive gerund is when when it is when not only when making an an passive passive effort to do experiment construction construction something to see if something works Reporting verbs … (not) to infinitive Agree Offer Promise Refuse Threaten … person (not) to infinitive Advise Ask Convince Encourage Invite Persuade Remind Tell Warn … (not) -ing Apologize for Accuse sb of Admit Blame sb for Deny Insist on Recommend Regret Suggest Used to inf → Past habits | Be used to ing → Present habits | Get used to ing → S’habituer As     To give a reason (because) → As it was raining, we didn’t go out. 01/04/2015

90% - Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Breast Cancer – The Inner Cause By Martin Brofman We work with the idea that everything begins in the consciousness, and that symptoms on the physical level reflect tensions in the person’s consciousness about something happening in their life at the time the symptom began, or was discovered. 26/01/2016


PORTFOLIO ABOUT design IMAGINATION CREATIVITY key Design has always been something fascinating to me. 14/04/2016

89% - Texte EN

- We're at the Saint-Sixte's castle - Yeah - We call you to know if you feel something, actually - Ok wait, i'm going to... 01/01/2014


CLEVER _________________ __________________ _________________ __________________ GENTLE _________________ __________________ _________________ __________________ FRIENDLY _________________ __________________ QUIET _________________ SIMPLE _________________ __________________ _________________ __________________ _________________ __________________ _________________ __________________ __________________ Words for comparing things As (preposition) comparing things, people, situations that are similar Than (conjunction, preposition) used when making comparisons relatively (adverb) in comparison with someone or something similar whereas (conjunction) used for comparing two things, people, situations, etc. 04/02/2015

89% - Love Heals

I had been given one or two months to live (unless I coughed or sneezed) the year before, and by some miracle, I was still alive – perhaps because something in my consciousness had changed in terms of my attitude toward life. 09/01/2016

87% - Killing The Demon

Killing The Demon KILLING THE DEMON This loathsome swine leaving faced with me I can’t do something, just suffer for you. 27/10/2010

86% - English exam Correction I 2017

When you measure something, the accuracy is how far your measured value is to the real value. 25/01/2017

85% - podolsky article kozinska 2014 EN

And although these two aspects of her production remain, something completely new has taken hold of her painterly expression, and the changes manifested in her latest works are, if not dramatic, in the very least pictorially significant. 21/11/2014

85% - In the shadow

Another day, (I had a glass of wine) it was a guy and his girlfriend, they were arguing about something I couldn’t hear. 09/07/2015


Commission Often designers will be 'commissioned' to design something, either by a retailer, manufacturer, or (in the case of architects) a land owner. 18/04/2012

84% - In the shadow

Another day, (I had a glass of wine) it was a guy and his girlfriend, they were arguing about something I couldn’t hear. 09/07/2015

84% - the need to punish article by arno gruen

"And then, his finger seemed to pull by itself something erupted inside, something with which he was born and which he was utterly incapable of holding back." 25/03/2012

84% - psychology pre scientific article

• Saying something, like “Have you bought mussels ?” ; 17/08/2013

84% - psychology pre scientific article

• Saying something, like “Have you bought mussels ?” ; 20/08/2013

83% - anglais s 2

Use the present perfect (I have done /I have been doing) to ask or say how long something has been happening (up to the present): 11/05/2017

83% - Midpoint Jerry Maguire

He signs for more room service and continues strumming the only song he knows on guitar, Cobain's "Something In The Way." 09/04/2015

83% - Summary of the 4th A.M Programme By Moudjib

6- After the imperative ( do, don't do something ) the tag question is will you . 09/05/2017

83% - EffortRubric

You see mistakes as temporary setbacks, something to be overcome. 23/03/2014

83% - story

Today is Wednesday my 18 birthday, I returned back from school expecting a party but just as I turned from the corner I see 3 police cars parked outside of my house I thought something happened so I rushed in , I opened the door and I see 3 police man ,a detective and my parents. 14/11/2014