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100% - Princess Peach Softie

Increase 6 st evenly spaced around (36 st at end of rnd 6). 04/08/2010

96% - Piranha Plant Pattern[1]

Increase 6 sts evenly spaced around (36 st at end of rnd 6). 04/08/2010

91% - funky spats

Change to B, ch 1, turn to work along side edge, work 15 hdc evenly spaced along rows of side edge, ch 1, turn to work opposite foundation ch, hdc in each st across, ch 1, turn to work along opposite side edge, work 15 hdc evenly spaced along rows of side edge. 24/11/2010

80% - Kundel

ABSTRACT A motor which has a rotor supported for rotation about an axis, and at least one pair of rotor magnets spaced angularity about the axis and supported on the rotor, at least one reciprocating magnet, and an actuator for moving the reciprocating magnet cyclically toward and away from the pair of rotor magnets, and consequently rotating the rotor magnets relative to the reciprocating magnet. 02/01/2013

77% - 12

a horizontal dipole, two half waves fed 180° out-of-phase (spaced λ/8), and a 2-element Yagi. 21/04/2014

74% - Athearn 2013 Edition I Catalog LR

•Phase Ib •Front and rear Canadian low plow with white “V” stripe •Canadian cut levers •Ladder steps •Canadian-ribbed anticlimber •Operating Canadian “lampshade” ditch lights •Canadian safety cab with interior, including single control stand •Bell mounted between the number boards •Triangular cluster of red, white and green class lights •Sinclair ice skate antenna •Sunshades •Early ECAFB •Short Canadian-style blower housing •Snow shields over the air intakes •Early inertial air intake grilles •Standard raised exhaust •Non-dynamic brake •Curved radiator fan grab iron •Closely-spaced radiator fans •Chicken wire radiator grilles •Blomberg-M trucks •No speed recorder •Salem air filter •2600-gallon fuel tank •Nathan K3 horn mounted to the rear of the engine compartment roof •Vertical Canadian rear headlights •Rear drop step Without Sound With DCC and Sound Road # Retail: 05/10/2014

74% - Dissertation Format Guidelines

Titles consisting of two or more lines should be single line spaced. 30/10/2011

71% - Appendix1

One or more rotors, are spaced from the armature and coupled to it by an axle to allow each rotor to rotate around an axis, each rotor rotating in a plane generally aligned with the axis of the armature. 02/01/2013

69% - CV bio 2017

Solomoukha, Frac Basse-Normandie, Caen 2003 9 Bis, Saint-Étienne 2002 Duplex, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Écosse Expositions collectives (sélection) 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 Paysage français, BnF, Paris Topologie de l’absence, CACN, Nîmes Le ciel devant soi, Couvent des Jacobins, Toulouse Faits alternatifs, Frac Poitou-Charentes, Angoulême Agir en son lieu, Galerie Duchamp, Yvetot Cosmos Arles Books 2016, Arles L’échelle de la représentation, Espace Jemmapes, Paris Réseau Diagonal, Carré Beaudoin, Paris Utopark Miniature, Un-Spaced, Paris Mois Européen de la Photo à Sofia, Sofia D’ici là jailliront les cascades, Galerie XENON, Bordeaux CONCENTRATIONS, Nuit des arts, Roubaix Des choses en cours, Préface, Paris Art Paris 2014, Un-Spaced, Paris Artwork as Collection, Fundaciao Foto Colectiona, Barcelona Die Schönen Tage, Atelier Jean Rouart, Paris Ed Rusha Books & 25/10/2017

67% - FC01279

Sew four snaps evenly spaced down back opening of Dress. 27/01/2011

66% - Gnome Mushroom Cottage & Water Wheel


61% - Al mawaqifN12En1

- Manuscripts should be double-spaced. 16/11/2016

61% - french folk costume Marseille

french folk costume Marseille Wren  Feathers French folk costume:  Marseilles   As always this pattern is © by me (Jennie Bagrowski) and is for your personal use only, you MAY share it by linking to this  blog, you may NOT sell it or upload it to any site without my permission.  If you sell things made from this pattern I’d  appreciate credit for the pattern design.      If you downloaded this elsewhere it was stolen from:     I assume you have basic sewing knowledge and the explanation should suffice, but if you need help please email me!  Quarter inch seams allowed unless otherwise specified.      © 2016 Jennie Bagrowski        This shows the gathers spaced around the neckline.  It will drape better if you concentrate them mostly in the center front instead.  © 2016 Jennie Bagrowski        Run a 1/8” ribbon through the casing long enough to loop around head and tie into a bow at the back of the head.  My Francoise’s head is 11.25” but because of the gathered effect, it will fit dolls with smaller heads too; down to about  10” (Sasha size)       © 2016 Jennie Bagrowski      Ruffle is 1.5” by 15” before hemming – this allows a double-folded ¼” hem at all outer edges                     © 2016 Jennie Bagrowski      © 2016 Jennie Bagrowski 24/07/2018

61% - ksl

Mark a tri-line, 5mm longer than the vane and equally spaced around the shaft. 02/09/2018

59% - Antennes MaCo

The design uses a 16-foot boom with six scientifically-spaced elements and a quad reflector to obtain the best combination of gain and front-to-back ratio. 12/05/2013

57% - Call for Papers

_ They should be typed and double-spaced Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Languages: 13/02/2014

57% - B20 part 3

mic measure across the crank bearing surface, do this at 4 seperate locations spaced approx. 24/04/2009

56% - Séries TV

Jericho Kamelott Kingdom Hospital La Caméléon Le destin de Lisa Life on Mars (UK) Lost Malcolm Melrose Place Queer as folk (US) Reaper Riverworld Roswell Rubicon Single Father Six feet under Spaced Star Trek TOS The IT crowd (UK) The Pacific Will & 08/03/2011

54% - Brevets

Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. 29/09/2011

51% - programa encuentro

(Spaced Repetition System)” “Webquest: 22/06/2012

50% - summer sew along 2013 part 1

For a 16 to 18 inch doll my gathers were spaced 3/8 inch apart. 11/08/2015

50% - T4 Racket Coverings for BoD2015

Pimples must be evenly spaced along three sets of parallel lines at 60 degrees to each other. 18/09/2015

50% - 03

Fig 3-2 shows the IMD spectrum for an example where the two parent signals are spaced 1-kHz apart. 21/04/2014

49% - Phyllium brossardi Cumming, Le Tirant & Teemsma 2017

Interior lobe of the profemora with five serrate teeth of even size, arranged in a 2-1-2 pattern with the pair on each end more closely spaced together than they are from the single tooth in the center, which is equidistant from the pairs of teeth on each end (Fig. 15/12/2017

49% - dp Couzinet Jacques 2014 new version (1) (1)

Poors », Le BAL, Paris « Outstanding Nominals », Project Room at Galerie du Jour agnès b., Paris « Outstanding Nominals », DocksArtFair 2013 with Un-Spaced Gallery, Lyon 2012 - « Climat », Enclos St Césaire, Arles « The Park », Galerie MAD, Marseilles « The Park », Galerie Arena, Arles 2011 - « Drive, Turn (Documents) », Straat Galerie, Marseilles COLLECTIVE SHOWS (SELECTION) 2014 - Prix Sciences Po 2014, Paris Paris Photo Los Angeles, Foucher-Biousse (Galerie Particulière) (Paris-Bruxelles) 2013 - Paris Photo, Galerie du Jour agnès b., Paris « Perceptions succesives », Galerie Jeune Création (Paris), curated by Gabriel Jones « Floaters », MJ Gallery (Geneva, Switzerland), curated by Sophie Yerly « 20/20 », Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2013, Netherlands « Play & 19/05/2014