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Heintzman2009 Nature Histone mod enhancers cell type specificity 100%

Heintzman2009 Nature Histone mod enhancers cell type specificity doi:10.1038/nature07829 LETTERS Histone modifications at human enhancers reflect global cell-type-specific gene expression Nathaniel D.


TTIP - tradoc 153403 99%

In particular, there is a need to consider the relationship with the TBT and SPS chapters as well as with specific or sectoral provisions, including those on Financial Services.


UV-5R Menus 98%

UV 5R Menus ✓ ⦸ ✓ ✓ ✓ ⦸ ✓ ✓ ✓ Digital Coded Squelch (DCS) - Receive/Decode Mutes the speaker of the transceiver in the absence a specific low level digital signal.


brochures 98%

Lesson 1 has a team of students writing and designing a brochure describing a specific place or organization.


Impellizzeri IJSM 2006 Generic vs Aerobic training in soccer 96%

Rampinini1 Physiological and Performance Effects of Generic versus Specific Aerobic Training in Soccer Players The aim of this study was to compare the effects of specific (small-sided games) vs.


The Use and Non Use of Articles 95%

The is used to refer to specific or particular nouns;


NMUN 2019 - General Information 92%

• In a specific committee (2 members of each delegation in each committee:


Abstract CMBBE 91%

Abstract CMBBE Patient-specific 3D Finite Element model of the human ankle-foot complex L.


Cegid testimonial 91%

Cegid testimonial     Testimonial: how Cegid jump­started the  sales of one of its flagship products   The player: the #1 ERP editor in France  ● ● ● ● Cegid is the number one ERP editor in France. Their products are organized by function  and by vertical.   Their revenue were $300M in 2015  100% of their business is B2B  They have 2000 employees  The problem: targeting the subcontractors of the  automotive and aerospace industry  In areas where the NAF code (French equivalent of the NAICS code) correctly describes a  given marketing target, it is straightforward to use that code to filter the prospects. This is still  assuming that the codes are properly assigned: studies show that for some specific code as  much as 88% of the codes are wrongly assigned).     However for many specific software product the NAICS code is not sufficient. Cegid has a  specific product targeting subcontractors of the automotive and aerospace industry. Therefore  the marketing team was looking for a precise and complete list of companies in that specific  segment. The NAICS code approach proved totally inadequate: it returned a list so wide it was  unusable through classical prospection methods.  The solution: machine learning with C­Radar    To identify the desired target, Cegid marketing team had to use the data and technologies  available in C­Radar. Cegid provided to C­Radar a list of about 200 of their existing customers  in the right category. C­Radar used the information it had in its existing database, to get ​ a  complete semantic description of the activities of these 200 customers​ .   Then it fed that description to the machine learning algorithm which searched the database of  4.5 million companies looking for similar enterprises, based again on the full description of their



Generally all the jobs require specific English for each context in which they are performed is specific.


presentation of SMC Paris DMC 2013 89%

presentation of SMC Paris DMC 2013 PRESENTATION OF SMC PARIS DMC SMC PARIS DMC Welcomes you to P RIS OUR SPECIALITIES Evening events Team building Through the fields of culture and sport Conventions Meetings Incentive OUR ADDED-VALUE Expert advice thanks to over 20 years of experience A highly motivated team of 10 people A comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of hotels and event venues in Paris OUR SPECIFIC CONCEPT « THE COLOURS OF PARIS » We have created a specific and original concept.


V16-Reglamento-ES-FR-EN-v4 88%

V16 Reglamento ES FR EN v4 REGLAMENTO 71ª EDICIÓN VUELTA A ESPAÑA REGLAMENTO, PREMIOS Y NORMATIVA TÉCNICO-DEPORTIVA Índice 3 Reglamento 71ª Edición Vuelta a España 4 Manual de normativa técnico-deportiva 12 Información sobre riesgos laborales 20 71e ÉDITION VUELTA A ESPAÑA RÈGLEMENT, PRIX ET NORME TECHNICO-SPORTIVES Index 23 24 Règlement 71e Édition Vuelta a España Guide des règles technico-sportives 32 Information sur les risques professionnels 40 71st EDITION VUELTA A ESPAÑA SPECIFIC REGULATIONS, AWARDS &


Use of Ab Dx of Scl 87%

Screening for disease-specific autoantibodies may be useful in asymptomatic ANA-positive individuals as a means of evaluating the risk of developing a systemic autoimmune disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), polymyositis/dermatomyositis (PM/DM), scleroderma (SSc), Sjögren’s syndrome (SS), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) in the future.


Boîte de vitesse 4L30E 87%

Since the intent of this book is to explain the fundamental mechanical, hydraulic and electrical operating principles, some of the terminology used is specific to the transmission industry.


Reading Skills and Reading Comprehension in English for Specific Purposes 87%

Reading Skills and Reading Comprehension in English for Specific Purposes Reading Skills and Reading Comprehension in English for Specific Purposes Mag.


Old Montreal Easter Brunch 2014 85%

Accords   •  (no  specific  menu  online)   8.


Une prothèse dans le cerveau pour doper la mémoire 85%

Une prothèse dans le cerveau pour doper la mémoire Home Search Collections Journals About Contact us My IOPscience Facilitation of memory encoding in primate hippocampus by a neuroprosthesis that promotes task-specific neural firing This content has been downloaded from IOPscience.


Order-8130.21H-Presentation-of-Changes 84%

• Changes to FAA Form 8130-3 • General Policy Changes - All Chapters • Specific Policy Changes - Chapters 1 through 5 • Specific Policy Changes - Appendices Order 8130.21 Revision H Major Changes Federal Aviation Administration 2 Changes to FAA Form 8130-3 Objective:


Basic Guide to Writing an Essay[1] 84%

Should it be a general overview, or a specific analysis of the topic?


5 84%

5 EEG of Newborn and Infants Ki Joong Kim MD PhD Pediatric Neurology Seoul National University Children’s Hospital Seoul, Korea Maturation of EEG • Maturation of EEG patterns parallels brain development • Anatomical and physiological development of brain • Development of age-specific waking and sleep patterns • Most dramatic EEG changes occur between premature age and 1st 3 months of life • EEG patterns during 1st 6 months closely correlate with conceptual age (CA) Neonatal EEG • Function of actual age of brain • CA = gestational age + legal (chronological) age • A number of age-specific normal EEG features for only several weeks at a time • Different clinical implication when seen at later ages • Persistence or reappearance of patterns with immature features (dysmaturity) means cerebral dysfunction • More mature EEG pattern than expected is usually due to underestimated CA Neonatal montage F7 Fp1 Fp2 Fp3 Fp4



Participants will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills and knowledge of English for specific purposes in an authentic academic setting.



Participants will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills and knowledge of Spanish for specific purposes in an authentic academic setting.


Configure DHCP Snooping for Cisco Switch 83%

All dhcp specific traffic which passes through "untrusted"


chep seq 83%

Theoreti­ cally, this technology can identify, in an unbiased manner, all DNA segments in the genome physically associated with a specific DNA-binding protein.