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ITP000EN02 Plastics Impact Testers A4 2018 100%

Prior to performing tests, the specimens must be notched in order to create a stress riser and to predict the point of fracture.


descripcion xenotocas-2016 96%

Material and methods Specimens were collected from four populations along the distributional range of X.


HD0000EN03 HDT Series brochure A4 2018 (1) 95%

On both machines, all test stations are pneumatically raised from the bath at the touch of a button on the handheld terminal, allowing easy placement of the test specimens.


WOODWARD, A.S. (1894) (Crétacé UK) 94%

all of the specimens that I have seen (i.e., all except those at the British Museum) are in a similar matrix.


Euscorpius carpathicus fanzagoi Validity 92%

Le bulletin d’Arthropoda n° 45 - 1er semestre 2011 On the taxonomic validity of Euscorpius carpathicus fanzagoi Simon, 1879 by Eric YTHIER SynTech Research, 613 Route du Bois de Loyse, 71570 La Chapelle de Guinchay, France, Abstract – 46 specimens of the genus Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 were collected in ten localities surrounding the type locality of Euscorpius carpathicus fanzagoi Simon, 1879.



For these reasons, associated fossil shark specimens are noteworthy and should be described.


zoosystema-sirenoscincus-2012 89%

Material and methods External morphological characters The type specimens were euthanised with a 4% MS222 solution, then fixed in a 12% formalin solution, and eventually preserved in 70% ethanol.


interim recommendations filovirus 88%

• 1 Laboratory personnel handling potential HF clinical specimens should wear gown, gloves, particulate respirators (e.g., EU FFP2, US NIOSH-certified N951) and eye protection or face shields, or powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) when aliquotting, performing centrifugation or undertaking any other procedure that may generate aerosols.


Corydoras ortegai 88%

Teeth and vertebral counts were taken only from cleared-and-stained (cs) specimens, prepared according to Taylor &


protozoaires 87%

Specimens to be used for EIA or rapid cartridge assays should NOT be concentrated because antigens are lost during the procedure!


alnglua 87%


ardenghi2011 hybridationVulpia Festuca 84%

In the surroundings, specimens of Festuca rubra L.


P.septentrionalis cycle-2017 83%

Biological observations were made since 2005 by both authors on live specimens of Palaeocheloctonus septentrionalis Lourenço &


Carr et al 2017 (1) 82%

For paleontologists, the best evidence for anagenesis requires dense stratigraphic sampling and precise radiometric dating, temporally successive specimens of close phylogenetic relationship, clear stratigraphic data for specimens, and a high sample size that includes growth series1,18–20,24,25.


Assessing biodiversity -A pain in the neck. I. Löbl, 2017 82%

A typical example of this situation is given by Article 73 of the Code which, with its sub-article 73.1.4, allows one to establish new species in the absence of voucher specimens.


Du silure à Annœullin  82%

Du silure à Annœullin !!


Hottentotta caboverdensis Parthenogenesis 82%

Morphometric growth was calculated based on all the specimens (including individuals that had died in captivity) and in the exuvia.


Premonteria 81%

1, Figs 2A-C), the cusp is elongated and flanked by two heels, one of them slightly damaged in both specimens.


Aphyosemion habitat 81%

Morphometric and phenotypic studies Descriptions are based on wild-caught specimens registered in the collection of the Royal Museum of Central Africa (MRAC) in Tervuren, Belgium (Table  1).


Scarabs79 81%

lending them interesting specimens for review or raising insects to obtain larvae, as well as providing relevant photos, such as the one that graced the cover page of Dr.


Paretroplus maromandia 79%

A number of Paretroplus specimens were examined possessing abdominal ribs, in addition to a fully developed hemal spine, on what we determine to represent the first caudal vertebra.


ST0000EN02 ST Series Tester A4 email 79%

The machines can be operated at speeds ranging from a minimum of 0.001mm/min (0.04 thousandths of an inch per minute) to a maximum of up to 1000mm/min (40 inches per minute), depending on frame size, which accommodates a wide range of materials and specimens.


Hottentotta hottentotta Parthenogenesis 79%

More specimens collected in the same area, provided additional support for this hypothesis (LOURENÇO, CLOUDSLEY-THOMPSON &