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IDC-RTB-2013 100%

 Worldwide RTB-based spending will grow from $2.7 billion in 2012 to $20.8 billion in 2017 (a compound annual growth rate [CAGR] of 50%).


jpmorganchase-institute-gas-report 99%

A big question, though, is how individuals are spending that money, if at all.


eMarketer Mobile Drives Global Search Advertising Surge in Q1 1008992 97%

Mobile Drives Global Search Advertising Surge in Q1 APRIL 23, 2012 US marketers overwhelmingly focus mobile ad spending on tablets Search advertising continued its strong worldwide growth in Q1 2012, according to research from digital marketing solution provider IgnitionOne.



L’ART DU FAIRE… ET AUTRES RIEN PETITS BONHEURS The Lodge Set at the south of the Natural Reserve of the Auvergne Volcanos, the attractive three hundred year old lodge sleeps up to thirty guests in great comfort and makes the perfect hideaway for spending quality time with family, friends and colleagues.


50-State Property Tax Comparison Study For Taxes Paid in 2015 87%

• Planning and Urban Form • Valuation and Taxation • International Studies About the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence The Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence was founded in 1926 to promote sound tax policy, efficient spending, and accountable government.


Download 86%

First, where will supplemental spending (OCO) shake out?


WBG SWF and Long Term Dev Finance Risks and Opportunities 83%

For example, the level of fiscal spending can be benchmarked by fiscal rules that emphasize sustainability, but may not be contained;


wp1301 Growth Forecast Errors and Fiscal Multipliers Olivier Blanchard Daniel Leigh 83%

Government Spending and Revenue .......................................................................16  B.


Accenture-B2B-Procurement-Study 80%

The 2014 Acquity Group State of B2B Procurement study uncovered massive growth in online research and spending by B2B buyers across multiple devices.



The capital stock’s elasticity of -0.64 implies that a unit expansion in capital spending reduces the deficit ratio by about 0.6 percent per annum.


Field Test Stat Cards Khador 77%

During its activation, target friendly model can charge without spending focus and gains +2″ movement and Pathfinder when it charges.


Buy Adwords Coupon - Adwords Coupon 2018 - 100% working Voucher - Call 8586877020 75%

For now you can get adwords coupon worth 2000 INR (require spending 500 INR ) for India.


Formation Digital Marketing 73%

However, since people have started spending more time online or on their mobile phones, companies have started spending activities.


AustinWomanMK 72%

WOMEN CONSUMERS 85% of all consumer spending is controlled by women.


A situation of economic crisis 71%

Governments have to cut deficit by slashing spending.


Mexico Middle-class consumers look for Made in USA 70%

Middle-class consumers look for 'Made in USA' Opinion | 04 Oct 2013 Jennifer Elster Despite a recent slowdown, robust consumer Consumer Lifestyles' Manager spending has been clearly been one of the key drivers of economic growth—and dynamic social change—in the complex country of Mexico.


Investment letter 70%

rate led by another strong outturn from consumer spending.


Impact of Covid 19 pandemic on SADC economy 69%

In line with expectations that the U.S Congress would adopt a $2.0 trillion spending package, the DJIA moved up by more than 11 percent on 24 March 2020 and further to 18 percent mid- April 2020.


bitcoin systeme 68%

Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-spending.


Articles presse du GUARDIAN Oct-Nov 2013 66%

A bright UK economic outlook helped boost output and client spending, construction companies said in the survey.


terzini gianluca freenge resume 61%

I’m spending my time exploring Cinema4D, Drupal 7, HTML5, CSS3, design thinking, (responsive) webdesign, the elements of content strategy.


Ronald Reagan letter 19810001 61%

I just want to thank you for your kindness in writing but, also, for your understanding and your willingness to sacrifice in order to help correct OUY economic illso We are proposing more cuts in government spending-not only for 1982 but for the two following years-· in keeping with our original plan.


Charter Book-240x310mm-V6-12Mo 61%

Whether the goal is a few days of relaxation, living an exclusive event or spending quality time with your family, Neo Yachting provides personalised services and customised assistance.


Empretec Proyecto-bebe 20160909 61%

Then supply him regularly Happy Baby GAIN Being proud of an happy baby, spending time with him providing the best quality products And we can help them with… More quality time with their baby Simplicity &