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Timing for deep vein thrombosis chemoprophylaxis. pdf 100%

A comprehensive literature review on brain injuries was performed to delineate temporal proportions for 1) spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) progression, 2) post-chemoprophylaxis ICH expansion, and 3) post-chemoprophylaxis deep vein thrombosis.


nihms139287 94%




RESEARCH ARTICLE Spontaneous Decoding of the Timing and Content of Human Object Perception from Cortical Surface Recordings Reveals Complementary Information in the EventRelated Potential and Broadband Spectral Change Kai J.


fffffff 88%

La première partie fixe le cadre théorique dans lequel s’inscrit l’étude, la 2eme met l’accent sur les significations de la démarche participative en urbanisme, et la 3eme étudie le réaménagement et l’amélioration de l’environnement urbain en se basant sur la démarche cite dans la seconde partie qui associe les habitants du quartier et les acteurs .locaux Abstract The appearance of spontaneous urbanization around the cities in Algeria.


charvet ieee2008 256 83%

BIOLOGICAL TESTS Developing neural networks generate spontaneous activity [15][16] that is important for the maturation of a functional circuit.


Purple-line-study 82%

This longitudinal study observed 144 women either in spontaneous labour (n = 112) or for induction of labour (n = 32) from admission through to final VE.


PEMP 0317 Pneumothorax In Pediatric Patients 79%

Spontaneous pneumothoraces may present with subtle symptoms when a small air leak is present, but can progress to hemodynamic instability in the setting of tension physiology.


Imagerie Pneumologie Pédiatrique Merci Tsunami 77%

No Spontaneous pneumothorax Pneumonia/effusion Asthma/bronchospasm Pulmonary infarction Foreign body Yes Pericarditis Postpericardiotomy syndrome Myocarditis Cardiomyopathy Cardiac transplant rejection No Arrhythmia Myocardial infarction Myocardial infarction Endocarditis Dissecting aneurysm Aortic dissection Mediastinal tumor Pulmonary embolism Pulmonary hypertension Mitral valve prolapse Aortic stenosis Common associations Cystic fibrosis/asthma Congenital heart disease Drug use (cocaine/injection) Sickle cell disease Marfan’s/collagen vascular disease Cardiac surgery Hypercoagulable state Fig.


Epinephrine in Out-of-Hospital cardiac arrest NEJM 2018 77%

Such constriction increases aortic diastolic pressure during CPR, thereby augmenting coronary blood flow and increasing the chance of a return of spontaneous circulation.5 Potentially harmful effects on the heart are mediated through β-adrenergic stimulation, which causes dysrhythmias and increased myocardial oxygen demand and increases the risk of recurrent cardiac arrest.6 In addition, α-adrenergic stimulation causes platelet activation, which promotes thrombosis7 and impairs the microvascular blood flow in the cerebral cortex, which in turn increases the severity of cerebral ischemia during CPR and after a return of spontaneous circulation.8 Previous trials that have compared standarddose epinephrine (1 mg) with high-dose epinephrine (5 to 10 mg), with epinephrine and vasopressin, or with placebo have not shown evidence of better outcomes.9 Observational studies involving more than 500,000 patients have reported higher rates of return of spontaneous circulation but worse neurologic outcomes in patients who were treated with epinephrine.10 The interpretation of these findings has been limited by conflicting results and the influence of unmeasured confounders.


charvet ieee2008 64 76%

Neural measurements Developing neural networks generate spontaneous activity that is important for the maturation of a functional circuit.


Paper (1) 76%

Symbol Physical meaning ε Permittivity of AlGaN q Elementary charge dd AlGaN barrier layer thickness di AlGaN spacer layer thickness d AlGaN layer thickness W Channel width L Channel length Ef Position of Fermi level E0 Position of first sub-band Ppz Piezoelectric polarization Psp Spontaneous polarization Nd Ionized donor density μ Carrier mobility Vth Threshold voltage E ceff (x) Conduction band offset ns 2-DEG charge density m∗ Effective mass of electron 2 HEMT device structure Figure 1 shows the Alx Ga1−x N/GaN HEMT devices consisting of a 200 nm GaN buffer layer [12,13], deposited on SiC substrate in the (0001) direction.


Omar et al. - 2018 - Drivers of the distribution of spontaneous plant communities and species within urban tree bases 74% Drivers of the distribution of spontaneous plant communities and species within urban tree bases T ⁎ Mona Omara,c, , Nazir Al Sayedb, Kévin Barréa, Jalal Halwanic, Nathalie Machona a Centre d'Ecologie et des Sciences de la Conservation (CESCO, UMR7204), Sorbonne Université, MNHN, CNRS, UPMC, CP135, 61 rue Buffon, 75005 Paris, France Faculty of Engineering, Lebanese University, Tripoli, Lebanon c Water &


thrombus biatrial 69%

A transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE), done 2 years ago, had demonstrated a normal size atria and normal left ventricular systolic function with an ejection fraction of 60% and without spontaneous echo contrast.


Case report Wery-Bihin 2014 68%

We report a case of complete transmural migration through the colic wall, followed by spontaneous defecation, of a surgical sponge left behind in the abdominal cavity (gossypiboma) during a vaginal hysterectomy with oophorectomy.


TTM. Cardiac Arrest. NEJM 2013 66%

Eligible patients had more than 20 consecutive minutes of spontaneous circulation after resuscitation.14 The main exclusion criteria were an interval from the return of spontaneous circulation to screening of more than 240 minutes, unwitnessed arrest with asystole as the initial rhythm, suspected or known acute intracranial hemorrhage or stroke, and a body temperature of less than 30°C.


English Spelling Test (U.S. Version) 65%

Accomodate Analyze Acknowledgment Asterisk Accquired Ecquired Acquired Akquired Adress Addrress Addres Address Amnesty Amnasty Anmesty Eemnesty Architecture Arkhitecture Arcitecture Arckitecture Barbecue Barbequeue Barbycue Barbcue Bureaucrasy Buroucracy Bureaucracy Beuraucracy Cachet Connoisseur Charateristic Catastrophe Carnivorus Carnivorous Carnivoures Carnivoreus Carribean Caribbean Carribbean Caribeen Congradulated Congrachulated Congratulated Congratilated Consecentiuos Consentious Conscientous Conscientious Councelor Condescend Camouflage Criticize Definitly Definately Defenitely Definitely Develop Desciple Dilemma Discipline Dexterity Desicate Dyeing Ddesecrate Diminutive Diminuative Deminutive Dimminutive Dissapointing Dissappointing Disapointing Disappointing Efficency Efficentsy Efficiensy Efficiency Embarassment Embrassement Embarrasment Embarrassment Enhancement Elicit Enegma Ecstasy Excesive Exccesive Excessive Exceesive Exhilirate Exhilarate Exhilireat Exhilirate Existence Existance Existense Existanse Fiance Finance Feance Fience Flabergasted Flabberghasted Flabbergasted Flabbergashted Fluorescent Fullfil Facsimile Fictitious Forfiet Forfeit Forefeit Fourfit Gauge Gaje Guage Gaige Goverment Government Government Govermant Heinous Henous Heinus Hemorrhage Harass Hankerchief Hypocrisy Idiosyncracy Idiosincrasy Idiosyncrasy Ideosyncracy Illumenate Iluminate Illuminate Elluminate Indivisible Irresistable Indispensable Irresponsible Itenreray Itinerary Iteneray Itinirary Kindergarden Kindegarten Kindergarten Kindegarden Labretory Laboratary Laboratory Labratory Leiutenant Lietenant Lieutanent Lieutenant Liasion Liaison Liasone Leason Ligitimate Legitimate Legetimate Legitemate Loose Looze Lose Louse Managable Millennium Minuscule Miscellaneous Manoeuvar Manouver Maneuver Manuver Mischeivous Misanthrope Mussel Malicious Neccesary Necessary Neccessary Necesary Neumonia Penumonia Pneumonia Pnuemonia Nocternal Nocturnal Noctarnal Nacturnal Nuisance Nuisents Newsanse Nuisince Occasion Occurrence Orangutan Opponant Orchestraited Orchestrated Orchestreated Orcestrated Pageant Poignant Plummage Priggish Parallel Prevalent Prejudice Perserverance Perpetual Perpechual Purpetual Perptual Persue Parsue Persou Pursue Plagiarism Plagiarizm Plagerism Plagirism Posess Poesess Possess Pozess Priveledge Privilage Privilege Privelege Prollifically Prolificaly Prollificaly Prolifically Pronouciation Prounciation Pronuncitation Pronunciation Pshycology Psycology Psyhcology Psychology Quixotic Quite Questionaire Quarantine Referense Refrence Reference Referance Reincanation Reincarenation Reincarnation Reincantation Reminiscience Reminiscence Reminescence Reminisense Restaureter Restaurater Restaurateur Restourateur Rhythmical Reminiscence Rheumatism Resevoir Sacreligious Scarelegious Sacrilegious Sacrilgious Sophomore Supersede Susceptable Spontaneous Specificaly Specifically Specifycally Specificly Stationery Statutory Sincerely Sanctuery Synonymous Synonymus Synonimous Sinonymus Temperamental Tempermental Temperamentle Temparamental Twelvth Twelfth Twelfeth Twelth Unamimus Unanemous Unanimess Unanimous Vacuum Vaccuum Vacumm Vaccum Vengeance Vengance Vengents Vengence Vicous Vicious Vicoius Vicius Wierd Wired Whined Willful Yacht Youthful Yeilding Yesterday


portfolio Marie Perbey 65%

The Standing up positioion is proven to allow more relevant and consistant exchanges/discussions, making the speech more spontaneous.


1 64%

(A) Spontaneous action potentials recorded by 3D electrodes in a time frame of 12 s;


Review Tenses 64%

• action in the future • spontaneous decision • assumption with regard to the future Future I Simple (going to) A:


the little book 20140220 63%

Her natural and spontaneous approach, and love for good things are reflected in fresh and light recipes for major distribution chains, food manufacturers and magazines.


lettreMotivAhoy 62%

Spontaneous application for a training period.


Purple-line-Michaelis 60%

Baseline characteristics of subjects Variable Primiparous women Multiparous women Spontaneous labor Labor augmentation Vaginal Delivery Use of forceps and vacuum Cesarean .Section J Midwifery Reprod Health.


étude de mouvements de terrain par méthodes géophysiques 60%

67 67 69 72 4.5.4 Spontaneous potential and seismic noise measurements .


end-tidal CO2 and low cardiac output 59%

Of relevance, a large study of human cardiac arrest patients by Kolar demonstrated that PetCO2 was markedly decreased during cardiac arrest and substantially higher with return of spontaneous circulation [14].