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wicked game (kylika) 100%

She stayed here, looking at him too. ... She stayed.


STAYED 'TIL TWO - Fiche Chorée 96%

Stayed ‘Til Two - Gord Bamford Chorégraphes :


WorkawayReferenceLetter 92%

He got along well with all the other volunteers when he stayed here on my farm.


CounterCafé2 92%

Instead of paying your coffee one by one, you pay for the time you stayed in the café.


WorkawayReferenceLetter 91%

He got along well with all the other volunteers when he stayed here on my farm.


Seametrey Future Vision 2012 85%

She took her children to France, left them with her sister, came back to Cambodia alone and stayed for five months to assess the situation.


Fax - Email 6A3E4955 84%

In case the stay is reduced to less than 7 consecutive room nights the daily rate will be increased with 20% for all nights stayed in the apartment.


Sophrology birth and motherhood 80%

That definitely helped through labour, my body stayed relaxed whilst I let the contractions do their work.


Muoys Microsoft Presentation V2 76%

We first went to Sudan, then to the Ivory Coast, then to Qatar where we stayed for 18 years before settling down in London.


Curriculum vitae Cyril Lescop childrens 75%

I already stayed in numerous European countries but my most significant experience was a 9-months trip to South America from October 2012 to July 2013.


Past Tense Exercise 17and18 75%

10) She (think) _______ _______ of traveling to Spain, but her mother became ill, so she stayed home to care for her.


Hold+The+Line+-+Toto+10L--P+piano 75%

3 me 3 3 it's not hold 3 that you treat - ing 3 my frien 3 - 3 nds 3 3 Hold The Line 3 3 It's not in the way that 3 you stayed til Pno.


undt-2014-086 75%

009 (NBI/2013) referring the matter for mediation by the Mediation Division in the Office of the Ombudsman and stayed the proceedings until 26 February 2013 pending the mediation attempt.


Les conjonctions de subordination 74%

I stayed in my bed very late so that I missed my bus.


scarabs 82 72%

One of the places he stayed was in the valley of Saráwak, in a remote cottage on Peninjauh, a very steep mountain of crystalline basaltic rock, about a thousand feet high, and covered with luxuriant forest.


Idea of Progress 69%

family had so much stereotypes like the man who earned money, that we can call “the breadwinning Dad”, and work hard while his wife stayed at home to cleaning and looking after the children.


Keyweek Booklet 66%

A century ago, thanks to the Empress Eugenie, the little whaling town became a fashionable summer resort that, through the years, has stayed open to the outside world without ever losing its identity.



Shakespeare has then stayed tattooed in general culture, not only literature but every kind of art.


Being an Aspie - my opinion 66%

Some hours later, I came back to l’Auberge du Coeur, where I stayed, and then went to bed.


CFI 2012 09 17 65%

Petersburg Russia Vlissingen Netherlands €16-17 = coke 10,000t Nantong China Calcutta India 26 = iron ore 20,000t Vizag India 1 port Singapore 14,5-16 = ilmenite concentrate 5,000t Sovetskaya Gavan Russia Ningbo China 26 = pig iron 3,000t Ust-Luga Russia Lubeck Germany €13-14 = scrap(sf 55-60`) 3-5,000t Klaipeda Lithuania North ports Spain €22 = steel scrap (sf 65`) 5,000t 1 port Spain Marmara Turkey 24-25 = scrap (sf 56-58`) 3,000t Rostov-on-Don Russia Nemrut Bay Turkey 30-31 = coal 10,000t Samarinda Indonesia Dailan China 18-19 = coal 20,000t 1 port South Africa Mumbai India 21-22 = coal 5,000t Uglegorsk Russia East Coast Japan 26-27 = coal 3-5,000t Nakhodka (Vladivostok) Russia North Coast China 18-19 = = coal 5-7,000t Riga Latvia Rotterdam (Antwerp) Netherlands (Belgium) €13 coal 2,000t Kaliningrad Russia Gdynia Poland €7-8 = coal 5,000t Kerch Ukraine Izmir Turkey 15 = coal 5,000t Kerch Ukraine ports of Marmara Sea Turkey 13-14 = fertilizers 10,000t Jakarta Indonesia 1 port Vietnam 21-22 = fertilizers 3-5,000t Klaipeda Lithuania Rotterdam (Antwerp) Netherlands (Belgium) €14 = fertilizers 3-5,000t Klaipeda Lithuania Southern ports Spain €26-27 = fertilizers 4,000t Gulluk Turkey Ashdod Israel 16 = salt 3,000t Sfax Tunisia ports of Adriatic Sea Italy/Croatia 18-19 = urea 6-7,000t Yuzhny Ukraine Ravenna Italy 25 = urea 6-7,000t Yuzhny Ukraine Iskenderun Turkey 23-24 = sugar 10,000t Mumbai India Dubai UAE 25-26 = rice 15,000t Kandla India Dubai UAE 13-14 = rice in big-bags 6,000t Bangkok Thailand Jakarta Indonesia 18 = rice in big-bags 6,000t Bangkok Thailand Surabaya Indonesia 19 = barley (malt) 3,000t South ports UK Rotterdam (Antwerp) Netherlands (Belgium) €9-10 = Coaster Freight Index September 17, 2012 1 Freight market Cargo Lot Loading port Country Discharging port Country Rate, $/tonne w-o-w wheat 3,000t Stralsund Germany Setubal Portugal €21-22 = grain 3,000t Azov Russia ports of Black Sea Turkey 21-22 -1 grain 3-5,000t Mariupol Ukraine Adriatic coast Italy 29-30 -1 grain 5,000t Odessa Ukraine Alexandria Egypt 27 = grain 5,000t Odessa Ukraine Ashdod Israel 27 = timber 10,000m3 Manado Indonesia Kandla India 25-26 = wooden chips 8-10,000m3 Qui Nhon Vietnam Zhanjiang China 25-26 = saw-log 3,500 m3 Nakhodka (Vladivostok) Russia East Coast Japan 19 = saw-log 3,500 m3 Nakhodka (Vladivostok) Russia West Coast Japan 16 = saw-timber 7,000m3 Riga Latvia West Coast UK €13-14 = saw-timber 3,5-4,000m3 Liepaya Latvia East Coast UK €15-16 = saw-timber 3,5-4,000m3 Arkhangelsk Russia Rotterdam (Antwerp) Netherlands (Belgium) €30 = timber 2,500m3 Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Ukraine ports of Marmara Sea Turkey 20 = cement 5-7,000t Mumbai India Umm Qasr Iraq 25-26 = gypsum in bulk 7,000t Bangkok Thailand Hon Gai Vietnam 12 = cement 10,000t Jakarta Indonesia Thailand 19 = cement in big bags 3,000t Dalian China Russia 12 = Bangkok ight e Korsakov er Fr t Coas I ndex re ter F Coas Turkey Matadi RD Congo 51-52 ex= dex t In t Ind = x h e g d dex i Norway Kaliningrad Russia €6-7 n e ex ht I ht In r Fr d g g e e i i n t t e e I s s r r cement in big bags 12-15,000t Antalya Turkey Matadi reight RD Congo Coa Coa 51-52 ter F ter F= rF Coas Coas er F dex dex t n n s I I a aste x x t t o o cement in big bags 3,000t ports of Marmara Sea Turkey Alexandria Egypt 19 = e e h h C C d d g g i i n n e e I I dex dex ight ight er Fr er Fr ht In ht In ex Coast oast r Fre r Fre g g d C i i e e n t t e e I Inde s s r r x dxe Coa Coa gthItndex ght er F er F dex i i n t t n e e I s s I r r a a t x t F F h e h r Co Co ter eigh reigt Inde asteFreig t Ind x Coas teFrrF te ndexOcean eigh eigh s Inde Region dex CoCaoster I r a x F t t Asia-Pacific Indian o e h h r r Caste Coas e eig eig Inex Ind r r x x t t F F e e oast o h h r r d d C C g g d e ei In ste x Frei t In ht In oast igthItndex er Fr nedxex Coa eh streFrreigh ae Frig Freig t Id34 t In x C ex Coast o h e r r d C g e e d i n t t n n t e e eigh I 26 s s I I s r r r a a t x x a F t t F F o o h e e o h h r r r C C d C 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freight rates have stayed stable there on the back of high availability of vessels.


e5d4e0df-863e-46cd-bd1d-dac5b9e7151d 64%

182, Rua dos Remédios From Paris to Berlin to Lisbon “When I was 20, I moved to Berlin for my studies and stayed there 10 years.


ArticleIFB 64%

We are used by more… Anyway, the Swiss has stayed in his match until the very ending to win his 8th Wimbledon title.


Hunger 63%

She stayed here for some days and one day left pretending to go to the market and never came back,” Judith recalls.


Bonfire 62%

Fawkes stayed to blow up the barrels and then escape.



She never stayed long: