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SHAKEN%20NO%20STIRRED paul mcadam 100%



cocaine.piperidine-based.analogs.sar-2 91%

To a stirred suspension of Mg (240 mg, 10.0 mmol) in ether (10 mL) were added 2-bromonaphthalene (2.07 g, 10.0 mmol) in ether (3.0 mL) followed by 1,2-dibromoethane (140 mg, 0.750 mmol), and the mixture was heated at reflux until all of the Mg had disappeared.


Note 1 - Ripples in the Sand 90%

The name of the city I grew in stirred my senses, calling me a bit out of my stupor.


Antimicrobial properties of aqueous extracts from three 84%

For method 2 (Fujimura et  al., 2003), the seeds were homogenized for 5 min with 100 mL of 0.05 M sodium acetate/acetic acid buffer (pH 4.8) in a Waring blender, stirred overnight and filtered through gauze and the filtrate was centrifuged at 10,000 g for 20 min.


What does the Bible say Dr. WDL 77%

The LORD has stirred up the kings of the Medes, because his purpose is to destroy Babylon.


fiche resume carbonie galland 72%

The contents of the cell were stirred out at 1780 tr/min by a rotor.


BaCO3CaO and Acid Leaching Technology 69%

The solution was stirred continuously for a certain period.


TheLivesOfTheTwoRevivers-HasanAlBannaSyedQutb 67%

Had it been so, it would not have stirred Egyptian society, and indeed those of many other Muslim countries, the way it did.


Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to aniline (PdC) 66%

As a result, process is conduct in a stirred tank equipped with a Gas inducing impeller.


Délires I 62%

Deeply stirred, we toiled together.


Truffle NYT March 19 2014 61%

She is best known for her brouillade with truffles, a dish made from eggs that have been soaked the night before with a large quantity of black truffles over a double boiler and stirred until creamy.


chaos magic of the cthulhu mythos 60%

Thou hast stirred in Thy sleep, 0 ancient sorrow of years!


Avantprogramme DEF 2017 57%

it wasn’t so much a discovery as a revelation, a feeling of “belonging and familiarity” that this “so French” film stirred within him.


Antimicrobial properties of extracts regions of Tunisia 56%

Dry material was suspended in distilled water at a final concentration of 10% (w/v) and was stirred for 3 h at 4C.


2017 - Archaeological drawing and graphic documentation 53%

Just as the pencil being nothing more than a piece of lead without the hand stirred by the mind of the illustrator, the computer is nothing but a device only able to do what it was designed for.


Diving Sinkholes and Caves on the Mahafaly Plateau 52%

  Moving through the water stirred up black sediment right away, which was, in fact, bat guano.


Article English 1 48%

Yet, the revelations have stirred rather than halted debate.


Avoiding Plagiarism 46%

The virtual interregnum stirred society and produced uneasiness among the troops, and the government was apprehensive of disorders and disturbances.



As soon as he saw the clothes of the bather on the bank, nothing stirred him more than the pinching of those clothes.


The attempted coup from the 15th of July and . EKİM 42%

we know that during the putsch except the Fethullah municipality no one else has stirred, rather the TÜSIAD media everything at the fact have bet that the putsch runs in the empty one.


ijc30720 37%

Aqueous extracts were prepared as described:12 in brief, bidistilled water (808C, 100 mL) was added to 10 g of regular or decaffeinated coffee and stirred for 5 min, then the solutions were sterilized using a 0.22 lm filter (Millipore, Milano, Italy) and stored into cryovials.


69 35%

For lunch 52.2 g instant potato powder stirred in 270 g boiling water and 50 g meatballs were served.


15 35%

Harry was stirred up my interest in then 23 years old and won contesting.


Platelet production and destruction in liver cirrhosis 30%

The suspension was then stirred (2 h at RT and 18 h at 4 °C) and centrifuged at 23,000g for 30 min.