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Vampire bat phone case 100%

Work in the back loop only of each stitch.


Leaf lace cotton cuff ENG 2.0 98%

Slip first stitch and purl row 2.


Unicorn Pattern PDF new 98%

The terminology of amigurumi The terminology of amigurumi St(s) = Stitch(es) SS = Slip stitch SC or Single Crochet:


poncho-hugo eng 97%

One size pm – place marker, sm – slip marker, rm – remove marker m1 (make 1) – make 1 knit on the strand between the last knitted stitch and the first stitch on the left needle Cable A (over 4 stitches):


LavenderKnotworkGarden 97%

LavenderKnotworkGarden Lavender Knotwork Garden Free Cross Stitch Pattern from Loretta Oliver at Stitching the Night Away This pattern has been made free for you by American Dream Products Cross Stitch Stands Lavender Knotwork Garden – Free Cross Stitch Pattern ©Loretta Oliver Stitching the Night Away Top left of pattern:


DT pattern coffeeCozy[1] 97%

(sport weight yarn, size F hook) Make Bobble (MB)= *YO, insert hook into stitch YO and pull loop through* repeat* 4 more times, YO pull loop through all stitches  on hook.


LW3721 97%

Slip a stitch, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch (decrease).


Doll with braid 96%

Doll with braid Doll with braid Abbreviations Х – single crochet - sc T - half double crochet – hdc Cc - sl st – slip stitch V – 2 sc in next stitch VT – 2 hdc in next stitch A – dec - 2 sc together AT – 2 hdc together I – dc – double crochet VI – 2 dc in next stitch HEAD and BODY Ch 8 1 rnd:


Fairy Door by Lulubelle Knits 1 95%

S1 - Slip on (on right side slip as if to knit on wrong slip slip as if to purl) K1 - Knit 1 P1 - Purl 1 K2Tog - Knit 2 Together (decreases 1 stitch) P2Tog - Purl 2 Together (decreases 1 stitch) SSK - Slip next two stitches as if to knit onto right needle, then knit through them together (decreases 1 stitch) Cable Forward Row:


Susie s Reading Mitts - Final Revision 95%

Cascade Cloud 9 (White) Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (Red) US size 5 double point needles Waste yarn Stitch markers Tapestry needle Gauge 5 1/2 stitches=1inch in Stockinette Stitch worked in the round Lace Pattern Stitch Round 1:


Butterfly lace Mandala 94%

Then you can decide how to go on, whether to proceed to one of the borders or to stitch from the inner pattern to the outer – following your personal stitching preference.


Fun+in+the+Snow 94%

Fun+in+the+Snow KTBdesigns Fun in the Snow Thanks Any questions about the pattern please email me at… Materials Needed Snowmen…“Red Heart” comfort sport yarn in white, scrap orange yarn, black fabric paint, blush, googlie eyes, hot glue gun and glue Top Hat… “Red Heart” soft touch yarn in black, ribbon scraps Scarf… “Red Heart” super saver yarn in variegated colour, thin wire Sled… “Red Heart” super saver yarn in tan, pipe cleaners (five 12” pieces), “Red Heart” soft touch yarn in red, lightweight cardboard (I used a cereal box), white fabric glue, white sprinkles Size 4 mm crochet hook Stitch marker I use a scrap of contrasting yarn Yarn needle (large eyed) Notes Finished snowman is 3 ½” x 11 ½”, the sled is 5” x 11”x 2 ½” high.


facebook 94%

Knit in Rib Stitch with 1” spacers.


Dwarf Happy - Joyeux - A2C5D1C5CBDCD7C0CA 93%

Dwarf Happy Joyeux A2C5D1C5CBDCD7C0CA Dwarf  Happy ­ Joyeux ­ Весельчак (Animation Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) 1 Abbreviations вп – ch - chain stitch сбн – sc – single crochet С1Н – dc - double crochet С2Н -- tr - treble crochet приб.


LittleLeaf 93%

US 5 (3.75 mm), circular or pair of straights, or size to obtain gauge • Stitch markers • Yarn needle Gauge 20 sts, 28 rows = 4"/10cm in lace pattern, blocked.


Stitch1596 Kit 93%

Stitch1596 Kit Welsh Griffin by Ann Logan This kit was designed and created on StitchCraft software Key Color Symbol Cat No.


Nurse and Newborn 93%

sc 2 in each stitch;


A tale of 2 rivers 92%

“moss stitch” : 1st row (right side) :


Seasonal Gift Sacks 92%

4 mm crochet hook Stitch marker I use a scrap of contrasting yarn Yarn needle (large eyed) Notes Finished bags measure 5” x 5”.


LC3858 91%

LC3858 Drop Stitch Scarf measures:


MachirBayShawlEN.compressed 91%

It's also possible to knit it with MerinoSingle 382y / 100g Cast on 2 sts with C1 and knit 12 rows in garter stitch.


Cicada Bug Pattern 91%

1...turn the 2 facing pieces right sides in and stitch, leaving the opening---->


Demalangeni 082312 90%

The lace border is worked along the full width of the shawl, and then short rows are used to fill in the body with a simple textured stitch that resembles mock cables.


WolvesinSnow 90%

WolvesinSnow Intricate Cross Stitch Wolves in Snow Intricate Cross Stitch © This cross stitch pattern is for personal use only.


WoodyWoodpecker 90%

WoodyWoodpecker Intricate Cross Stitch Woody Woodpecker Intricate Cross Stitch © This cross stitch pattern is for personal use only.