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dossier de presse Les Strange strangers 95%

Les Strange strangers Audrée Juteau CONTACT :


Note 3 - Requiem 94%

None of the dead villagers we saw had vomited blood, and according to the stranger the poison there was acting a lot slower.


Wayfaring stranger 93%



doc lele 90%


The smokey God 90%

There is a saying, ancient as the hills, that "truth is stranger than fiction,"


The importance of consistency in the training of dogs 85%

Summary of the training methods, rule structure and the dogs level of obedience and training problems in the six groups of training methods P1 P2 R1 R2 N Owners Dogs 0 P-Intense High frequency Unfair Unpredictable Inconsistent R- low frequency Rule structure - low No participants 14 P-Intense Low frequency Fair Predictable Consistent R- low frequency Rule structure - firm More Activity/Stereotypes Non-social fear Fear handling Obedience P-none R-High frequency Rule structure moderate/firm More High trainability Obedience Less Stranger-directed aggression Training problems Dog-directed aggression P-none R-High frequency Rule structure low More Stranger-directed aggression and fear Non social fear Attention-seeking behaviour Less Activity/stereotypes Obedience 83 141 PR1 PR2 21 P-Low Intensity Low frequency Unfair Unpredictable Inconsistent R- Medium frequency Rule structure - low More Training problems Owner-directed aggression Less Obedience 185 P-Medium Intensity Low frequency Fair Predictable Consistent R-High frequency Rule structure -moderate More Barking Social towards strangers Less Chasing Medium obedience Obedience and combined training method/rule structure High score obedience P2, mean 7,07 R1, mean 6,99 PR2, mean 6,85 R2, mean 6,40 PR1, mean 5,95 Rule structure Lax Firm Low score Problem behaviour and combined training method/rule structure Low score problem behaviour (i.e.


Play-List-14juin 84%

Wayfaring Stranger Wayfaring Stranger 35.


Jada-Catalog-HollywoodRides-2019-v1 84%

Stranger Things.............................................. ... 16 Stranger Things..............................................


PortfolioLauraLombardo-2018 84%

VISUAL COMMUNICATION PORTFOLIO LAURA LOMBARDO VISUAL COMMUNICATION PORTFOLIO BOOKS SERIES Jabberwocky Portraits A tale of teenage love, angst, longing and self-discovery 7 ages of life Argonaute Hidden Lisbon BOOK COVER Stranger than fiction INTERACTIVE WORK MIMA City Lights – le jeu COLLAGE The best of Operation game – Snatch edition Invaders PROJECTS Color illusions TECHNICAL WORK POSTERS 2016 with 10 movies Arte Bits Art en moi The Doom Generation Million Dollar Baby The Rules of Attraction Typographic specimen Bookbinding JABBERWOCKY Illustration of the poem Jabberwocky written by Lewis Carroll.


Chapter 1. Tumblr 78%

She certainly shouldn’t have stepped out of her hiding and talked to a complete stranger.


IMG 76%