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100% - Relationship Between Strength, Power, Speed, and Change of Direction Performance of Female Softball Players

Relationship Between Strength, Power, Speed, and Change of Direction Performance of Female Softball Players RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STRENGTH, POWER, SPEED, AND CHANGE OF DIRECTION PERFORMANCE OF FEMALE SOFTBALL PLAYERS SOPHIA NIMPHIUS,1 MICHAEL R. 30/03/2012

97% - perso SSS riri

male adulte ( 6 ) Strength & 17/04/2014

96% - 10.1080@02640414.2015.1064155 The relationship between lower-limb strength and match-related muscle damage in elite level professional European soccer players ab a c d e Adam Owen , Gordon Dunlop , Mehdi Rouissi , Moktar Chtara , Darren Paul , Hassane f g Zouhal & 09/07/2015

96% - Curing Concrete

- Increase concrete strength - Increase concrete abrasion resistance - Lessen the chance of concrete scaling - Lessen the chance of surface dusting - Lessen the chance of concrete cracking Good curing is the final step in giving your customer the quality concrete job you intended TK Products 11400 West 47th St. 31/05/2012

95% - Kotzamanidis JSCR 2005 strength speed training and jump run perf in soccer

Kotzamanidis JSCR 2005 strength speed training and jump run perf in soccer Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2005, 19(2), 369–375 q 2005 National Strength & 15/04/2011

94% - VerminSwarm1.4

If it contacts any unit on its path, that unit suffers D6 Strength 5 hits. 18/01/2017

94% - vsv4

If it contacts any unit on its path, that unit suffers D6 Strength 5 hits. 20/01/2017

93% - steam tank

Strength 2[5], Armour Piercing (1) Strength 4, Multiple Wounds (D3) and and [Multiple Wounds (D3)]. 08/06/2017

93% - oki 2007 PM SM

4 INTRODUCTION PM FASTENER IDENTIFICATION DESCRIPTION The SAE bolt strength grades range from grade 2 to grade 8. 26/08/2015

93% - allunit

If it contacts any unit on its path, that unit suffers D6 Strength 5 hits. 08/09/2017

93% - the ninth age The Vermin Swarm 1 0 0

the ninth age The Vermin Swarm 1 0 0   Fantasy Battles   The 9​th​ Age      The Vermin Swarm  Army Rules  Version 1.0.0 ­ 30 April 2016    Army Special Rules    Armoury  Magical Items  Quick Reference Sheet    Lords  Heroes  Character Mounts  Core  Special  Rare        Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is a community­made miniatures wargame.   All rules and  feedback can be found/given at ​http://www.the­ninth­  Recent changes can be found in the change log ​http://www.the­ninth­    Copyright Creative Commons license:​ ​the­ninth­  Army Special Rules  Safety in Numbers  Non­fleeing units comprised solely of models with this special rule add their number of Full Ranks after the first one to  their Leadership (up to a maximum of  3). This rule cannot be used to modify the Leadership that is distributed by  models with Inspiring Presence (but the received Inspiring Presence can be modified by Safety in Numbers).  Furthermore, if all models in a unit have this special rule, they add  1 to any flee distances they roll.  Callous  A model with this special rule is allowed to use non­template Shooting Weapons against an enemy unit which is  Engaged in Combat with friendly units, if all friendly units Engaged in the Combat are Infantry and/or Swarms.​ All units  Engaged in this Combat are ignored for Cover purposes. When shooting at an enemy unit Engaged in Combat with  friendly units, roll to hit as normal and then randomize each hit scored. On a 4  it hits the target, otherwise it hits a  friendly unit Engaged in that Combat (randomize if several friendly units are involved in the Combat).    Honourless  Characters that are Honourless cannot be chosen by the enemy as the model that refuses a Challenge.   State of Trance (X)  The War Platform and the unit it has joined gain Immune to Psychology. The War Platform may only join units of (X).  The War Platform must be deployed in a unit of (X) type, and can never leave that unit.  Resistant  Toxic Attacks have ­2 to wound against models with this rule.  Brood’s Courage (X)  A unit with this special rule can use the Full Ranks of units of (X) within 6” as their own for the purpose of calculating  the Leadership bonus from Safety in Numbers.  Volatile    When a model with this rule rolls a Misfire, roll a D6 and consult the table below, instead of the normal Misfire Table.  1 (or less)  Explosion!  No shots are fired. Scatter the model D6”. If it hits any unit in its path, that unit suffers D6 Strength 5  hits. Then remove the model as a casualty.   2­3  Malfunction  No shots are fired. The model suffers 1 wound with no saves of any kind allowed.   4­5  Overcharged  Pivot the unit to a random direction and draw a straight line from the centre of the model in the  randomized direction. If the shooting weapon is a:  ­ weapon team, the shooting is resolved against the first other unit (friend or foe) under this line,  that is also within Range and Line of Sight. Roll to hit and resolve the attack as normal.  ­ Lightning cannon or Dreadmill, replace the model's shooting attack with the following: Draw a  6D6" Line Template from the centre of the model and along the straight line. All other models under  the template suffer 1 Strength 10 hit with Magical Attacks and Lightning Attacks.  6  Spent  The Shooting Attack is resolved as normal (a Dreadmill will fire at Strength 10, while a Lightning  Cannon will count as having scored a hit). The weapon is then considered broken and can’t be used  anymore for the rest of the game. If the model is a Weapon Team, remove it as casualty.  Special Rules 2     ​      ​L​     ​H​     ​M​     ​C​     ​S​     ​R  Armoury  Shooting Weapons  Close Combat Weapons  Sling  Shooting Weapon. Range 18”, Strength 3, Quick to Fire.  Plague Flail  Type: Flail. Models wielding Plague Flails must make a  single additional Special Attack with Toxic Attacks against  an enemy model in base contact, at Initiative 10. The  attack hits automatically.    Meat Grinder  Type: Hand Weapon. A model with a Meat Grinder gains  Impact Hits (2D6) and Grinding Attacks (2D6).   These Impact Hits and Grinding Attacks are resolved at  Strength 4 with Armour Piercing (1). 18/05/2016

92% - BCIRA Vanadium in cast irons

In grey irons-Vanadium contents up to about 0.5 per cent are very effective for increasing the tensile strength-an increase of 0. 23/02/2013


7 - 25 Shear Strength ..................................................................................................... 29/03/2016

92% - onepagefemme 3

Colors should only be used at 100% strength or one of the approved transparencies. 14/10/2015

92% - PhysRevA.84.023838

Detailed numerical simulations illustrate the role played by the coupling strength, the mode frequency detuning, or the mode gain to loss difference. 31/08/2011

91% - Training Multisport athletes

Training Multisport athletes Strength Training Multi Sport Athletes Matt Ludwig SCCC, CSCS Programming Design Guidelines 1. 23/05/2013

91% - Wookiepedia

Click on your profile Go on « fight strength » When ill talk about totals, ill talk about Total Attack / Total Defense. 28/06/2015

91% - bielleF1hond

Introduction As one of the main kinetic components enabling the operation of high-speed and high-power Formula One engines, connecting rods (conrods) are the subject of a constant quest for weight reductions and increases in strength and rigidity. 31/12/2014

91% - inventaires ships eve

Armor repair system capa Magnate 3 high 3 med 4 low 7.5% scan strength of probes 5% du codebraker, analyzer and salvager cycle Punisher 4 high 2 med 4 low 5% small energy turret dmg 5% armor resistances Tormentor 3 high 3 med 4 low 10% small energy turret capa 5% small energy turret dmg kine 40 25 explo 50 20 kine 40 25 explo 50 10 Caldari EM Therm Shield 0 20 Armor 50 45 Bantam : 07/02/2013

90% - Winter Magic

This spell is a magic missile with a range of 18” that causes 2D6 armour-piercing hits with a Strength of 2. 19/12/2009

90% - essai de traction

The yield stress at 0.2% plastic strain, the tensile strength, and the ultimate tensile strength have been determined. 03/04/2016

89% - n9000a

Foil Weight .25 oz .33 oz .50 oz 1 oz 2 oz Cladding - Copper Foil Typical Parameter Test Method Dielectric Constant at 10 GHz (Dk) (range) IPC-TM-650, Dissipation Factor at 10 GHz (Df) (range) IPC-TM-650, Passive Intermodulation Formulation Availability Passive Intermodulation Performance Dielectric Breakdown IPC-TM-650, 2.5.6 Volume Resistivity IPC-TM-650, 2.5.17 Surface Resistivity IPC-TM-650, 2.5.17 Arc Resistance ASTM D-495 Flexural Strength Lengthwise IPC-TM-650, 2.4.4 Flexural Strength Crosswise IPC-TM-650, 2.4.4 Copper Peel Strength IPC-TM-650, 2.4.8 18, 35, and 70µm copper (1/2 oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz copper) After Thermal Shock (30 sec. 21/07/2014

89% - The road to 21 seconds A case report of a 2016 Olympic swimming sprinter

external training load, competitive performance, instantaneous swimming speed, tethered force, dry-land maximal dynamic strength in bench press, pull-up and back squat and body composition. 10/06/2020

89% - DW200 Dewal

Its tensile strength is approximately 25% higher, and the elongation is approximately 60% higher than for homopolymer PTFE. 21/07/2014