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100% - TabacGrossesse

The Christchurch Health and Development Study (a longitudinal cohort study that includes biological and adopted children), the Early Growth and Development Study (a longitudinal adoption-at-birth study), and the Cardiff IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Study (an adoption-at-conception study among genetically related families and genetically unrelated families). 05/09/2013

99% - To what extend are study skills essential to being a successful hospitality manager

To what extend are study skills essential to being a successful hospitality manager PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT 1 Rakotoarison Mirana David Potter December, 17th 2012 Module Code:________ ESSAY WRITING To what extent are study skills essential to being a successful manager? 24/09/2012

98% - المناطق الصناعية الاسرائيلية على البيئة وصحة الانسان في مدينة طولكرم

The creation of this zone worsens the situation in the area and the current study aimed to evaluate its impact on human health and to asses the possible hazardous of Israeli industrial zone on human health in target area, also to shed light on major causes of disease borne due to air pollution on the target zone in comparison to control area zone. 05/09/2012

98% - Etude globale sur les crypto monnaies

Etude globale sur les crypto monnaies GLOBAL CRYPTOCURRENCY BENCHMARKING STUDY Dr Garrick Hileman & 18/12/2017


These 171 unpublished trials had an estimated total enrollment of 299 763 study participants. 11/11/2013

97% - Study in India BROCHURE

Study in India BROCHURE STUDY IPROGRAMME NDIA Temples and Architecture STUDY INDIA PROGRAMME Temples and Architecture Morning Walk, Yoga, Meditation Lecture Demonstration and Sculpture Workshop Temple Tours Cultural Evening, Quiz and Storytelling Sessions STUDY INDIA PROGRAMME Study India: 11/01/2017

97% - GJMS Vol 1 1

The objective of this study is to determine factors responsible for discontinuation of continued breast-feeding among mothers. 06/04/2011

97% - Prevalence of Subclinical Hypothyroidism

A Cross-Sectional Study from South India Ghanshyam Palamaner Subash Shantha a Anita Ashok Kumar a Viraj Bhise a Rohit Khanna b Kamesh Sivagnanam a Kuyilan Karai Subramanian a a Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, and b L.V. 28/12/2011

97% - Purple line Michaelis

This study aimed to compare diagnostic accuracy of purple line with transverse diagonal of Michaelis sacral rhomboid to predict labor progress in nulliparous and multiparous women who referred to Om-ol-banin Hospital, Mashhad, Iran from April to August 2012. 15/04/2015

96% - driving cessation in older adults

health outcomes C ar ownership and driving are highly correlated with independence and life satisfaction in older adults.1–4 In the United States and other industrialized countries, driving is often the most-preferred mode of personal transport, is regarded as an important aspect of personal freedom, and is associated with a sense of control over one’s life.4–7 The capacity to drive is an important mechanism through which many adults, young and old, fulfill their social roles and engage with their environments.6 Driving has also been identified as an important instrumental activity of daily living (IADL).7 In a study in Australia, older adults rated driving as the second most important activity of daily living (ADL) task, behind use of transportation but ahead of leisure, reading, and medication management.8 Driving safety is especially relevant given the growing older adult population; 23/02/2016

96% - Assesment 1 Arthur GIR

Assesment 1 Arthur GIR Arthur GIR David POTTER BA7 Group 1 Study / Writing skills Assessment n°1 “To what extent are study skills essential to being a successful hospitality manager?” 17 September 2012 Word Count: 24/09/2012

96% - Study Skills Thibault Liautard

Study Skills Thibault Liautard ESSAY WRITING 1 Student name : 24/09/2012

96% - Scientific Article JOFHS

The study analysis defined in a scientific way the average breast size of 28 – 30 year-old women broken down by country of birth. 02/07/2016

96% - MH perception study SS report VF May16

MH perception study SS report VF May16 Mental health problems in Juba, South Sudan: 15/05/2016

95% - journal.pone.0069546

Study 4 demonstrated a perceptual consequence. 15/10/2013

95% - The Role Of Media in Childhood Obesity

An analysis of data from a large national study of more than 13,000 children, the National Health Examination Survey (NHES), found significant associations between the amount of time children spent watching television and the prevalence of obesity. 25/04/2015

95% - WWatchers Marketing to young and middle aged women

WWatchers Marketing to young and middle aged women Weight Watchers case study Marketing diet food and drink to young and middle aged women Reference Code: 07/05/2013

95% - Chrono Chirurgie

a single-centre propensity-matched cohort study and a randomised study David Montaigne, Xavier Marechal, Thomas Modine, Augustin Coisne, Stéphanie Mouton, Georges Fayad, Sandro Ninni, Cédric Klein, Staniel Ortmans, Claire Seunes, Charlotte Potelle, Alexandre Berthier, Celine Gheeraert, Catherine Piveteau, Rebecca Deprez, Jérome Eeckhoute, Hélène Duez, Dominique Lacroix, Benoit Deprez, Bruno Jegou, Mohamed Koussa, Jean-Louis Edme, Philippe Lefebvre, Bart Staels Summary Background On-pump cardiac surgery provokes a predictable perioperative myocardial ischaemia–reperfusion injury which is associated with poor clinical outcomes. 29/10/2017

95% - Doctoral Days Programme 1


95% - Etude DIOGENE

body-mass index [the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters], 34), of whom 938 entered the low-calorie-diet phase of the study. 26/03/2019

94% - quantitative assessment of 2 methods of tiludronate adm for navicular syndrome

CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL RELEVANCE Tiludronate (1 mg/kg, IV) as a single systemic treatment appeared to be beneficial for horses with NS, but no horses were judged as sound during the study period. 02/02/2019

94% - Doctoral Days Final Programme

A Corpus-Based Study of Statutes and Law Textbooks 12.25-12.45: 25/04/2014

94% - Vit D Levels in Recurrent Respiratory Chronic cough

Methods This prospective observational study was performed by comparing serum vitamin D levels in children with recurrent respiratory infections, chronic cough and healthy children. 31/07/2017

94% - STALTER Nicolas 17 of September 2012 Essay

"To What extent are study skills essential to being a successful hospitality manager?" 24/09/2012