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100% - Residual Intestinal Disease After Milk Allergy

The subsidence of cow’s milk allergy (CMA) has been a subject of controversy. 28/02/2013

97% - notre article

Proper location of the electrodes was confirmed by viewing the EMG signals on an oscilloscope, while the subject activated the muscles against manual resistance. 09/06/2010

97% - dossier contacto

dossier contacto Nom : ........................................ Prénom : ........................................ Age : 30/10/2010

97% - PIVSPWIScoliosis

abnormal labyrinthine function (18,31), or dysfunction in proprioceptive sensation (3,4,15,40) have also been reported in this subject population. 25/05/2014

97% - Can the subaltern speak

This vulgar three-stroke formula, applied both to the most resolutely committed and to the most ironic discourse, keeps track of what Althusser so aptly named "philosophies of denegation."2 I have invoked my positionality in this awkward way so as to accentuate the fact that calling the place of the investigator into question remains a meaningless piety in many recent critiques of the sovereign subject. 19/09/2016

97% - L'équation du bonheur

For a subject with the group average forgetting factor of 0.61, the latter would have only 8% of the impact of the former. 19/08/2014

96% - Intro. to Human Sciences Course description

Furthermore, the course “Introduction to Human Sciences” will also try to introduce some of the methodologies deployed in Human sciences as well as the subject matters of Human Sciences in comparison with the Natural Sciences. 10/01/2014

96% - journal.pone.0069546

journal.pone.0069546 The Weight of a Guilty Conscience: 15/10/2013

95% - epigenetic et trauma

Before 1 week the commencement of intensive dialectical behavior therapy each subject completed the Beck Depression Inventory II25 to assess the current severity of depression symptoms and the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ), which examines five types of trauma in a self-report assessment: 06/11/2013

95% - Abstract CMBBE

Recently, approaches have been proposed for fast 3D reconstruction based on Xray imaging and associated subject-specific FE models for the lower limb [1] and for the spine [2]. 09/03/2018

95% - non elite journals

We computed the 10 most-cited journals and the 1000 most-cited articles each year for all the 261 subject categories included in Scholar Metrics. 25/10/2014

94% - japanese study

A typical recording of a subject (case 1) is shown. 06/03/2014

94% - guidenumbers

To determine the number, a flash unit and subject are set up and exposures are made at a variety of f/stops. 02/06/2011

94% - AnkleBalanceEILS

Each subject underwent at least 10 successful trials. 06/06/2014

94% - Mostal (procyanidin B2 1st study)

The site was selected from the outskirts of the affected area on the vertex of each subject using a plastic template connected by a strut to the frame of a pair of eyeglasses. 14/10/2019

94% - SUCCES ~ ECTS 3

published on the Web-and facebook page) according to the previously mentioned subjects in the Syllabus Contact Period Team Work Period Individual Work Period Summa Business Simulation 0 2 4 6 Trade Policy and Product Finance 2 2 2 6 Economics Policy 2 2 2 6 Finance 2 2 2 6 Elective Subject 1 1 4 6 ECTS in Summer School 7 3 0 10 Optional 0 6 14 20 Summa 7 9 14 30 The SUCCESS program mentions the fulfillment of 5 subjects, where participants can earn 0-6 ECTS per subject, and their performances are evaluated by the following: 12/04/2017

94% - Nouveau Texte OpenDocument

David Thorne Subject: ... Simon Edhouse Subject: ... David Thorne Subject: 05/07/2010

93% - ODORAT

Binaral Rivalry In experiment 1, phenylethyl alcohol (PEA, 0.5% in propylene glycol, 8 ml) and n-butanol (0.5% in propylene glycol, 8 ml), each contained in a narrow-mouth bottle fitted with a Teflon nosepiece, were simultaneously presented to a subject’s two nostrils, so that one nostril was exposed to PEA while the other was exposed to n-butanol. 06/10/2013

93% - 69

Each subject chose either coffee or tea at the first occasion and was then confined to the same drink throughout the study. 27/04/2010