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SubscriberSecrets 100%

Below are the 100 hot ideas for igniting your opt in subscribers:


EP Mediapack 91%

Showcase is delivered to a global audience composed of major corporations, event planners, and other event related service providers, in addition to many more industry subscribers.


EzineSecrets 84%

In a nutshell, you send out your eZine issues on a periodical basis to your subscribers.


Dossier-présentation 82%

 20 % of the teenagers between 16 and 19 who are schooled in the Federation Wallonia-Brussels created an account  90 % of the subscribers complete the positioning test  60% of the subscribers connect to the app a second time  40% of the subscribers are active in the forum (reading and/or writing)  40% of the subscribers follow the “questions d’actualité” (they periodically read the informative folders)  15% of the subscribers connect once a week X.


tweet4newbies 77%

or subscribers, but certainly in small numbers.


Integral interview of Laurence Bonicalzi-Bridier on Viuz 73%

carry profiles out on In such a context, the setting up of a centralized database, sort of media DMP, makes it possible to organize monetizing and a smart yield on several targets (clients, non-clients, subscribers).


Netflix case 69%

Since then, Netflix has gathered over 60 million subscribers around the world.



With the ability to intercept any type of communications traffic and monitor selected subscribers in real time, the Alcatel-Lucent 1357 ULIS provides LEAs with:


JumpPoint 04-02 Feb-16 Fly-Galactically-Design-Modularly 63%

Jump Point is for our subscribers, of course, those of you who are going the extra mile so that Cloud Imperium Games can provide additional content (like Around the ’Verse, 10 for the Chairman, and JP itself).



  ADer   the   1st   qualifying   day   the   teams   meet   from   1/8   of   finale   in   direct   eliminaAon   for   the   compeAAve  examinaAon  either  from  1/16  or  1/8  of  finale  according  to  the  number  of  subscribers.


SF WebAnalyst EcomSolutions 12 0416LD 62%

· Understand business KPIs and initiate improvements analysis (Google Analytics audit for prospective clients) · Drive website improvements by familiarizing with Digital Marketing / Growth Hacker techniques to maximize the conversion of visitors/free users and paying clients/subscribers (micro/macro conversions, new vs.



e b c a ExplainingComputers Congratulation for surpassing 100,000 subscribers d What is the size of a, b, c, d and e?


Portable Satellite Internet 62%

Our digital free-to-airplatforms are capable of reaching direct-to-home (DTH) subscribers within the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.


TelcosChallenges1 62%

price wars and value destruction, revenue-dilutive incremental subscribers, inability to contain the cost to serve, necessary investments in infrastructures to deliver products with lower margins (the “invest more, earn less” trap), market maturity, pressure from regulatory...


Bookbird subscription form 62%

Please enclose your US$ cheque or draft, or pay by credit card (probably the most convenient method for subscribers in Euro or other currency zones):


Media Kit Dropsiders 62%

5 daily publications allow us to maintain this commitment over time and to increase our community in a very advanced way ( 500 subscribers per week on Facebook).


Digital Omnivores 60%

Using proprietary data collection methods, we survey nationally representative samples of mobile subscribers age 13+ in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, and Japan.


General terms and conditions 59%

The winner will also receive promotion in all artFix social media channels, website, and newsletter sent to 7,000 subscribers.


Pastryfreshfaces Ebook 1 ENG-FR 58%

Because according to our statistics, these are by far the two languages most spoken by our subscribers.


The impact of competition on Mobile Price in Benin 58%

The GSM industry is experiencing explosive growth as evidenced by the rapid evolution of the number of subscribers of each network that some studies link to the renegotiation of the operating licenses of operators.


Handbook-PMT 58%

Simulator pack ht © –J ea n-J acq ues – 11 ESS y 20 OME ruar BELL – Joh nesburg – Feb an r All re ts igh Interactive CD included 6WDWLVWLFV 'DWD 0LQLQJ 3ODQQLQJ 3ODQQLQJ &RQWURO &RQWURO (FRQRPLF ,QWHOOLJHQFH %XVLQHVV ,QWHOOLJHQFH 3HQWDJRQ 0DUNHW 5HVHDUFK &RPSHWLWRU ,QWHOOLJHQFH Jean–Jacques Essome Bell MTN Group Marketing – Business Intelligence 200 words and expressions … Business performance … Acquisition cost – AMPU – ARPU – Balanced scorecard – Brand attributes – Brand equity – Brand performance – Brand preference – BTS – Budget – Business management – Business risk – Busy-hour congestion – Call abandonment rate – Call centre – Call drop rate – Call handling time – Call length – Call setup time – Campaign management – CAPEX – Channel management – Churn rate – Competition intensity – Corporate Affairs – Cost of sales – Critical link congestion – CRM – Customer lifetime value – Customer Relations – Customer satisfaction – Dashboard – Dealers commissions – Delay to answer – Earnings per share – EBITDA – Effective tariff rate – Enterprise value – Erlang – Finances – First call resolution – Fraud detection – Free cash flow – Geo-marketing – Gross connections – Gross profit – Handling stock – Handover success rate – Human Resources – Interconnect – Interest coverage ratio – IVR completion rate – KPIs – Loyalty programme – Marginal market share – Marketing – Mobile penetration – Net additions – Net numerical distribution – Net gearing ratio – Network anomalies – Network optimisation – Operational efficiency – OPEX – Outlets – Profit after tax – Performance meeting – Planning and control – Price earning ratio – Price elasticity – Product evaluation – Quality of service – Radio frequency – Retention – Revenue assurance – ROA – ROIC – Sales and distribution – SDCCH congestion – Segmentation – Service centre – Service level – SLA – Subscribers – Teledensity – Time service factor – Top of mind – Traffic – Usage – Value proposition – Value share – WACC – Weighted OOS – Wireless network – commonly used in … … Business Intelligence … ANOVA – Arcing – ARMA models – Associations discovery – Backward – Bagging – Bass diffusion model – Bayesian criteria – BCG matrix – Boosting – Bootstrap – Box Jenkins – BPTO – CAPI – CART – CHAID – Chi square – Classifier – Clustering – Competitor intelligence – Confusion matrix – Conjoint analysis – Correspondence analysis – CRISP DM – Cross validation – Customer disposition funnel – Data cleaning – Data mining – Data Warehouse – Dataset – Decision trees – DISQUAL – Drill-down – Economic intelligence – EDA – ETL – Exponential smoothing – Factor analysis – Factor rotation – False negative – Fourier transformation – Gabor Granger – Gain chart – Gauss parameter – Gompertz function – GTS – HHI – Holt &


PLR Assassin Master Resale Rights 58%

Conditions [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [YES] [NO] [NO] [NO] [NO] Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Edit Can Can Can Can Can Can be used on any domains you own be used on your client's domains be sold with personal use license be packaged be offered as a bonus to a paid product be added to a paid membership site with personal use license be used for personal use be given to list subscribers be offered as a bonus be edited and your name put on it be used as web content be broken down into smaller articles be added to an e-Course or autoresponder as content be added to an ebook/PDF as content the sales letter any way you want sell Resale Rights sell Master Resale Rights be given away for free be offered through auction sites be added to free membership sites sell Private Label Rights to the original document IMPORTANT!


PR-Viasat-06122012-VUS 55%

Our wide library of TV, movie and premium sports content is highly attractive to viewers, and we are focused on both improving the user experience and the quality of our streaming and make it as simple as possible for our subscribers to access the content.


MKEquimov ENG 2018 54%

140K Subscribers 30 Millions Views 75% French Audience Equimov Events Take advantage of our large audience and expertise.


It's All In The List 54%

33   Impress  your  Subscribers  with  Facts......................................................................................................