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100% - American dream in history

17th - 18th centuries • • American War of Independence 1775 - 1783 • • Move from downtown to the suburbs for a lot of people July 4th 1776 • • End of Segregation Up until (= • jusqu'en)1865 1861 - 1865 • • Europeans and a lot of English people moved to the New World, sometimes in order to escape religious persecution.


93% - 201512 Office Market Update 2015 Q4 COLLIERS

This tension between supply and demand could lead to a shift of transactions in the small and medium space segments in Paris towards submarkets in the Inner Suburbs where supply levels are higher.


88% - library project V1

4 It is located in a poor neighbourhood in the western suburbs of Ho-Chi-Minh-City.


87% - Customer Database

      Misspelled or changed street names Misspelled, changed or adjacent suburbs Incorrect postcodes Excess punctuation Accidental special characters Repeated or misplaced components Address cleansing outputs:


82% - WMSC 2016

Squash Venues The number of clubs required will be dependent on entries but we are planning on using four clubs, all fairly central in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, namely, Parkview Squash Centre, The Country Club Johannesburg, The Wanderers Club and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits).


78% - Institut Montaigne Report

Nowadays considered as a strong force of proposal concerning France and Europe, the Institut is well-known for its papers on hot issues such as French suburbs and the most recent one entitled:


73% - Los Angeles

Les suburbs se développent donc de plus en plus loin du centre.


68% - Dossier Du plan en damier à la skyline


68% - NATO


68% - 03. Les Etats Unis, Une base Humaine

Suburbs…  Poids démographique :


68% - IMG




68% - DD terrain de football en anglais

Bangkok (8 millions of people, 12 with its suburbs) Principals cities:


68% - Epsealon-Catalogue2018-WEB

+336 13 07 04 03 Patrick Soulier Ile de France (Paris and suburbs) TEL :


67% - biographies-english-dtt


66% - tmp 27846-ESPACES-ET-ECHANGES578304254

While ethnic minorities tend to congregate in ghettoes in the down town of American cities and the inner city of London, in France they often live in high-rise flats in the suburbs.


63% - Ce que valent les serments de Hitler

German troops attack the suburbs of Warsaw.


62% - application form mcdonaldsafrica



62% - Brochure Finale 2016

Cultivated marshes and suburbs of St-Omer.


60% - MEMORANDUM FOR The President 2

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ MEMORANDUM FOR: The President FROM:


60% - Breaking News from South Africa

As François and Kevin said before, we have done a lot of visits around Cape Town, such as Camps Bay, Waterfront (the very touristic waterfront of Cape Town), or Lion’s Head (a rock at the top of a hill near Cape Town, that you can climb on to get a wonderful sight of cape town and its suburbs.


59% - anglais sentences

Au moyen orient, il ne faut pas utiliser sa main gauche pour saluer ou fumer o In the middle east, you wouldn’t use your left hand for greeting or smoking Les Allemands pensent que si tu retrousses les manches tu te mets à l’aise o The Germans thinks that if you roll up your sleeves you take it easy En France, il faut serrer la main à tout le monde avant de s’asseoir o In France, you would shake hands to everybody and then sit down En Thaïlande, il faut joindre les mains et baisser la tête o In Thailand, you would claps your hands and lower your head Aux USA, un patron qui se sent à l’aise mets ses pieds sur son bureau o In USA, a boss who’s feeling good puts his feet on the desk Elle ne paraît pas son âge, avant elle était noir de cheveux o She doesn’t look like her age, she used to be black haired Je connais ce copain de classe depuis 25 ans mais on s’est perdu de vue o I knew this classmate for 25 years but we lost touch Tu dois te débarrasser de ton fauteuil, si une peux pas te le permettre o You have to get rid of your armchair if you can’t afford it Avant j’habitais dans un quartier résidentiel dans les faubourgs, maintenant j’ai ma maison a moi o I used to live in a residential area in the suburbs, now I’ve my own house Il vit au troisième étage avec une vue pittoresque des plages vierges o He lives in the third floor with a picturesque view on unspoilt beach Nous sommes montés en haut de la Tour Eiffel, la vue était imprenable o We went up the Eiffel Tower, the view was breathtaking Il y a une station de metro dans les environs ;


58% - Mexico Middle-class consumers look for Made in USA

The article went on to describe a Costco store in the Mexico City suburbs, where “shoppers browse shelves loaded with pallets of Kirkland vitamins, value packs of Nature Valley granola bars and sacks of Cape Cod kettle-cooked potato chips…Even the walls in the butcher aisle boast the ‘USDA Premium’ and ‘USDA Choice’ labels, in English”.


57% - annonce postdoc


57% - proposition article anglais

The urban sprawl or the extension of suburbs in fine layers is good what characterizes most the current city (Ewing 1997).