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Text of Purchase Order Quality Note guidelines from Cessna Certification Conformity Requirements The following serves as a delegation of Cessna Aircraft Company Quality responsibility for the FAA form 8130-9 “Statement of Conformity” and provide the guidelines and expectations of the supplier when a conformity requirement is called out on a Purchase Order and after receipt of FAA 8120-10 Request for Conformity for FAA 8100-1 and FAA 8130-3 when requested as applicable.



The rest of the event will be spent touring supplier factories with sourcing experts, providing you the opportunity to ask specific questions while benchmarking suppliers with relevant capabilities in your target categories.


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n So rt by Supplier Rank SupplieItems r Inf oper rm page:


MWQ1EN 95%


revolution-of-b2b-buying-ebook 94%

The following sections describe the most recent eras of customer buying behavior and the supplier responses proven to succeed in each.


Accenture-B2B-Procurement-Study 94%

In the face of an increasingly competitive omni-channel environment, the B2B supplier industry must adapt to attract and engage today’s savvy B2B buyers, increase revenue and capitalize on ripe digital growth opportunities.


Medical & Health Products DEC13.PDF 94%

new products fast See contact options on every ad INQUIRE NOW VISIT WEBSITE - Contact supplier using online inquiry form.


Auditing for probity in procurement 2 93%

$100k, there was no need for strategy or procurement plan s She presented the 3 quotations to the Evaluation committee chaired by Finance/Admin manager, who recommended the supplier who met the requirements with the lowest offer.


CV Emmanuel BRIFFAUD anglais 93%

Accountancy Institute of Technology of Nantes 2006 – 2007 Baccalaureate in Sciences with Honours Notre-Dame de Rezé College 01 - 08/2013 Northern Europe Purchasing Packaging Paper Intern United Biscuits Group, Nantes Creation and implementation of purchasing strategies, Supplier Continuous Improvement Program, Tender, eAuction, eSourcing, Negotiations, Conclusion of contracts, Daily Management Missions 2011 - 2012 Missions OTHER SKILLS PROJECTS ESSAY Summer 2010 ONLINE RESUME EDUCATION 24 years old, 06/03/1989 8, impasse des mouettes 44120 Vertou Single, Driving Licence Purchasing Assistant, Production &


List of buyers 91%

1.  Subcription 2.  Fill in your supplier profile in the interface with your personal login 1.  Choose your 18 business meetings 2.  Matchmaking with buyers needs 3.  Your agenda is ready Each contact is an opening to a project, an investment of 330 euros just for the win!


Sprint2IBP 86%

COMPONENT SUPPLIERS Business context Business context • Make-to-Order • Assembly-to-Order • Sub-assembly planning • Setup time consideration • Downtimes planning • Scrap rate consideration • Long production lead-time • Bottleneck identification • Critical components’ supplier capacity analysis • Supplier lead-time what-if • Contractual flexibility analysis plan • External procurement • Shift planning • Labor resource planning • Resource utilization • maximization Heuristics • Historical inventory report • New project introduction • Sub-assembly planning etc.


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CCTV SURVEILLANCE CAMERA PRICELIST DOME CAMERA KDV-2421SN20 KDV-633SN20 KDV-639SN20 KDV-H639SHT30 KDV-673SHT30 KDV-673W25 SRP 1,990.00 2,059.00 2,749.00 3,602.00 4,315.00 6,270.00 TVC-DN-8001 TVC-DN-4001L TVC-DN-3001L 1,560.00 2,070.00 2,300.00 EC-101RN-6B EC-101RN-SO4 EC-101RN-SO3 2,174.00 2,760.00 2,990.00 ADN-P416N-A2 ADN-P406N-A2 ADN-P412N-36B ADN-P402N-36B ADN-S928MLN 7,558.00 7,114.00 4,062.00 3,542.00 12,980.00 ELEVATOR DOME CAMERA APO-501 3,910.00 APO-502 APO-503 3,910.00 3,910.00 PTZ SPEED DOME CAMERA SAT-1800N KPD-CKAD1 CORETECK CONTROL KEYBOARD BULLET CAMERA KIR-2421CN25 KIR-633CN25 KIR-639CN30 KIR-H639CNT30 KIR-673G80 MAK-42013N-6B MAK-6001N-36B MAK-4202N-6B MAK-6002N-6B MAK-4206N-6B 40,137.00 12,940.00 13,685.00 2,185.00 2,415.00 3,165.00 4,085.00 7,420.00 3,395.00 3,729.00 4,200.00 4,775.00 6,443.00 IP CAMERA APEXIS APM-J011-WS IC-7010PTn IC-7010PoE IC-3030Wn IC-3030PoE SRP 3,990.00 8,500.00 7,900.00 4,200.00 3,800.00 HIDDEN CAMERA CORETECK PIR-200 TVISION PIR-802 TVC-NM8332(C/P) TVC-RN3300 STX-202N-36B 2,990.00 2,480.00 1,905.00 2,940.00 3,646.00 BURGLAR ALARM RF/LENS DETECTOR 112B WATCH 4,000.00 2,760.00 3,703.00 BOX CAMERA TVC-IRN-3603(520)(0550) TVC-IRN-3603(410)(0409) TVC-IRN-3603(520)(0922) TVC-IRN-3603(270)(6) CORETEK JP-850N SAMSUNG HOUSING HSH306QVFIR 10,254.00 9,185.00 9,725.00 6,850.00 13,686.00 8,990.00 DUMMY CAMERA (BOX TYPE) PT-1400A (BULLET TYPE) - CA-11 (DOME TYPE) - CA-05 890.00 890.00 690.00 DVR PCI CARD 4CH PCI CARD XV400PCI(XYVIEW) 4CH PCI CARD CY-SV6204 8CH PCI CARD CY-SV6208 16CH PCI CARD CY-800 V8.2 2,990.00 3,680.00 3,680.00 DVR STANDALONE IWATCHYOU 4CH DVR R-2004E IWATCHYOU 8CH DVR R-2008E IWATCHYOU 16CH DVR R-2016E 4,480.00 5,690.00 8,990.00 Samsung 4CH DVR SRD-440 SAMSUNG 4CH DVR SRD-450 26,890.00 39,690.00 CABLES SRP GENDER SRP CCTV 59 (130M) COAXIAL CABLE 1,000.00 TRANSISTER 201 220.00 CCTV RG6 (130M) COAXIAL CABLE 1,200.00 TRANSISTER 202 220.00 FLAT CORD #16 (130M) 2,200.00 TRANSISTER 203 580.00 CAT5 UTP CABLE (300M)FROM KOREA 1,500.00 5C FBT CABLE 200M RG59 COAXIAL CABLE W/ FLATCORD 305M 1,990.00 BNC PLUG 35.00 7,500.00 BNCJ-RCAP 35.00 CCTV DATA CABLE W/ POWER CC10M 250.00 BNCJ-JJ 35.00 CCTV DATA CABLE W/ POWER CC20M 350.00 BNCP-RCAJ 35.00 CCTV DATA CABLE W/ POWER CC30M 450.00 RCAJ-RCAJ 35.00 CCTV DATA CABLE W/ POWER CC40M 1,190.00 MALE DC CONNECTOR 35.00 CCTV DATA CABLE W/ POWER CC50M 550.00 FEMALE DC CONNECTOR 35.00 CCTV DATA CABLE W/ POWER CC70M 1,990.00 UTP TO BNC CONNECTOR 35.00 BNC-RCA CABLE 150.00 SPLITTER LS 2H 60.00 SPLITTER LS 5H 140.00 SPLITTER LS 8H 250.00 CENTRALIZED POWER SUPPLIER CENTRALIZED POWER SUPPLIER 10A 900.00 CENTRALIZED POWER SUPPLIER 5A 700.00 CAMERA BRACKET CAMERA BRACKET (BOX CAMERA) 990.00 CAMERA BRACKET C125 (IWATCHYOU) 500.00 DBT-04 (mount for box camera) 150.00 DBT-03 (mount for box camera) 300.00 AJN-A02 500.00 AJN-04H 300.00 300.00 200.00 300.00 500.00 1000.00 500.00 500.00 AJN-06H AJN-302 AJN-306 (SIVER COLOR) AJN-307 (BEIGE COLOR) AJN-6008 AJN-6012 AJN-8014 SAFE BOX MP - 400 6,990.00 MOLD MOLD 1 70.00


Carpets in Dubai 83%

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clique 83%

AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 YOUR COMPLETE PROMOWEAR SUPPLIER your complete promowear supplier Un média de contact Nos vêtements promotionnels sont adaptés à toutes les occasions comme les événements d’entreprise, les uniformes du personnel, les événements sportifs et la vie des clubs.


Job specification Leisure (Moloney Kelly) 83%

      Updating costs sheets for proposals and confirmed programmes, including, where appropriate, securing supplier services for the programme and the negotiation of rates for those services.


Job specification French CC.PDF 82%

Full utilisation of the Tourplan system (our tourism software system) to generate all supplier communications, also ensuring that the confirmed proposal is accurately reflected in Tourplan thereby facilitating a smooth and accurate accounting process.