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Surgical outcome measurement for a 100%

Surgical outcome measurement for a global patient population:


Does the Surgical Apgar Score Measure Intraoperative 98%

Does the Surgical Apgar Score Measure Intraoperative Performance?


An assessment of the Surgical Apgar Score in spine surgery 96%

The Spine Journal - (2013) - Clinical Study An assessment of the Surgical Apgar Score in spine surgery Julio Urrutia, MD*, Macarena Valdes, Tomas Zamora, MD, Valentina Canessa, MD, Jorge Briceno, MD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, School of Medicine, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Marcoleta 352, Santiago, Chile Received 19 August 2012;


Horse Insurance 93%

Coverage is provided for the actual event days and can include a day for both set up and take down OPTIONAL COVERAGES MAJOR MEDICAL / SURGICAL OPTION:


Surgical masks -Walid Negla 92%

QC Procedure Surgical Mask Battery Quality Support Pack Prepared By:


German Medical Instruments 92%

German Medical Instruments Hayden Medical is a family owned surgical instrument company with over 25 years experience in providing German stainless steel surgical and laparoscopic instruments.


Waterjet dissection in Neurosurgery 92%

Copyright ª 2010 by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Surgical Anatomy and Technique Water Jet Dissection in Neurosurgery:


German Surgical Instrument Manufacturer 90%

German Surgical Instrument Manufacturer Hayden Medical is a family owned surgical instrument company with over 25 years experience in providing German stainless steel surgical and laparoscopic instruments.


schaerer axis 400-800 e 89%

AXIS 400/500/600/700/800 M O B I L E O P E R AT I N G TA B L E S F O R A L L S U R G I C A L A P P L I C AT I O N S A X I S 400/500/600/700/800 MEDICAL PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS MADE IN SWITZERLAND Schaerer Medical AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of mobile operating tables, medical accessories and special accessories for all surgical disciplines and fields of application.


ITI Invitation Congress Benelux 2019 ALGEMEEN (2) 86%

recognition and contemporary treatment • Treatment options and outcomes Steven Zijderveld Arjan Videler Joke Duyck ITI Congress Benelux Rotterdam March 29-30 Surgical and Prosthetic Interactions in Implant Dentistry:


gastrointestinal hormone after bariatric surgery 85%

Their Role in Type 2 Diabetes Alpana Shukla MD, Francesco Rubino MD Section of Gastrointestinal Metabolic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, New York, United States ABSTRACT Bariatric surgical procedures were designed primarily to promote weight loss in morbidly obese individuals.


Dr Salama Inside Dentistry 2012 Impacted Canine 85%

When these procedures are not clinically feasible or the patient does not desire orthodontic treatment, then surgical removal of the impacted canine is recommended to correct the defect, resulting in occlusal asymmetry and poor esthetics.


1-s2.0-S156990561360487X-main 84%

In Table 2 233 we highlight the comparison between surgical margins and pathological stage.


Case report Wery-Bihin 2014 84%

We report a case of complete transmural migration through the colic wall, followed by spontaneous defecation, of a surgical sponge left behind in the abdominal cavity (gossypiboma) during a vaginal hysterectomy with oophorectomy.


Clinical Course of Hyperprolactinemia in Children 82%

Surgical treatment in children with macroprolactinoma was not curative and dopamine agonist therapy was required postoperatively.


Resume Frezin 81%

97860 State Surgical Board (Brussels):


RI Novembre 2014 Article VIDAL (2) 79%

Les systèmes Robodoc, puis Neuromate (Integrated Surgical Systems Inc.) ou RIO (Mako Surgical Corp.) en sont des exemples.


navab2009tmiCamC 79%

Minimally invasive solutions, based on X-ray imaging and coregistered external navigation created a lot of interest within the surgical community and started to replace the traditional open surgery for many procedures.



INDEX A Anthogyr NiTi Control B Batt bur cone Bogopolsky system Box for FG or RA burs 7 72 55/64 C Calamus Dual C+Files Carbide cavity burs Carbide finishing burs Carbide metal trimming burs Carbide surgery burs Cavity Access Set Cavity Access Z Set Ceramprep diamonds set Clean-Stand Colorinox File Cytco-K post 20-21 11 58- 59 61-63 59- 60 60-61 7 7 72 34 10 44 EasyPost Endo Access Burs Endo Carriers ProRoot MTA Endo-Container Endo-M-Bloc Endo Organizer Endo-Stand Endo-Z Endo 16:1 Endometer Endosonore File Endo Training Blocs Excavators Extension RA-drill 48 7 28 36 35 36 36 7/60 19 34 10 34 38-39 42 Finger Plugger Finger Spreader Flexobend Flexofile Flexokit Flexoreamer 7 67-71 33 Gates glidden drill Gauge Gauge for Gutta-Percha Gauge for burs 55 Gingikit diamonds set 72 Glyde File Prep 33 Golden Mediums (K-Flexofile) 10 Golden Mediums (Flexoreamer) 10 GT Series X 16-17 Gutta-Condensor 27 Gutta-Percha 15/17/25/26 Gutta-Percha Plugger 27 H 26 26 34 10-11 36 10-11 8 9 27 K-Reamer Torpan K-Flexoreamer K-Flexoreamer Golden Mediums K-Reamer Colorinox K-Flexofile K-File Colorinox K-Flexofile Golden Mediums 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 L 6 42 35 Largo (Peeso Reamer) Lentulo LN Bur Mandrel Manual Handle Metallic Split Part Metal-Master Micro-Opener Micro-Debrider Miller broach Mirror handle Mooser System MTA Gun System X 12 36 60 8 8 6 39 51-52 29 N Hedstroem File Colorinox Hedstroem File Vetinox Heat-Carriers K F G D Diamendo Diamond instruments DMS IV M E 19 6/48 24/25 63 Nervbroach Spiro Nitiflex File 6 10 O Obturators Orifice Opener 15/17/22 7 P Paper points PathFile Pins STP Plast-o-Probe Plugger/Heat-Carrier Post Space Bur Probes ProFile ProPex II 15/17/24 13 50 39 27-28 23 37-38 12-13 20 ProRoot MTA 28-29 ProTaper Universal 14-15 ProUltra Endo + Surgical Tips 30 T R Radix-Anker-Long Radix-Anker-Standard Radix Fiber Post Reamer Colorinox Root canal drill RS Radix-Stifte Rubber Dam 55/60-61 Surgical burs 29 Surgical Carriers ProRoot MTA 43 41-42 48 10 6 45 31-32 S Senseus 11 Senseus Profinder 11 Sequencer 14-15 Silicone-Stops Dispenser 35 Split-Kit 36 Spiral Drill 50 Spiro Colorinox 6 Start-X 31 Steel burs 53-55 Steel burs (Acrylic cutters) 54 Steel burs (Finishing) 54-55 Steel burs (Surgical) 55 Sterilizable Endo plastic box 35/64 STP Pins 50 Tapered Finger Spreader Therma-Cut Thermafil obturators Thermafil Training Blocs ThermaPrep Plus oven Topseal Torpan K-Reamer Twin-Bloc 26 23 22-23 22 23 33 9 35 X-Smart X-Smart Dual X-Smart Easy X-Smart Spray 18 18 19 19 Z Zekrya bur Zekrya gingival protector 60 39 U Ultrasonic Tips Uniclip Unifile Unimetric 0,8mm Unimetric 1 mm 30-31 49 8 46 47 V Verifier (for Thermafil) Vetinox 22 8-9 W Wrench 47 SPECIFICATIONS - INDEX 3 REPROCESSING GB Except where otherwise clearly indicated, all instruments listed in our catalogue can be disinfected, cleaned and sterilized according to the specifications described in their Directions For Use and/or in the Reprocessing Procedure 4 DENTSPLY MAILLEFER F Sauf indication contraire, tous les instruments de notre catalogue peuvent être désinfectés, nettoyés et stérilisés selon les recommandations décrites dans leurs modes d’emploi et/ou dans la procédure de stérilisation disponible D Sofern nicht anders angegeben können alle in unserem Katalog gelisteten Instrumente gemäß der für das jeweilige Instrument gültigen Bedienungsanleitung und / oder den Empfehlungen für Reinigung und E Excepto en los casos en que se indique lo contrario, todos los instrumentos que aparecen en nuestro catálogo pueden ser desinfectados, limpiados y esterilizados de acuerdo con las especificaciones descritas en sus I Tutti gli strumenti elencati nel nostro catalogo possono essere disinfettati, puliti e sterilizzati in accordo con le specifiche descritte nelle Istruzioni d'Uso e/o nelle Procedure di Ricondizionametno disponibili


Catalogue genia UK-2014-2015 77%

t $VUMFSZ QSPEVDUJPO VOJU This facility specializes in farrier tools (blades), surgical and grooming scissors, as well as repairing surgical instruments.


Press release June 9th donation 77%

5,000 surgical masks for Zambia Revenue Authority (Customs) Total value K 50,000 Africa Greenco :


CV Stephanie Piazza 77%

Short communication presented at the FECAVA Eurocongress, Lille 2009 (France) Alternative to surgical neutering in 2 pet ferrets.


PCT Peritonite Crit Care 77%

Introduction Overuse of antibiotics is common in both medical and surgical (perioperative medicine) intensive care unit (ICU) leading to the development of antimicrobial resistance and hospitalacquired infections [1].


Pediatric Intracranial Hypertension 76%

Surgical procedures including placement of shunts and optic nerve sheath fenestration were surprisingly common in both cohorts (34% in those with PIH and 62% in those with SIH).