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wj-002 100%

To Waldemar Januszczak Here’s the 1546 painting… A surrealist copy of Giorgione’s Adoration of Shepherds (1505-1510).


doc2-1546 painting 100%

1546 painting doc 2 Here’s the 1546 painting… A surrealist copy of Giorgione’s Adoration of Shepherds (1505-1510).


christmas collection 2013 71%

acube FIRST SURREALIST BELGIAN CHOCOLATE by NOËL CHRISTMAS KERST Acube, a dream came true and it all started with a chocolate eggshell, my sugar porcelain allows a four-colour print, just discover the big Acube family.


doc1-1546 painting (1) 71%

I pretend that Michelangelo did a surrealist copy of Giorgione.


Giacometti 67%

He adheres to surrealist group.From 1935 he pursued a quest for the representation of reality by producing a series of head taking his brother as a model.


wj-001 59%

The project in question… making a primitive surrealist painting by borrowing a Giorgione’s landscape composition (the adoration of shepherds).


Ho Karan dossier final 53%

Intellectual property Its intellectual property is first expressed by the HO KARAN’s trademark registration, its own e-commerce site, slogan and logo, followed by its unique and complex recipes, its surrealist packaging inspired by Jean Cocteau’s works, Salvador Dali and André Le Breton.


maric biographies 49%

The performance title was borrowed from a Magritte picture which she used as a musical score (in the picture a naked woman sits alone, surrounded by surrealist photographic portraits of men with their eyes shut, as a nod to a hypothetical audience).