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article-expose 99%

After practice, 9 young adults were able to process the 2 tasks without dual-task costs, but none of the older adults had reached the criterion of parallel processing.


CV 2012 96%


CV 2012 96%

10/01/2013 96% Worst-case response time analysis of real-time tasks under fixed-priority scheduling with deferred preemption revisited – with extensions for ECRTS’07 –∗ Reinder J.


CV 2012 94%


CV 2012 94%


CV 2012 94%


journal.pone.0056935 94%

We measured the effect of three cognitive tasks (the psychomotor vigilance task, a temporal orienting task, and a duration discrimination task) on the heart rate variability of two groups of participants:


WHF01 - Rulebook 94%

WHF01 Rulebook ® Success &


CV 2013 92%

CV 2013 Damien Dell’omodarme showreel :


Intership proposal - 1Global Translators 91%

Some of the following tasks will be carried out in this department:


B-CPE-042 Day04 91%

• You are only allowed to use the my_putchar function to complete the following tasks, but don’t push it into your delivery directory, and don’t copy it in any of your delivered files.


Déclin à partir de 24 ans 87%

Although some research is directly concerned with when age-related decline actually begins, studies are often based on relatively simple reaction time tasks, making it impossible to gauge the impact of experience in compensating for this decline in a real world task.


teacher page 87%

• Description of the tasks First task The first task will be a treasure hunt.