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21-step setup guide-Eng-Fra 100%

These INDICATORS can be given in an explicit manner (tire temperature for example) or in an implicit manner (oversteering tendency for example).


21-step setup guide-Eng-Fra 100%

These INDICATORS can be given in an explicit manner (tire temperature for example) or in an implicit manner (oversteering tendency for example).


Setup Guide GTR2 100%

These INDICATORS can be given in an explicit manner (tire temperature for example) or in an implicit manner (oversteering tendency for example).


Anglais Complot 12AT 04 99%

Greenhouse effect The greenhouse phenomenon has become fashionable in recent years, its origin comes from what is seen in a greenhouse when its temperature significantly increases much more than the external temperature, but these followers do not explain the reason for this increase.


Nuvita 2086 Digitalni termometer 99%

Nuvita 2086 Digitalni termometer Čestitamo vam k nakupu tega digitalnega termometra, ki poleg merjenja telesne temperature omogoča tudi merjenje frekvence srčnega utripa.


Central fatigue and neurotransmitters, can thermoregulation be manipulated 99%

It is clear that different brain neurotransmitters – such as serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline – are implicated in the occurrence of fatigue, but manipulation of these neurotransmitters produced no conclusive results on performance in normal ambient temperature.


0034-4885 74 11 112801 99%

Transient to equilibrium temperature changes take centuries to develop, as oceans are slow to respond to atmospheric temperature changes.


HD0000EN03 HDT Series brochure A4 2018 (1) 99%

HD0000EN02 Deflection Temperature Under Load and Vicat Testing Machines Tinius Olsen HDTM Series HDTM Series M odels 603 HDTM and 303 HDTM are the latest generation of Tinius Olsen’s digitally controlled Automatic Deflection Temperature/Vicat test equipment with an automated testing sequence that proceeds according to user defined control and configuration parameters.


095 108 98%

The most important one is the working temperature which is the dimensioning parameter for the definition of the nominal working point and the machine lifetime.


Satellite-Comms-Link-Budget 98%

SFD Uplink Path Loss Rain Attenuation „ Antenna Gain Power of Amplifier Uplink Downlink Path Loss Rain Attenuation „ „ EIRP Up Path Loss Rain Attenuation G/T ES Gt Pt LNA / LNB HPA / Transceiver 1 Satellite Receiving Earth Station „ G/T „ EIRP „ SFD (Saturated Flux Density) Amplifier Characteristic „ „ (Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power) „ „ Antenna Gain LNA /LNB Noise Temperature Other Equipment Downlink „ „ Path Loss Rain Attenuation Signal Power Calculation Antenna Gain Antenna Beam width G = η (Π * d / λ) 2 [dBi] θ3dB = 70 * C / df Where, λ=C/f, C = Speed of light f = frequency of interest η = efficiency of antenna (%), d = diameter of antenna (m) EIRP Is the effective radiated power from the transmitting side and is the product of the antenna gain and the transmitting power, expressed as EIRP = Gt + Pt –Lf Signal Power Calculation [dB] [degrees] Where, C= 3x108 m/s (Velocity of Light) Signal Power (Pr) Pr = EIRP – Path Loss + Gr (sat) [dB] Where, Path Loss = (4ΠD / λ) 2 D is the Slant Range (m) Where, Lf is the Feed Losses 2 Noise Calculation Thermal Noise Is the noise of a system generated by the random movement of electronics, expressed as Noise Power = KTB Where, K= (-228.6 dBJ/K) T= Equivalent Noise Temperature (K) B= Noise Bandwidth of a receiver Effective Temperature Noise Temperature Te = T1 + (T2/G1) Ts = Tant / Lf+(1-1/Lf)Tf Where, Where , Tant = Temperature of antenna Lf = Feed Losses Tf = Feed Temperature T1= Temperature of LNA T2= Temperature of D/C G1= Gain of LNA Effective Temperature G/T (Gain to System Noise Temperature) „ Tsys = Ts + Te „ „ „ Being a first stage in the receiving chain, LNA is the major factor for the System Temperature Calculation Lower the noise figure of LNA lower the system temperature Antenna temperature depends on the elevation angle from the earth station to satellite „ This is the Figure of merit of any receiving system It is the ratio of gain of the system and system noise temperature G/T = G-10log (Tsys) [dB/K] 3 Eb/No (Energy per bit per Noise Power Density) Link Analysis C/N Uplink (C/N)u = (EIRP)e-(Path Loss)u+(G/T)sat-K-Noise BW „ [dB] „ C/N Downlink (C/N)d = (EIRP)sat-(Path Loss)d+(G/T)e-K-Noise BW „ [dB] „ C/N Total (C/N)T-1 = (C/N)u-1 + (C/N)d-1 + [C/I)IM-1 + [C/I]adj-1 + [C/I]xp-1 Carrier Parameters „ Solution - Carrier Performance:


Es 98%

Common Era, heat waves, paleoclimatology, Bayesian hierarchical modelling, European summer temperature reconstruction, ensemble of climate model simulations, Medieval Climate Anomaly Supplementary material for this article is available online © 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd Environ.


Thermodilution Cardiac Output Computer Simulator 97%

The catheter has a thermistor in the tip measuring the temperature of the blood.


1402411795uniflowcatalogo 97%

la conduzione di fluidi acidi, agenti chimici,linee di riempimento contenitori di gas e cloro, trasporto di prodotti chimici corrosivi, alimentari e farmaceutici per alte temperature e pressioni.





TP3 96%

Ajustement et interpolation polynomiale Dans ce TP, nous allons utiliser un tableau de mesures de la densité de l’eau en fonction de la température.


2013geol12 a mc 96%

The arrow on each of the following diagrams indicates the changes in pressure and temperature conditions that occur during a geological process.



CALFILM GF – HIGH TEMPERATURE PRESSURE SENSITIVE TAPE ADVANTAGES Non-stick, disposable surface created by CALFILM GF film assure smooth and sure release from component made molds and tool.


schema electrique 94%

5 ˚C ☞ 95 % ☞ 230 50 2.8 16 V Hz kW A Humidity Relative humidity maximum IRCA 1T.8275001 230 +10%/ -15% V 2500 W ± 5% 19.5 - 23 Ω Thermostats Surroundings temperature Room temperature maximun Room temperature minimun Heating If one of the thermostats (TL, TH1.2) is defective, the whole heating element has to be changed for safety reason !


Fiche technique JNLSOLAR JLS120M365WB - JLS120M375W 94%

Irradiance 1000W/m², Cell Temperature 25°C, Air Mass AM1.5 Measuring tolerance:


Article 1 IEEE BEN HAMIDA M.B publié aout 2013 94%

Then, we analyzed the temperature fields, the heat conduction flow, the convective flow, and the accumulation of mercury behind the electrodes for the case of the lamp in a horizontal position by comparing it with those of a lamp in a vertical position.



Irradiance 1000W/m², Cell Temperature 25°C, Air Mass AM1.5 Measuring tolerance:



Refrigeration Scroll Compressors Compresseurs Scroll Réfrigération Scroll Kälteverdichter Product Selection Catalogue / Catalogue de Sélection / Produktauswahl Contents / Sommaire / Inhalt 4 General information / Informations générales / Allgemeine Informationen Range presentation / Présentation des gammes / Vorstellung der Baureihen Medium temperature applications / Applications à moyenne température / Normalkühlung ZB ZS 8 Continuous modulation in medium temperature applications / Modulation continue dans les applications à moyenne température / Stufenlose Leistungsregelung in der Normalkühlung ZBD Digital Scroll 9 Low temperature applications / Applications à basse température / Tiefkühlung ZF 11 Application envelopes / Envelopes d'application / Anwendungsbereiche 12 Performance data / Données de performance / Leistungsdaten R404A R134A R22 14 19 21 24 29 30 Dimensional drawings / Schémas / Maßzeichnungen Compressor Motors Mechanical and electrical data / Données mécaniques et électriques / Mechanische und elektrische Daten Model Nomenclature/Désignation des modèlesModell Erklärung ZB D 45 K C E - TFD - 551 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 Application Range ZB Scroll for Medium Temperature, High Efficiency ZS Scroll for Medium Temperature ZF Scroll for Low Temperature Application Option D Digital H Horizontal Capacity (BTU/h) at Rating Point 60 Hz Capacity Multiplier (M=10000, K=1000) 5 Model Variation Index V ZF with Vapour Injection, High Efficiency 6 Type of Oil (E = POE;


Motor-CAD v5 94%

· Fluid Database – allows fluid property variation with temperature to be modelled.


Resideo T3R manual 94%

1 T3 / T3R PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT EN NL FR DE IT ES PT 4 Alert Alarm / Alerte / Alarm / Allarme / Alerta / Alerta Screen and button overview Screen and button overview / Overzicht van schermen en knoppen / Aperçu de l’écran et des boutons / Bildschirm- und Schaltflächenübersicht / Panoramica sullo schermo e sui pulsanti / Resumen de pantalla y botones / Resumo do ecrã e dos botões 1 2 3 4 5 Quick Start User Guide 6 5 Room Temperature Kamertemperatuur / Température ambiante / Raumtemperatur / Temperatura ambiente / Temperatura ambiente / Temperatura ambiente 7 8 9 10 11 6 Current time Huidige tijd / Heure actuelle / Aktuelle Uhrzeit / Ora attuale / Hora actual / Hora atual 1030 Gebruikershandleiding Mode d’employ Schnellstart-Anleitung Guida utente Guía de usuario Guia do utilizador 17 12 16 8 Optimisation Optimalisatie / Optimisation / Optimisierung / Ottimizzazione / Optimización / Otimização p2 = CZ HR HU PL RO SK 9 Low battery Lage batterij / Batterie faible / Niedriger Batteriestatus / Batteria scarica / Batería baja / Bateria fraca Online Guides Online instrukties / Instructions en ligne / Online Anleitung / Guide online / Instrucciones Online / Instruções Online 32341899-004 A 7 Heat demand Warmtevraag / Demande de chaleur / Wärmebedarf / Richiesta di calore / Demanda de calor / Demanda de calor 15 1 Programming Menu Programmeermenu Menu de programmation Programmiermenü Menu di programmazione Menú de programación Menu de programação 14 13 3 Holiday Menu Vakantie menu Menu de vacances Urlaubsmenü Menu vacanze Menú de vacaciones Menu de férias 2 Settings Menu Instellingen Menu Menu Paramètres Einstellungsmenü Menu Impostazioni Menú de configuración Menu de configuração 10 Wireless signal (T3R only) Draadloos signaal (alleen T3R) / Signal sans fil (T3R uniquement) / Funk-Signal (nur T3R) / Segnale wireless (solo T3R) / Señal inalámbrica (solo T3R) / Sinal sem fio (apenas T3R) 11 Keypad Lock Toetsblokkering / Verrouillage du clavier / Tastensperre / Blocco tastiera / Bloqueo de teclado / Bloqueio do teclado 12 Temperature adjust Temperatuur aanpassen / Ajuster Température / Temperatur einstellen / Regolazione della temperatura / Ajuste de temperatura / Ajuste da temperatura 13 Right button Rechterknop / Bouton droit / Rechte Taste / Pulsante destro / Botón derecho / Botão direito 14 Middle button Middelste knop / Bouton central / Mittlere Taste / Pulsante centrale / Botón central / Botão central 15 Left button Linkerknop / Bouton gauche / Linke Taste / Pulsante di sinistra / Botón izquierdo / Botão esquerdo 16 Schedule period Programma periode / Période de programmation / Zeitplan-Programmierung / Periodo di programmazione / Período de programación / Período de programação 17 Day Dag / Jour / Tag / Giorno / Día / Dia Copy Day 2 Default Schedule Dag kopiëren / Copier un jour / Tag kopieren / Copia il giorno / Copiar día / Copiar dia Standaard schema / Programmation par défaut / Standardzeitplan / Programma predefinito / Programa predeterminado / Programa padrão Mo-Fr Sa-Su 3 P1 06:30 P2 08:00 P3 12:00 P4 14:00 P5 18:00 P6 22:30 21°C 16°C 21°C 16°C 21°C 16°C P1 6:30 P2 9:00 P3 12:00 P4 14:00 P5 18:00 P6 23:00 21°C 18°C 21°C 18°C 21°C 16°C Select day then confirm Selecteer een dag en bevestig Sélectionnez le jour puis confirmez Wählen Sie den Tag und bestätigen Sie Seleziona il giorno quindi conferma Seleccione el día y confirme Selecione o dia e confirme Adjusting the Schedule Het programma aanpassen / Modifier la programmation / Anpassen des Zeitplans / Regolazione del programma / Ajuste de la programación / Ajuste da programação 1 1030 2 Press MENU Druk op MENU Appuyez sur MENU Drücken Sie auf MENÜ Premere MENU Presione MENÚ Pressione MENU 3 prog Select PROG then confirm Selecteer PROG en bevestig Sélectionnez PROG puis confirmez Wählen Sie PROG und bestätigen Sie Seleziona PROG quindi conferma Seleccione PROG y confirme Selecione PROG e confirme Device Modes Toestel Modus / Mode de fonctionnement / Betriebsarten des Geräts / Modalità dispositivo / Modos de funcionamiento / Modos de operação “AUTO” 5 “MAN” 210 Programmed schedule is followed Geprogrammeerd schema wordt gevolgd L’horaire programmé est suivi Programmierter Zeitplan wird umgesetzt Il programma impostato verrà seguito Se sigue el horario programado O horário agendado é seguido Temperatuur overschrijven / Dérogation / Temperaturüberschreibung / Controllo manuale temporaneo / Anulación del programa / Cancelamento do programa “OFF” off Temporary override until next programmed period Tijdelijke aanpassing tot aanvang volgende periode Dérogation temporaire jusqu’à la prochaine période programmée Temporäre Übersteuerung bis zum nächsten programmierten Zeitraum Override temporaneo fino al prossimo periodo programmato Anulación temporal hasta el próximo período programado Substituição temporária até ao próximo período agendado “+1h” Heating is OFF Verwarming is UIT / Le chauffage est désactivé / Heizung ist ausgeschaltet / Il riscaldamento è spento / La calefacción está apagada / O aquecimento está desligado 1 1030 year 2 Press for one hour override Druk om 1 uur te overbruggen Appuyez pour une heure de priorité Drücken Sie für eine Stunde Temperaturüberschreibung Premere per un override di un’ora Presione para anular el programa durante una hora Pressione para cancelar o programa por uma hora 6 Set MONTH (1-12) then confirm Stel MAAND in (1 - 12) bevestig dan MONAT (1-12) einstellen, danach bestätigen Régler le MOIS (1-12) puis confirmez Impostare il MESE (1 - 12) quindi confermare Seleccione MES (1-12) luego confirmar Selecione MÊS (1-12) e confirme year 7 day Repeat steps to set DAY, HOUR and MINUTE Herhaal de stappen om DAG, UUR en MINUUT in te stellen Répétez les étapes pour régler JOUR, HEURE et MINUTE Wiederholen Sie die Schritte zum Einstellen von TAG, STUNDE und MINUTE Ripeti i passi per configurare GIORNO, ORA E MINUTI Repita los pasos para configurar DÍA, HORA y MINUTO Repita os passos para definir DIA, HORA e MINUTO Keypad Lock Toetsblokkering / Verrouillage du clavier / Tastensperre / Blocco tastiera / Bloqueo de teclado / Bloqueio do teclado Lock 1 Select YEAR then confirm Selecteer JAAR en bevestig Sélectionnez ANNÉE puis confirmez Wählen Sie JAHR, danach bestätigen Seleziona ANNO quindi conferma Seleccione AÑO y luego confirme Selecione ANO e confirme Select period Selecteer periode Sélectionnez une période Wählen Sie den Zeitraum aus Seleziona periodo Seleccionar período Selecione o período 5 Set YEAR then confirm Stel YEAR in en bevestig vervolgens Réglez YEAR puis confirmez JAHR einstellen, danach bestätigen Imposta anno, quindi conferma Ajuste AÑO y confirme Ajuste ANO e confirme ---- Hold Left button for 3sec Houd de linkerknop 3 seconden lang ingedrukt Maintenez le bouton gauche pendant 3sec Halten Sie die linke Taste 3 Sekunden lang gedrückt Tenere premuto il tasto sinistro per 3 secondi Mantenga presionado el botón izquierdo durante 3 segundos Pressione e segure o botão esquerdo por 3 segundos Holiday Mode Vakantiemodus / Mode vacances / Urlaubsmodus / Modalità vacanza / Modo vacaciones / Modo de férias 2 AWAY Press MENU, Select AWAY then confirm Druk op MENU, Selecteer AWAY en bevestig Appuyez sur MENU, Sélectionnez AWAY puis confirmez Drücken Sie auf MENÜ, Wählen Sie AWAY und bestätigen Sie Premere MENU, Seleziona AWAY quindi conferma Presione MENÚ, Seleccione AWAY y confirme Pressione MENU, Selecione AWAY e confirme DAYS TEMP 210 OFF Adjust temperature then confirm Pas de temperatuur aan en bevestig Ajuster la température puis confirmer Temperatur einstellen und bestätigen Regola la temperatura quindi conferma Ajuste la temperatura y confirme Ajuste a temperatura e confirme 8 Press MENU, then confirm Druk op MENU en bevestig Appuyez sur MENU, puis confirmez Drücken Sie auf MENÜ, dann bestätigen Premere MENU, quindi conferma Presione MENU, luego confirme Pressione MENU e confirme Troubleshooting Probleemoplossen / Dépannage / Fehlerbehebung / Risoluzione dei problemi / Resolución de problemas / Resolução de problemas 10% battery power 10% batterijvermogen / 10% de la puissance de la batterie / 10% Batterieleistung / 10% di carica della batteria / 10% de batería / 10% de bateria + Battery critical low Batterij bijna leeg / Batterie critique faible / Batteriestatus kritisch niedrig / Batteria quasi scarica / Batería críticamente baja / Bateria criticamente baixa + Faulty sensor Defecte sensor / Capteur défectueux / Fehlerhafter Sensor / Sensore difettoso / Sensor defectuoso / Sensor defeituoso + Wireless Signal Loss (T3R Only) Verlies draadloos signaal (alleen T3R) / Perte de signal sans fil (T3R seulement) / Verlust Funksignals (nur T3R) / Perdita di segnale wireless (solo T3R) / Pérdida de señal inalámbrica (solo T3R) / Perda de sinal sem fio (apenas T3R) Unlock 2 Adjust days then confirm Pas de dagen aan en bevestig Ajuster les jours puis confirmer Passen Sie die tage an und bestätigen Sie Regola i giorni quindi conferma Ajustar días luego confirmer Ajustar dias e confirmar Cancel 2 set Select SETTINGS then confirm Selecteer INSTELLINGEN en bevestig Sélectionnez PARAMÈTRES puis confirmez Wählen Sie EINSTELLUNGEN, danach bestätigen Seleziona IMPOSTAZIONI quindi confermare Seleccione CONFIGURACIÓN y confirme Selecione CONFIGURAÇÃO e confirme 4 Permanent override until manually changed Permanente aanpassing tot handmatig gewijzigd Dérogationt permanente jusqu’à modification manuelle Permanente Übersteuerung bis zur manuellen Änderung Override permanente fino a quando verrà modificato manualmente Anulación permanente hasta cambio manual Cancelamento permanente até à mudança manual mnth Datum en tijd / Date et l’heure / Datum und Uhrzeit / Data e ora / Fecha y hora / Data e hora Press MENU Druk op MENU Appuyez sur MENU Drücken Sie auf MENÜ Selezionare MENU Presione MENÚ Pressione MENU 3 5 Date and Time 2 0640 235 235 6 1 1 “MAN” 235 Select “TO” day then confirm Selecteer “TO” dag en bevestig vervolgens Sélectionnez “SUR” jour puis confirmez Wählen Sie “TO” Tag und bestätigen Sie dann Selezionare il giorno di destinazione, quindi confermare Seleccione el día al que copiar y luego confirme Selecione o dia para copiar e confirme Delete period Adjust temperature then confirm Pas de temperatuur aan en bevestig Ajuster la température puis confirmer Temperatur einstellen und bestätigen Regola la temperatura quindi conferma Ajuste la temperatura y confirme Ajuste a temperatura e confirme “AUTO” Only set temperature is followed Alleen de ingestelde temperatuur wordt gevolgd Seule la température réglée est suivie Nur die eingestellte Temperatur wird umgesetzt Viene seguita solo la temperatura impostata Solo se sigue la temperatura sleccionada Somente a temperatura selecionada é seguida 0650 Temperature Override 210 Select day then COPY Selecteer een dag en dan COPY Sélectionnez le jour puis COPIE Wählen Sie den Tag und dann COPY Seleziona il giorno, quindi COPIA Seleccione el día y luego COPIAR Selecione o dia e, em seguida, COPY wEd Wis periode / Supprimer la période / Zeitraum löschen / Elimina periodo / Eliminar período / Excluir período 6 Adjust time then confirm Pas de tijd aan en bevestig Ajuster l’heure puis confirmer Passen Sie die Zeit an und bestätigen Sie Imposta l’orario quindi conferma Ajuste el horario y confirme Ajuste o horário e confirme 2 TUE 0640 Select period then confirm Selecteer periode en bevestig Sélectionnez la période puis confirmez Wählen Sie den Zeitraum und bestätigen Sie Seleziona il periodo quindi conferma Seleccione un período y confirme Selecione um período e confirme 0650 4 1 4 TUE 210 Bk-electronic GmbH Hardofweg 40 74821 Mosbach Germany 5s 5s Country of origin:



temperature range 20 to 40 degrees humidity 60%, light exposure high.