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100% - Setup Guide GTR2

These INDICATORS can be given in an explicit manner (tire temperature for example) or in an implicit manner (oversteering tendency for example). 07/09/2018

99% - 21 step setup guide Eng Fra

These INDICATORS can be given in an explicit manner (tire temperature for example) or in an implicit manner (oversteering tendency for example). 27/05/2015

99% - 21 step setup guide Eng Fra

These INDICATORS can be given in an explicit manner (tire temperature for example) or in an implicit manner (oversteering tendency for example). 27/02/2016

99% - Anglais Complot 12AT 04

Greenhouse effect The greenhouse phenomenon has become fashionable in recent years, its origin comes from what is seen in a greenhouse when its temperature significantly increases much more than the external temperature, but these followers do not explain the reason for this increase. 04/10/2019

99% - Nuvita 2086 Digitalni termometer

Nuvita 2086 Digitalni termometer Nuvita 2086 Digitalni termometer Čestitamo vam k nakupu tega digitalnega termometra, ki poleg merjenja telesne temperature omogoča tudi merjenje frekvence srčnega utripa. 14/04/2016

99% - Central fatigue and neurotransmitters, can thermoregulation be manipulated

It is clear that different brain neurotransmitters – such as serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline – are implicated in the occurrence of fatigue, but manipulation of these neurotransmitters produced no conclusive results on performance in normal ambient temperature. 06/01/2012

99% - 0034 4885 74 11 112801

Transient to equilibrium temperature changes take centuries to develop, as oceans are slow to respond to atmospheric temperature changes. 12/10/2011

99% - HD0000EN03 HDT Series brochure A4 2018

HD0000EN03 HDT Series brochure A4 2018 HD0000EN02 Deflection Temperature Under Load and Vicat Testing Machines Tinius Olsen HDTM Series HDTM Series M odels 603 HDTM and 303 HDTM are the latest generation of Tinius Olsen’s digitally controlled Automatic Deflection Temperature/Vicat test equipment with an automated testing sequence that proceeds according to user defined control and configuration parameters. 19/02/2019

99% - ram784

AUTO n) oder dauernd Normal-r oder Energiesparbetrieb m, Frostschutzbetrieb 6 °C f 8 Temperaturabgleich zur Anpassung an die örtlichen Gegebenheiten 9 Einstellung der Absenktemperatur m (Energiesparprogramm) 10 Batteriefach 11 Verschluss zur Gerätebefestigung 1 RAM 784s Day program with segments RAM 784 Day/Week program switchable with tappets 2 Manual switching and display normal r or energy saving operation m (night) 3 LED displays heating operation / LED flashing, battery change necessary 4 Electronic feedback for adjustment to your heating 5 Ventilation apertures in the plinth 6 Setting normal temperature r (day) 7 Program selection switch (normal operation in position AUTO n or continuously normal r or energy saving operation m protection operation 6 °C f 8 Temperature compensation for adjustment to the location conditions 9 Setting the set-back temperature m (energy saving program) 10 Battery compartment 11 Seal for product security 2 1 RAM 784s programme journalier avec segments imperdables RAM 784 programme journalier/hebdomadaire, au choix, avec cavaliers amovibles 2 Dérogation manuelle et affichage du régime en cours, confort r ou réduit m (nuit) 3 LED. 26/05/2022

98% - 095 108

The most important one is the working temperature which is the dimensioning parameter for the definition of the nominal working point and the machine lifetime. 27/12/2013

98% - Satellite Comms Link Budget

SFD Uplink Path Loss Rain Attenuation „ Antenna Gain Power of Amplifier Uplink Downlink Path Loss Rain Attenuation „ „ EIRP Up Path Loss Rain Attenuation G/T ES Gt Pt LNA / LNB HPA / Transceiver 1 Satellite Receiving Earth Station „ G/T „ EIRP „ SFD (Saturated Flux Density) Amplifier Characteristic „ „ (Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power) „ „ Antenna Gain LNA /LNB Noise Temperature Other Equipment Downlink „ „ Path Loss Rain Attenuation Signal Power Calculation Antenna Gain Antenna Beam width G = η (Π * d / λ) 2 [dBi] θ3dB = 70 * C / df Where, λ=C/f, C = Speed of light f = frequency of interest η = efficiency of antenna (%), d = diameter of antenna (m) EIRP Is the effective radiated power from the transmitting side and is the product of the antenna gain and the transmitting power, expressed as EIRP = Gt Pt –Lf Signal Power Calculation [dB] [degrees] Where, C= 3x108 m/s (Velocity of Light) Signal Power (Pr) Pr = EIRP – Path Loss Gr (sat) [dB] Where, Path Loss = (4ΠD / λ) 2 D is the Slant Range (m) Where, Lf is the Feed Losses 2 Noise Calculation Thermal Noise Is the noise of a system generated by the random movement of electronics, expressed as Noise Power = KTB Where, K= (-228.6 dBJ/K) T= Equivalent Noise Temperature (K) B= Noise Bandwidth of a receiver Effective Temperature Noise Temperature Te = T1 (T2/G1) Ts = Tant / Lf (1-1/Lf)Tf Where, Where , Tant = Temperature of antenna Lf = Feed Losses Tf = Feed Temperature T1= Temperature of LNA T2= Temperature of D/C G1= Gain of LNA Effective Temperature G/T (Gain to System Noise Temperature) „ Tsys = Ts Te „ „ „ Being a first stage in the receiving chain, LNA is the major factor for the System Temperature Calculation Lower the noise figure of LNA lower the system temperature Antenna temperature depends on the elevation angle from the earth station to satellite „ This is the Figure of merit of any receiving system It is the ratio of gain of the system and system noise temperature G/T = G-10log (Tsys) [dB/K] 3 Eb/No (Energy per bit per Noise Power Density) Link Analysis C/N Uplink (C/N)u = (EIRP)e-(Path Loss)u (G/T)sat-K-Noise BW „ [dB] „ C/N Downlink (C/N)d = (EIRP)sat-(Path Loss)d (G/T)e-K-Noise BW „ [dB] „ C/N Total (C/N)T-1 = (C/N)u-1 (C/N)d-1 [C/I)IM-1 [C/I]adj-1 [C/I]xp-1 Carrier Parameters „ Solution - Carrier Performance: 01/06/2012

98% - Es

Common Era, heat waves, paleoclimatology, Bayesian hierarchical modelling, European summer temperature reconstruction, ensemble of climate model simulations, Medieval Climate Anomaly Supplementary material for this article is available online © 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd Environ. 02/02/2016

97% - Thermodilution Cardiac Output Computer Simulator

The catheter has a thermistor in the tip measuring the temperature of the blood. 20/02/2015

97% - 1402411795uniflowcatalogo

la conduzione di fluidi acidi, agenti chimici,linee di riempimento contenitori di gas e cloro, trasporto di prodotti chimici corrosivi, alimentari e farmaceutici per alte temperature e pressioni. 19/06/2014


FINE SPIRITS BOURGOGNE DOMAINE PATRICK-HUDELOT BOURGOGNE ALIGOTÉ 2010 French organic certificate «AB» 2011 GRAPE VARIETY ALIGOTÉ.........100% SERVING TEMPERATURE AGEING Notes of fresh fruit POTENTIAL and white flowers. 15/11/2018

96% - 1. Thermo mechanical

For these friction models, the temperature evolution, the heat generation, and the plastic deformation were analysed and compared with experimental results. 19/09/2022

96% - TP3

Ajustement et interpolation polynomiale Dans ce TP, nous allons utiliser un tableau de mesures de la densité de l’eau en fonction de la température. 18/12/2013

96% - 2013geol12 a mc

The arrow on each of the following diagrams indicates the changes in pressure and temperature conditions that occur during a geological process. 10/05/2016


CALFILMGF CALFILM GF – HIGH TEMPERATURE PRESSURE SENSITIVE TAPE ADVANTAGES Non-stick, disposable surface created by CALFILM GF film assure smooth and sure release from component made molds and tool. 23/06/2014

94% - schema electrique

5 ˚C ☞ 95 % ☞ 230 50 2.8 16 V Hz kW A Humidity Relative humidity maximum IRCA 1T.8275001 230 10%/ -15% V 2500 W ± 5% 19.5 - 23 Ω Thermostats Surroundings temperature Room temperature maximun Room temperature minimun Heating If one of the thermostats (TL, TH1.2) is defective, the whole heating element has to be changed for safety reason ! 30/01/2016

94% - Article 1 IEEE BEN HAMIDA M.B publié aout 2013

Then, we analyzed the temperature fields, the heat conduction flow, the convective flow, and the accumulation of mercury behind the electrodes for the case of the lamp in a horizontal position by comparing it with those of a lamp in a vertical position. 25/08/2013

94% - Fiche technique JNLSOLAR JLS120M365WB JLS120M375W

Irradiance 1000W/m², Cell Temperature 25°C, Air Mass AM1.5 Measuring tolerance: 04/06/2021


Irradiance 1000W/m², Cell Temperature 25°C, Air Mass AM1.5 Measuring tolerance: 25/11/2021


FR DE EN REFSCROLL PSC C020 Refrigeration Scroll Compressors Compresseurs Scroll Réfrigération Scroll Kälteverdichter Product Selection Catalogue / Catalogue de Sélection / Produktauswahl Contents / Sommaire / Inhalt 4 General information / Informations générales / Allgemeine Informationen Range presentation / Présentation des gammes / Vorstellung der Baureihen Medium temperature applications / Applications à moyenne température / Normalkühlung ZB ZS 8 Continuous modulation in medium temperature applications / Modulation continue dans les applications à moyenne température / Stufenlose Leistungsregelung in der Normalkühlung ZBD Digital Scroll 9 Low temperature applications / Applications à basse température / Tiefkühlung ZF 11 Application envelopes / Envelopes d'application / Anwendungsbereiche 12 Performance data / Données de performance / Leistungsdaten R404A R134A R22 14 19 21 24 29 30 Dimensional drawings / Schémas / Maßzeichnungen Compressor Motors Mechanical and electrical data / Données mécaniques et électriques / Mechanische und elektrische Daten Model Nomenclature/Désignation des modèlesModell Erklärung ZB D 45 K C E - TFD - 551 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 Application Range ZB Scroll for Medium Temperature, High Efficiency ZS Scroll for Medium Temperature ZF Scroll for Low Temperature Application Option D Digital H Horizontal Capacity (BTU/h) at Rating Point 60 Hz Capacity Multiplier (M=10000, K=1000) 5 Model Variation Index V ZF with Vapour Injection, High Efficiency 6 Type of Oil (E = POE; 29/12/2012

94% - Motor CAD v5

· Fluid Database – allows fluid property variation with temperature to be modelled. 02/02/2014