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Thanks a lot (1) 100%

Thanks a lot (1) THANKS A LOT Choréraphe:


anglais - presentation orale 2 98%

anglais presentation orale 2 Finish a subject:


the black book of tattooing 96%

Airik Moore, my second artist, thanks bro for running the shop while I’m occupied or just plain beat.


Nanocrystals 95%

Synthesis and Analysis of Nanocrystals for Thermoelectric and Photovoltaic Applications Suzanne Christé, Julien Fernandez, Tianhao Zhang and Laura Garcia Gonzalez April 11, 2016 1 Special Thanks We would like to thank first Mme Eirini SARIGIANNIDOU and Mme Annie ANTONI-ZDZIOBEK, for permitting to us working on such an important project during our studies.


Viral marketing in Politics 95%

Thanks to our business school network we got the opportunity to meet Mr Descoing who is both marketing manager in the Danone group and a UMP webmaster.


Book 95%


Territorial Dimension of Cohesion Policy 14-20 October 2012 Vincent Galle 94%

My thanks go particularly to Mr Franck Sottou who supervised and mentored my work, for his attention, and for all the time he awarded to me, his advice was really useful and appreciated.


mémoire Margot VF 92%

Finally a special thanks goes to my parents Martine and Marc and my friends for their moral support during this university year.


RFID 91%


Valentine RIBASSIN - Master Thesis 90%

ces opinions doivent être considérées comme propres à leurs auteurs » Acknowledgements This thesis was realized thanks to the implication of a network which allowed the accomplishment of this study.


121012 csis clinton transcript 0 87%

Thank you very much, and a special word of thanks to a friend and someone whom I admire greatly, General Scowcroft.


Dr. Gabriel Cousens RECIPES 86%

Secondly, thanks to all the chefs and apprentices that have come and gone over the past few years since the creation of Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine.


Forum-Politique mon message privé 85%

FORUM BLOG FAIRE UN DON TOP THANKS LIST ARCHIVES THANKS LIST MEMBRES OPTIONS BAROMETRE RECHERCHE AVANCEE Rechercher…  Déconnexion [ Spartan44 ]     0 nouveau message     Derniers articles du blog  2001­2011 : 10 ans de 11 septembre GOUVERNER, EST­CE INEVITABLEMENT MECONTENTER ?


Fanbook-Sachin Space-Walkers-2016-Paris-2 (1) (1) 85%

#LAFAMILLE Dear Sachin, Thanks for attending the Space Walkers Con in Paris.


MS 85%

MS Hello !


DP Après Soutennce VERSION FINALE 84%

Thanks a lot and may GOD ALMIGHTY bestow each of us with the best of the blessings.