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99% - AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 12 18

And so, we are so proud and happy to present to you our fabulous charity projects, hoping that you too will soon join us … a.vanmarcke/videos/16982546003213 02/?lst=100004103343793:1000041 03343793:1574350009 a.vanmarcke/videos/16982796803187 94/?lst=100004103343793:1000041 03343793:1574350009 My special thanks to Mr Hovhannes Margaryan, to his amazing assistant Hasmik Gasparyan and team for having given us a voice in their Website #BAREGORCAM. 25/11/2019

98% - AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 04 19

AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 04 19 The Magic Armenians! 13/12/2019

97% - Valentine RIBASSIN Master Thesis

ces opinions doivent être considérées comme propres à leurs auteurs » Acknowledgements This thesis was realized thanks to the implication of a network which allowed the accomplishment of this study. 16/03/2014

97% - where there is not dentist

1-510-845-9141 100% THANKS Where There Is No Dentist, updated edition, 2010 Thanks from Hesperian We continue to be inspired by Murray Dickson and his tireless efforts to encourage health and dental promoters and community members to respond self-reliantly to their health needs. 11/09/2015


4 THANKS ............................................................................................................................ 18/04/2012

97% - chat flight return sydney

Thanks for your patience we'll be with you shortly. 26/06/2017

96% - Fanbook Sachin Space Walkers 2016 Paris 2 (1) (1)

#LAFAMILLE Dear Sachin, Thanks for attending the Space Walkers Con in Paris. 22/05/2016

96% - Détection pour quadrillage qu sol antenne

The Radiation Laboratory staff Karen Kirchner, Mary Eyler, Karla Johnson, Richard Carnes, and Susan Charnley, as well as the EECS department staff Beth Stalnaker and Karen Liska, deserve particular thanks for their kind and timely support. 03/09/2011

95% - anglais presentation orale 2

anglais presentation orale 2 Finish a subject: 08/11/2012

94% - the black book of tattooing

Airik Moore, my second artist, thanks bro for running the shop while I’m occupied or just plain beat. 25/02/2011

94% - valentine surprise

Thanks for sharing :-) J AN UARY 2 9 , 2 00 8 5 :3 3 P M mattandkkmom said... 07/12/2010

92% - Viral marketing in Politics

Thanks to our business school network we got the opportunity to meet Mr Descoing who is both marketing manager in the Danone group and a UMP webmaster. 11/03/2011

92% - Master's Thesis Alison Ludwig Guillaume Gobin

Finally a special thanks to Michel Desbordes, Sport Marketing professor and consultant at the University Paris Sud, accepting to be our Master’s Thesis tutor, for your contribution, excellent guidance, support and follow-up on our thesis throughout the past few months. 23/11/2015

92% - AfterApril24th2015 Newsletter 11 18

A young mother of 3 beautiful children, a talented hairstylist who now has become also a professional hair colorist thanks to our sponsorship at #AfterApril24th2015! 20/11/2019