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100% - S minaire 2020 IMD (4)

S minaire 2020 IMD (4) A brief introduction to the theory of category Philosophical significance of category theory Starting point and goal of this article V-valued categories Conclusion Metric spaces, generalized logic, and closed categories Charly Finette January 2020 Charly Finette Seminar 1 / 27 A brief introduction to the theory of category Philosophical significance of category theory Starting point and goal of this article V-valued categories Conclusion Table of contents 1 A brief introduction to the theory of category 2 Philosophical significance of category theory 3 Starting point and goal of this article 4 V-valued categories 5 Conclusion Charly Finette Seminar 2 / 27 A brief introduction to the theory of category Philosophical significance of category theory Starting point and goal of this article V-valued categories Conclusion Introduction An historical introduction to category theory Created in the 40’s by Samuel Eilenberg and Saunders Mac Lane for their work in algebraic topology. 01/02/2020

99% - 3 choiceUnderRiskandUncertainty

3 choiceUnderRiskandUncertainty Choice under Risk and Uncertainty Contents (1) General Introduction (A) Randomness in Economic Theory (B) Risk, Uncertainty and Expected Utility (2) The Expected Utility Hypothesis (A) Bernoulli and the St. 29/06/2013

97% - Adrian Rezus WSC Book Table of Contents

Adrian Rezus WSC Book Table of Contents Witness Structures and Computability Adrian Rezu¸s (Nijmegen) May 25, 2016 This is a tentative Table of Contents of a book [in progress] on abstract proof theory considered from the point of view of a worker on λ-calculus and category theory. 21/11/2016

95% - 962 451 (1 55)

รหัสวิชา (Course Number) ชื่อวิชา (Course Title) 962 451 ทฤษฎีและนโยบายการค้ าระหว่างประเทศ (International Trade Theory and Policy) 2. 27/05/2012

93% - Master of Science in Mathematics (MMATH)

12-12-2011 Master of Science in Mathematics (MMATH) Major Electives Code Title Not Set Not Set Credits Prerequisites 3 Not Set Not Set 3 Not Set Not Set 3 Not Set Not Set 3 Not Set Not Set 3 Total Corequisites 15 Core Requirements Code Title MATH502 Algebra Credits Prerequisites 3 MATH510 Real Analysis 3 MATH520 Functional Analysis 3 MATH522 Topology 3 MATH595 Special graduate skills 0 Total Corequisites 12 Major Requirements Code Title MATH599 Thesis Credits Prerequisites Corequisites 6 Total 6 Major Elective Courses Code Title MATH500 Complex Analysis Credits Prerequisites 3 MATH505 Numerical linear algebra 3 MATH506 Higher Linear Algebra 3 MATH511 Analysis in Euclidean Spaces 3 MATH515 Advanced Numerical Analysis 3 MATH516 Optimization Theory 3 MATH518 Topics in Number Theory 3 MATH524 Mathematical Fluid Dynamics I 3 MATH525 Finite Element Methods 3 MATH530 Distribution Theory 3 MATH520 MATH534 Mathematical Fluid Dynamics II 3 MATH524 MATH536 Field Theory 3 MATH502 MATH540 Partial Differential Equations 3 MATH520 MATH542 Algebraic topology 3 MATH522 MATH544 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3 MATH524 MATH545 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 MATH546 Lie Groups and Lie Algebra 3 Corequisites MATH530 MATH534 MATH550 Non-Euclidean Geometries 3 MATH554 Continuum Mechanics 3 MATH555 Dynamical Systems 3 MATH556 Matrix Theory 3 MATH560 Modern Differential Geometry 3 MATH565 Applied Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations 3 MATH566 Graph theory 3 MATH570 Riemannian Geometry 3 MATH560 MATH571 Fractal Geometry 3 MATH510 - MATH522 MATH575 Differential Topology 3 MATH522 - MATH560 MATH576 Statistics 3 MATH582 Mathematics Education 3 MATH583 Topics in Mathematics 3 MATH585 Topics in Applied Mathematics 3 MATH586 Topics in Statistics 3 23/07/2012

92% - Oksala in defence of experience

Oksala in defence of experience In Defense of Experience JOHANNA OKSALA This article studies our philosophical understanding of experience in order to question the current political and theoretical dismissal of experiential accounts in feminist theory. 17/12/2017

92% - PhysRevA.84.025401

The comparison between numerical results from our improved semiclassical model and the quantum-orbit theory shows a good agreement for small values of the Keldysh parameter γ , implying the important role of the inherent quantum tunneling effect in HATI dynamics. 01/09/2011

91% - Interferometers as Planckian Clocks

The new uncertainty is analyzed from the point of view of noncommuting position operators, and by using a simple wave theory based on the evolution of Moyal deformation of two-dimensional wavefunctions. 05/09/2011

90% - Phdpresentationfinal

Theory & ... Theory & ... Theory & 20/06/2014


• Group and Representation Theories • Mathematical Physics • Quantum Field Theory • Quantum Mechanics • Relativity Membership: 24/02/2014

89% - Anglais pour scientifiques français

Landau's theory veut dire La théorie de Landau (article inclus). 13/04/2017

89% - Vladimir Voevodsky last interview translated from russian

Vladimir Voevodsky - winner of the Fields Medal, professor of the Institute of Higher Studies in Princeton, creator of the motivational homotopy theory and univalent foundations of mathematics. 08/10/2017

89% - Optimizing employee engagement with internal communication

Employee engagement · Internal communication · Identification · Perceived support · Social exchange theory · Social identity theory · Workplace relationships Published online: 07/08/2016

88% - Nouveau document texte (3)

They are jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 for the theory of how particles acquire mass. 05/04/2014

88% - 1 Jazz Theory Workbook final

1 Jazz Theory Workbook final Workbook to Accompany Jazz Theory From Basic To Advanced Study Jazz Theory From Basic To Advanced Study WORKBOOK Dariusz Terefenko Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester © 2014 by Routledge, an imprint of T&F informa, plc. 24/11/2015

88% - thesis csr governance

37 2.5.1 Agency Theory.......................................................................................... 09/10/2014

87% - Poster

Tews (INT, Seattle, USA) Nuclear matter constraints from chiral effective field theory 14:00 T. 27/09/2017

87% - Can the subaltern speak

An understanding of contemporary relations of power, and of the Western intellectual's role within them, requires an examination of the intersection of a theory of representation and the political economy of global capitalism. 19/09/2016

87% - ch6

In theory, the heterosis observed after crossing is expected to be equal to the depression upon inbreeding, considering a large number of crosses between lines derived from a single base population. 09/05/2014

87% - Perco 3

24 2016 21:20 Page 3 sur 4 Posté 22 février 2016 - 21:45 Theory Ça m'a l'air pas mal tout ça après pour ce qui est de la date qui te gêne, je serais pas dire. 04/08/2016

87% - Pedagogy of the Oppressed Summary

As critical pedagogy is based on the tenets of critical theory, I’ll start with a brief discussion on the latter. 10/12/2021


M.) Description  The master of sacred Music (M.S.M.) program Combines  academic research and musical studies that focus on the  history, theory, composition, and performance of music for  liturgical and religious purposes. 17/03/2011

86% - 3.UniversalPerformance

We show that the omega function is a specialisation of a risk measure derived from prospect theory, and as such enjoys certain advantages over performance measures derived from expected utility theory. 29/06/2013