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100% - Buddhism and GNH

It is therefore, possible for each one of us to attain enlightenment and that is why the Buddha prescribed the path to enlightenment through his experience. 13/11/2009

99% - IBHM 403 445

So 2 e2x dx  e2x, therefore 冮e 2x dx  1 2x e c 2 Example 冮4 2x dx 1. 07/06/2014

96% - EL4DEV confederation press release 1

And this therefore involves both education and the pooling of talents, skills and technologies, without forgetting the construction of global policies inspired by those of micronations. 03/09/2021

96% - FSH AMH

Best possible assessments of OR, therefore, represent a core issue in modern infertility care. 19/10/2011

94% - bielleF1hond

The project discussed in this paper therefore set out to increase the section modulus of the shaft of the connecting rod while maintaining its rigidity and achieving weight savings. 31/12/2014


Thought therefore is constructive. 01/11/2014

92% - Anglais

they could only place a child with a married couple, and therefore, not with single persons and homosexual people. 30/11/2009

91% - K. Manorama

She, therefore, represented to the Chairman of the Railway Board on 14.2.1996 but there was no response. 27/07/2011

90% - Paper NL10

More and more parents and schools therefore spend money and time providing children an opportunity to get involved in activities they believe can be a good personal development tool. 10/11/2017

90% - Flying Concepts

therefore creating a REALITY! 05/06/2013

90% - Flying Concepts

therefore creating a REALITY! 30/04/2016

90% - Petition texte trad pdf

The chronical inaccessibility organized towards poultry vaccines, which therefore are not available in smaller dosages and packages, is a major obstacle. 27/07/2016


I say that rainwater has never once made throughout its history, as it admits to date, ie (evaporation due to solar heat, raising the water vapour condensation and rain) and therefore how it would form then? 17/11/2014

88% - Boethius

It therefore fitting for anything predicated of the divine substance to be common to the three. 22/01/2012

88% - 13 020 2013 Roller Tappets 1

Therefore we ask you to ensure that the vehicle has actually shown signs of problems with the timing system prior to carrying out replacement operations. 13/04/2018

88% - Executive Summary

Therefore, the total return per allocated capital over one period is total return rt 1 = Ft 1 − Ft Xt (1 rtf ) Ft 1 − Ft − Xt = rtf , Xt Xt (2) and in excess of the risk-free rate we get rt 1 = Ft 1 − Ft . 03/10/2013

88% - Portfolio interactif

It is therefore possible to collect 60 000 used stadiums seats and to crush, grind, clean and reinforce them, in order to obtain a raw material available to create a new generation of seats. 26/06/2017

88% - EL4DEV program positive social engineering

#EL4DEV #LE PAPILLON SOURCE #ELVERE DELSART #PAUL DELSART EL4DEV program’s positive social engineering A change in mass is therefore easily operable thanks to a series of ordered, interdependent and single-use processes, the respective effects of which are highly channeled, optimized and combined in order to constitute a high-performance modular unit (global system whose balance is based on feedback or feedback from the condition). 18/02/2021

87% - Strategy(1)

To achieve this objective, we have to create a landing page to promote this large-scale survey and therefore, we have to focus on: 04/05/2016


UV-A (λ = 320–400 nm), UV-B (λ = 280–320 nm), UV-C (λ = 100–280 nm) 2-The molecules (H2) and the atoms (O) are therefore driven by the ascending currents of hot and dry air, which represent a mechanical force to which that of the descending currents of cold air contrasts, one attends the opposition of two mechanical forces from which compression of the volume of air including a mixture of oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H 2) which are both agitated by the fact of compression, friction and the effect of solar rays (ionization) are charged positive electricity for hydrogen and negative for oxygen and at a favorable compression ratio, the two gases combine in an explosive chemical reaction (the synthesis of water is explosive), they form water (rain): 10/03/2018

87% - Dossier présentation

VAA’s are therefore real information tools. 09/06/2017

87% - Love Beyond Love

Therefore, love is superior to happiness, for love includes happiness automatically. 30/05/2018