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ds-endpoint-threat-protection 100%

Data Sheet McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection Essential, effective protection that grows with your business Key Advantages ■■ ■■ ■■ Strengthen your security posture with layers of collaborative protection technologies.


Risikovurdering2017 EnglishVersion 97%

This year, its main emphasis is on the cyber threat, Russia’s poliical and military aciviies, and the terrorist threat from militant Islamist groups.


IBM Business Partner Guide 93%

APPLICATIONS IDENTITY LEARN MORE THREAT INTELLIGENCE IBM SaaS for service providers Security solutions provided as a service enable MSPs and CSPs to offer enterprise-class products to smaller organizations that they may not otherwise be able to afford or operate.


it-sec-spy-2011 92%

The security situation remained extremely unstable both in Afghanistan, where the threat level for Italian troops is still high, and in Pakistan, with no foreseeable change in trends, due to the growing capabilities and offensive determination of local extremist groups.


7 Things to Look for in a Cloud Security Service 91%

As the threat landscape rapidly evolves, CHECKLIST attacks are growing in complexity and persistency, while zero-day attacks swiftly exploit newlydiscovered vulnerabilities.


THE TALE OF YEARS 28 07 2014 (1) 87%

Running a Campaign through all of them can be a deadly experience to a group of heroes, especially when applying the threat penalty on Fallen Hero (seen rule [2]).


NASA - Vision for 2020 85%

Land Forces Land Threat US NATIONAL INTERESTS AND INVESTMENTS Sea Forces Sea Threat Protection of Commerce A I R LAND PO WE R S U P P O WER R SEA PO T Air Support LA ND US NATIONAL INTERESTS AND INVESTMENTS PO WE R SEA P OWER AIR R WE PO US NATIONAL INTERESTS AND INVESTMENTS As air power developed, its primary purpose was to support and enhance land and sea operations.


Anglais EPP 2013-2014 84%

Many of the ecological characteristics in the Mediterranean Sea are under threat (see summary information for GES Descriptors above), with over 20% of the known species under threat, and will likely increase given that currently undescribed species will be added in the future and a large proportion of species are either not assessed or assessed as Data Deficient (an issue in itself).


changes in modus operandi of is in terrorist attacks (2) 84%

This is in addition to the threat of lone actor attacks, which has not diminished;


coal-ash 83%

Coal Ash The toxic threat to our health and environment A Report From Physicians For Social Responsibility and EarthJustice By Barbara Gottlieb with Steven G.


Ensuring-a-Strong-U.S.-Defense-for-the-Future-NDP-Review-of-the-QDR 0 82%

In the current threat environment, America could plausibly be called upon to deter or fight in any number of regions in overlapping time frames:


index.cfm 82%

Leachate from solid waste is another significant threat to the Mountain Aquifer.


Altar Quest VF V 1.0b FAQ 81%

The four main components of a game of Altar Quest are the hero decks, the threat deck, the villain deck, and the quest deck.


911Report 81%

FROM THREAT TO THREAT 174 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 The Millennium Crisis 174 Post-Crisis Reflection:


EIU-Democracy-Index-2015 81%

The title of this year’s report reflects the threat to democracy emanating from the fearful mood of our times, which informs the reactions of ordinary people and political elites alike.


endian software ds-en 80%

UTM Software Appliance Endian UTM Software Turn any PC into a Unified Threat Management Appliance.


brevity 79%

Turn toward target or to engage threat.


report-4f46eb64-231c-4551-8604-700a0940b90b 79%

When a result has an override, this report uses the threat of the override.


DHS-FutureOperationsISIL 78%

I&A judges that the threat from ISIL plots involving multiple operatives may grow, but are more likely to occur in Europe—where several recruitment networks have been disrupted, and several returning fighters have already demonstrated the ability to conduct attacks—than in the United States given the different operating environments, number of European foreign fighters currently in theater, and Europe’s geographic proximity to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.3,4 While we assess the threat is more likely to manifest in Europe, we cannot discount the possibility for potential complex attacks here in the Homeland.


Fortinet-FLYER-PROMOTION-2017-10 77%

950** Mbp Débit FW 75 Mbps Debit VPN IPSEC 200 Mbps Débit NGFW (Entreprise Mix) 600 / 240 Mbps Débit IPS (http / Mix Enterprise) Débit SSL Inspection 200 Mbps Débit Application Control 300 Mbps Débit Threat Protection 150 Mbps Prix HT Net revendeur Référence EXN Désignation PP-FG-30E-BDL-900-36 Hardware plus 3 Year 8x5 FortiCare and FortiGuard UTM Bundle 480 € PP-FG-30E-BDL-871-36 Hardware plus 3 Year 8x5 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Bundle 640 € FortiGate 60E UTM Bundle ou Enterprise Bundle Le FortiGate 60E dispose de 10 ports 10/100/1000 dont deux interfaces WAN et une interface DMZ.


User Group Second Edition 76%

algorithmes de Scoring – IPVIKING = Tracking Threat – DARKLIST ES :