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KyogamerPS4-Mes relations avec SONY, voir son com (Cooj) 100%

Supporter comments · réouverture du compte twich de kyogamer · Ch...


Emote Gw2 84%

[Nom du personnage] est surpris(e) par [Cible] /threaten :


Unit 5 OK 83%

Gerunds and Infinitives … + infinitive + ∅ Can May Might Must Should Had better Would rather Make Let Unit 5 Admit Avoid Can’t help Can’t stand Carry on Deny Enjoy Fancy Finish Give up Keep on Imagine Involve Mind Miss Postpone Practise Risk Stop Suggest … + Gerund Admettre Éviter Ne pas pouvoir s’empêcher Ne pas supporter Continuer Nier Apprécier Aimer / Imaginer Finir Abandonner Continuer Imaginer Impliquer Faire attention à Manquer Remettre à plus tard Pratiquer Risquer Arrêter Suggérer … + infinitive + to Agree Être d’accord Appear Apparaître Be able to Être capable Can’t afford Ne pas pouvoir payer Can’t wait Être impatient Decide Décider Expect S’attendre à Happen Arriver Have (got) Avoir Help Aider Learn Apprendre Manage Réussir Offer Offrir Plan Planifier Pretend Prétendre Promise Promettre Refuse Refuser Seem Sembler Teach Enseigner Tend Tendre Threaten Menacer Want Vouloir Would like Aimerai Gerund or Infinitive:


Why election boycotts are a bad idea 75%

Foreign Policy POLICY PAPER Number 19, March 2010 at BROOKINGS Threaten but Participate:


PART-2018-495991V1 (2) 73%

More specifically, such compensation measures shall be deemed not to affect trade between Member States and/or not to distort or threaten to distort competition.


cours hazel 1 72%

• Vieille femme ( old woman) • Se promener ( to walk) • La rue ( the street) • Des lunettes ( glasses) • Un voleur ( a thief) • Faible ( weak) • Un couteau ( a knife) • Une arme ( a weapon) • Menacer quelqu'un ( to threaten someone) 2) Selon toi, que va-t-il se passer ?


Hygio TSE 09302015 72%

You can rid of unpleasant odors and control effectively contaminations that may threaten the staff’s health and wellbeing.



The letters didn’t exactly threaten a lawsuit, but did include a copy of the groups’ lawsuit against Napster.


Chartered Accountants Firm in Dubai 72%

The process of address the risks that threaten strategic objectives around growth and profitability and the importance of implementing good governance practices to facilitate compliance with challenging and changing regulations will be operated by the company Rao &


Solace Global Maritime Security Snapshot Week 37 71%

Militants Threaten Sterling Global Oil Operations Over Pollution and Regional Neglect Allegations.


Siegfried2007Salinization 71%

They threaten future supply 3 locally.


MPAA.Lists.Notorious.Pirate.Sites.To.U.S. 70%

MPAA greatly appreciates USTR’s interest in indentifying notorious markets that threaten legitimate commerce, impair legitimate markets’ viability and curb U.S.


Covid 19 lockdown exit strategies for Africa 70%

The lockdowns, however, pose considerable economic costs that, in turn, threaten lives, put livelihoods at risk and exacerbate poverty.


MWQ1EN 67%

Select from the following list the most important factors that threaten your current sourcing or supply chain strategies 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 20% 19% 17% 16% 5% 8% 6% 3% 4% 3% 8.


Emote - Guild Wars 2 Wiki Français (GW2W.FR) 67%

threaten menace [Personnage] profère des menaces.


le-dialogue. 67%

agree (être d’accord) admit add / continue announce declare deny (nier) explain insist mention / remark offer (proposer) promise remind sb / repeat say, tell sb (informer) interrupt warn (avertir) boast (se vanter) complain (se plaindre) maintain (soutenir) confess deplore gaspe (souffler) sob (sangloter) wail / groan (gémir) weep (pleurer) whine (se plaindre) threaten (menacer) scream (hurler) shout / yell (crier) boom (tonitruer) grumble / mutter (grommeler) mumble (marmonner) moan (râler) murmur / whisper (chuchoter) b) les guillemets (“…” anglais et non pas «…» français):


uun 66%

Weapons of mass destruction now threaten man’s very survival.


Letter to UN Security Council Members 65%

(see Petition here) Following King Mohammed VI‘s request to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to take urgent and necessary measures to curb the Polisario Front’s activities, which threaten the UN‐brokered ceasefire and jeopardize stability in Guerguerate, Guterres urged both Morocco and Polisario to “exercise maximum restraint and take all necessary steps to avoid escalating tensions.” To avoid escalation and to comply with the United Nations’ 1991’s ceasefire agreement, Morocco unilaterally withdrew from the Guerguerat region late February after dispatching police forces to the area last August to combat drug trafficking.


ThingsNotToSay 65%

People can threaten their exes with all kinds of thing.


index.cfm 64%

Another significant threat to the ground water of the Mountain Aquifer is leachate from solid waste, which also percolates into the ground and can threaten the underlying water resources.


The Big Tool Box 64%

vexer Se suicider Un enfant (de 1 à 5 ans) Un ménage Un psychologue Un psychiatre Un psychanalyste Blesser Nocif / toxique Un divertissement Divertir Conseiller Des conseilles Trouver de quoi s’occuper/occuper qq’1 Economic Cooperation and Development The richØ ≠ The poorØ To be outraged To climb up the social ladder Etre outragé/ scandalisé Grimper dans l’échelle sociale Inequalities An estate agent Les inégalités Un agent immobilier A partnership = the state of being partner Worrisome = causing worry and anxiety A Hurdle To cull = to take A brand = a trade mark To strive Un partenariat A ransom To ransom To grow worse A path = a way Une rançon Demander une rançon Empirer Un chemin To ban = to forbid A weapon A threat To threaten The oil A monopoly to attempt at+ BVing= to try An attempt = a try An oil slick A deterrent To deter Supprimer Une arme Une menace Menacer Le pétrole Un monopole Essayer Contact lenses A trial = test The sight Adverse = harmful Power source Convenient = practical To trigger off A phrase ≠ a sentence Lentilles de contact Un essai La vue Nuisible Source d’énergie Pratique Déclencher expression ≠ phrase Inquiétant Un obstacle Prendre Une marque S’efforcer de faire qq’chse A deal Un accord To compete with = to be Rivaliser avec competitive To acknowledge = to Reconnaitre accept To broadcast Diffuser To fish for (compliments) Rechercher… Joyful = to be delighted Etre content de with The Weakness (weak) ≠ the strenght (strong) Un essaie Une marrée noire Une dissuasion dissuader