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UNDERWOOD, C.J. & WARD, D.J. (2008) (Carcharhiniformes) 95%

In addition, a triakid tooth from the British Cenomanian found in the collections of the Natural History Museum, London, is figured.


Dental Clinic Powai 89%

addresses your concerns • Tooth Colored restorations / Fillings • provides comfortable care • Metal Free Ceramic Crowns • will follow-up with a courtesy call • Nitrous oxide, sleep, or sedation dentistry • Treat patients "like family"


Minvalux-neu 10 88%

MINVALUX instruments for the smooth, atraumatic tooth extraction before implantation Instruments MINVALUX pour l’extraction souple et non traumatisante avant l’implantation Instrumentos MINVALUX para la extracción más limpia y menos traumática antes de la implantación Strumenti MINVALUX per l’estrazione dentaire atraumatiche, prima dell’inserzione dell’impianto MINVALUX-Instrumente für die schonende, atraumatische Extraktion vor der Implantation D GB F Anwendung des MINVALUX Instrumentariums:


ANNA 92A 0055-0071 88%

Although there is a superficial similarity to the scarid condition, Pseudodax and Asima both differ significantly from the scarids in terms of the tooth development and tooth arrangement of the pharyngeal apparatus.


Euscorpius carpathicus fanzagoi Validity 86%

pectinal tooth counts 6-9 in female, 7-10 in male ...............................................


Dr Salama Inside Dentistry 2012 Impacted Canine 85%

The literature demonstrates that after third molars, canines are the next most frequently found impacted tooth.1,2 Impacted canines can be brought into occlusion with orthodontic therapy and reimplantation3,4 but this depends upon the position of the impacted canine within the maxilla.


New Sensations with Latest Implant - PDF Dr ABBOU 2016 85%

one which includes extracting the tooth and replacing it with an implant… With or without setting an immediate esthetic fixed temporary prosthesis.


184 85%

56 boys and 19 girls who had only one tooth decoronated.


WARD, D.J. (2010) (Albien UK) 85%

See also Welton and Farish (1993) ‘The collector’s guide to fossil sharks and rays from the Cretaceous of Texas’ for a more detailed explanation of sharks’ tooth terminology.


WOODWARD, A.S. (1894) (Crétacé UK) 84%

but, at any rate, for purposes of correlation it is convenient to have a name for each distinguishable form of tooth.


ITI Invitation Congress Benelux 2019 ALGEMEEN (2) 81%

Plan - Act - Evaluate 20 19 Immediate implants for single tooth replacement?


where there is not dentist 80%

41 What does it mean if a tooth is loose?.



he noted that the height of some of the teeth measured approximately twice their width, a feature included in the revised diagnosis above, and that the width of the enamel never exceeded the height of the tooth above the root.


article (1) 79%

Consequently, any implant-supported prosthesis will be compared to the esthetic and functional standards set by conventional tooth-supported restorations.


Dr Salama JOMI 2014 77%

socket preservation, bone graft, dental putty, tooth extraction, primary implant stability, insertion torque F ollowing tooth extraction, the socket undergoes physiologic resorption of the alveolar bone as part of the healing process.1,2 Previous publications have 1 Resident, Advanced Education Program in Periodontology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


Ythier Scorpion Papers 77%

nigrocarinatus, (iv) pectinal tooth counts in the new species disclose a smaller number of teeth than are found in female specimens of H.


889 76%

Agreement between PA and CBCT assessments of (i) number of canals per tooth, (ii) number of lesions per tooth, (iii) mesial-distal dimension of lesions, (iv) coronal-apical dimension of lesions and (v) presence of ‘J’-shaped lesions were determined in comparison analyses and correlation analysis.


Abdounia 73%

a single 71 lateral tooth missing the apex (Pls 1-2, Fig.


2018 - CAN-PTA-hand-tools-PROMO (lo res) 73%

(51mm) hole saw depth improves cutting performance on thicker materials or where there is a need to cut through both sides of tube • New tooth material with extra cobalt for enhanced heat and wear resistance and greater product life • Hole saw depth of 2"


X2NLA transcription 73%

Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth only makes the whole world blind.


Kodovazenitis et al-2014-Journal of Periodontal Research 72%

All measurements of CPD and CAL were recorded at six sites per tooth for all teeth present, except for third molars.


Les Maladies humaines mitochondriales 72%

 30   1.2 La maladie de Charcot-Marie-Tooth  ......................................................................................