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Toward a services-oriented factory super-suite | i Contents 1 Executive summary 2 2 Recommendations 3 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 Trends in OSS services operations Moving towards Service Operations Factory Customer onboarding: 30/05/2013

99% - Unilever Case Flora Group 2

To get a tangible insight into consumer’s attitudes towards these products in the FMCG-industry in Sweden, we conducted a quantitative research through a web-based survey. 13/04/2016

98% - trx

trx TRX Program Template Trainer: 05/10/2014

97% - 2017 05 11 brexit eu china summers final

 In policy terms, liberal voices on economic policy towards China will be somewhat weaker among the post-Brexit EU27. 06/06/2017


Towards Unity for Health (TUFH) Improving the Impact of Educational Institutions on People’s Health WORLD SUMMIT ON SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY 8-12 april 2017 • Hammamet •Tunisia CONFERENCE PROGRAM BOOK We can’t solve the world’s health problems in silos This summit will provide the synergy needed to make global changes together! 04/04/2017

95% - 2016 RIAS Logistical Guide

Getting Access to All Conference Rooms Enter here GA Building 1) Once you have passed Security, walk straight towards the doors of the General Assembly (GA) Building. 26/08/2016

94% - FINAL REPORT Vannes Toward Zero Waste

The city decided to set up a Public Relation plan focusing on raising awareness and communicate about the new waste management plan “Vannes towards Zero waste”. 03/06/2018

94% - sitraloi564371 380643 tour de lenclave fr gb

At the end of the avenue, at the roundabout with a little olive tree, follow the roadsign for Vinsobres, then at the end take the D46 towards Vinsobres. 21/06/2014


1-2 Step Lf to L side, crosss Rf behind Lf 3-4 Step Lf to L side, cross Lf over Rf 5-6 Step Lf to L side, close Rf next to Lf 7&8 Cross Lf over Rf, raise both shoulders, lower both shoulders Touch and drag backs, with clicks 1-2 Place Rf forward on R diagonal whilst clicking fingers with both hands out infront, drag Rf back towards Lf taking weight onto Rf whilst pulling both arms to side of body. 30/12/2011

93% - SurveyMonkey 113127884 (1)

SurveyMonkey 113127884 (1) Chinese purchasing factors towards organic/natural cosmetics Welcome to My Survey Thank you for taking part in this survey analysing the purchasing factors Chinese or Chinese born have towards organic/natural cosmetics as part of my Thesis. 30/03/2017

92% - boot camp swing

Touch toe of Left foot in towards right instep Touch Left heel out on left diagonal; 29/05/2011

91% - Se¦üance LAFAY

2 2 - Bend at the hips and 3 knees, lowering your body down towards the floor, raising 4 your arms up in front and keeping your back flat. 14/11/2015

91% - Been good to me

Cross/Rock Right over Left, rock back on Left, Rock/Step back on Right, step forward on Left 5,6 Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left 7&8 Side Shuffle to Right – Right, Left, Right FORWARD ROCK, COASTER STEP, SKATE, SKATE, SHUFFLE FORWARD 1,2 Rock/Step Forward on Left and back on Right 3&4 Coaster Step – Step back on Left, step back on Right, step forward on Left 5,6 Skate/Skate – Slide Right foot on the floor towards 1:00, slide Left foot on the floor towards 11:00 7&8 Shuffle Forward – Right, Left, Right STEP, ½ TURN PIVOT, SHUFFLE FORWARD, SKATE, SKATE, FORWARD ROCK 1,2 Step forward on Left, pivot ½ turn to your Right (weight ends on Right) 3&4 Shuffle forward – Left, Right, Left 5,6 Skate/Skate – Slide Right foot on the floor towards 1:00, slide Left foot on the floor towards 11:00 7,8 Rock/Step forward on Right and back on Left COASTER STEP, ½ TURN, ¼ TURN, STEP, TOUCH 1&2 Coaster Step – Step back on Right, back on Left, forward on Right 3,4 Step Forward on Left, pivot ½ turn to your Right (weight is on Right) 5,6 Step forward on Left, pivot ¼ turn to your Right (weight is on Right) 7,8 Step Left forward, touch Right toe next to Left instep START AGAIN ! 21/11/2011

91% - Programme of the Study Day on Assessment

Learners’ Attitudes towards Assessment at University Level Discussion Coffee Break Assessing Oral Language Production Ahlem Fendri: 31/03/2014

91% - TD n°2 James Cooper

Both the adventurers started, and each extended a hand towards his rifle, the weapon never being out of reach of the arm. 24/01/2012

90% - wklytech 11 3 14

 In our last weekly comment we said that as long as the SPX trades above 1825 we can see the market overshooting towards 1860 to 1885. 12/03/2014

90% - Women Matter 2016 Reinventing the workplace

Contents 05 Foreword 06 Executive summary 08 In brief 10 More women in the workforce would increase Western Europe’s GDP by USD 2.1 trillion in 2025 14 To achieve equality in the workplace, we must address the part time and unpaid work gaps 16 Closing part time and unpaid work gaps can contribute to greater gender equality in leadership positions 18 Progress towards diversity is slow; 09/05/2017

90% - DoYourThing

DoYourThing Do Your Thing Choreographed by Barry & 17/11/2011

89% - MH perception study SS report VF May16

to stop the stigma towards people with mental health problems’. 15/05/2016