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Gege Blog 3.1 - Beginning of the Adventure (f).PDF 100%

to refit the gear mechanisms on the “Tracab” ( Traction Avant Cabriolet ) so that I could take it out and make room for the engines ...And I took it out ...


Gege Blog 11.1 -Engine A is back from Italy (f).PDF 100%

While waiting for him to come, I start to put some water on the tracab Traction Cabriolet (shamefully dirty) that I had to take out of the garage, but my chamois leather is out of order, and I only make the problem worse...


Gege Blog 14.1 - Disassembly of Gearbox A (f) 99%

thanks to him , I was able to dismantle the hinges of the “ Tracab “ ( Traction Avant Cabriolet ) in ...