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HBeAg-negative2012 100%

HBeAg negative2012 Liver biopsy ALT every 6 mo* Persistently ALT <ULN and HBV DNA <2000 IU/ml ALT >ULN and/or, HBV DNA >20,000 IU/ml and/or liver stiffness >9 kPa ALT every 6 mo, HBV DNA every year and transient elastography every year ALT <ULN and HBV DNA 2000-20,000 IU/ml ALT every 3-4 mo, HBV DNA every year and transient elastography every year for two more years Persistently ALT <ULN and HBV DNA 2000-20,000 IU/ml Fig.


10.11648.j.epes.20130202.14 99%

10.11648/j.epes.20130202.14 Application of STATCOM to increase transient stability of wind farm Bouhadouza Boubekeur, Ahmed Gherbi, Hacene Mellah Department of Electrical Engineering, Sétif-1 University Email address:



TRANSIENT STABILITY IMPROVEMENT OF SCIG International Journal of Electrical and Ele ctronics Engineering Research (IJEEER) ISSN(P):


sravanthi2014 93%

sravanthi2014 Critical Clearing Time and Transient Stability Analysis of SCIG based Wind Farm with STATCOM P.Sravanthi, K.


Tutorial Steady state and transient thermal 89%

Tutorial Steady state and transient thermal CAD Package for Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis using Finite Elements FLUX 10 ® 2D Application Tutorial of steady state and transient thermal Copyright – July 2009 FLUX is registered mark.


PLSED106016EN web 81%

1024 samples/cycle waveform recording, 20/17 μs transient capture (50/60 Hz).


KIDD 720F 74%

LINE ARRAY SYSTEM N eodymium H igh power I deal system N eatures * Exceptional fidelity and transient response * Innovative Neodymium Drivers Supported.


01406 74%

01406 MYOCARDiAL Amlodipine Reduces Transient Myocardial Ischemia 1% 3IZMIA in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease:


184811263-Machine-Training-PM-Synchronous-Ansoft-Maxwell 74%

Transient Time='0ns' 1.00 0.80 Bradial 0.60 0.40 0.20 0.00 -0.20 0.00 0.20 0.40 0.60 0.80


Hieros Gamos WorkBook 72%

2016 • Vibrations Urbaines - Pessac Proxima Centauri - Bordeaux (Rocher de Palmer) Blanche-Neige (ou comment le savoir vient aux jeunes filles) -Théâtre en Miettes Quai Ouest - Théâtre en Miettes 2015 • Vibrations Urbaines - Pessac Garosnow - La Gardette Festival Vidéoformes - Clermont-Ferrand Journée du Patrimoine - Nevers Festival Les Jardins Synthétiques - Toulouse • 2014 Garoclub - Marmande Festival Transient - Paris Festival ElektroPark - Gênes (Italie) 1024 ARCHITECTURE - Bordeaux (Darwin) Journée du Patrimoine - Latresne Festival Agora - Bordeaux Festival Première Escale - Biarritz • 2013


095 108 60%

95-108 Stochastic Estimation Methods for Induction Motor Transient Thermal Monitoring Under Non Linear Condition Mellah HACEN1*, Hemsas KAMEL EDDINE2 1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University Ferhat Abbas of Setif Cité Maabouda, Route de Béjaia / 19000 / Algeria.


BIS during generalised tonic-clonic seizures 58%

BIS during generalised tonic clonic seizures Anaesthesia 2013, 68, 1072–1085 Transient paralysis after cyclizine administration A 21-year-old female presenting for emergency laparoscopic appendicectomy was given 50 mg cyclizine (Amdipharm Mercury Company Ltd., Croyden, UK) and 5 mg morphine intravenously, in the emergency department.


kocomotionus 58%

ServoTrackTM is a DYNAMIC CLOSED LOOP MOTION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY that eliminates unintentional stalling due to transient loads, and enables rotary torque and linear force control as an integral function of your design.


Rumi Hu lyrics 56%

You cannot become a lover if you have filth of worldly attachments.
 World is here in front of us to give us experiential knowledge and understanding
 that it is changeable, transient entity...
 Laugh, sing, dance, make love, have children, create houses, money, and power, and yet in a moment, death snatches everything and leaves you shivering shaking in fear and ultimately drowning in unconsciousness...
 It is not possible to taste the divine wine of love if you haven't met a sheikh, a mystic.
 One has to become a ney, a reed flute;


Antibody and vaccine 53%

Transient expression of human telomerase extends the life span of normal human fibroblasts.



Karger AG, Basel 0014–3022/14/0716–0296$39.50/0 E-Mail Stendhal’s syndrome is considered to be a rare psychiatric syndrome characterized by transient anxiety and affective and thought disturbances when a person is exposed to a


Physique lunaire Cosmologie 49%

Les phénomènes transitoires désignés sous le sigle « TLP » (Transient Luna Phenomena) sont, comme leur nom l’indique, des phénomènes de courte durée, observés en grand nombre depuis plus d’un siècle par vos astronomes, sur la face visible de la Lune.


PhysRevA.84.023838 48%

The naturally damped oscillatory transient dynamics (so-called relaxation oscillations) may become undamped and, depending on the coupling strength and time-delay values, the laser diode can exhibit a rich variety of bifurcation scenarios possibly leading to optical chaos [1–3].


Ultrasound elastography in liver 47%

Transient elastography (the most extensively used), Real Time Elastography (RTE), Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging (ARFI) and more recently Shear Wave Elastography (SWE).


the-united-states-declaration-of-independence 46%

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;



Los fenómenos transitorios denominados bajo la sigla «TLP» ( Transient Luna Phenomena) son, como su nombre lo indica, fenómenos de corta duración, observados en gran número por sus astrónomos, desde hace más de un siglo en la cara visible de la Luna.