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principal World’s oldest man dies in Japan, read more in NEWS Latest news of the school and the world Trending TRIBUTE My Voice Mr.Brahim Hamiss Chained up an interesting story by Fatine Learn English Learn useful English vocabulary Aretha Franklin 1942 - 2018 Around the world Know everything about BTS 1 designmag 34 My Voice Discover Yahya Boulhaj’s amazing drawings 09 Read what the students try to share Winter 2015 16 Know everything about the late Aretha Franklin CreativeBrains Winter 2019 Trending 19 29 The latest trending stories are there. 12/03/2019

87% - s4 are heroes eternal

ACTIVITY 4 READING A hero without a name “The anonymous ‘hero’ of the M25” (by BBC Trending, February 18th , 2015) Source: 05/05/2017

79% - Nippon Trend Beyond Colours 2018 19 Digital

assimilated colour forecasting workshops participated in by industry professionals such as architects, interior designers and design professionals, we were able to gather invaluable insights in exploring the possible impacts we could make through these trending colours. 22/04/2018

71% - Social Movements

Social Movements Margit Mayer WS 2011-12 Social Movements in American Politics 32 503 VS (BA-Vertiefungsmodul A, Vertiefungsseminar) Tu 14.00-16.00, Room 203 #Occupywallstreet is trending! 08/10/2012

68% - Live Corporate Gift Printing

What we can assure you is that this will create an immediate buzz and your event will become the next trending statement. 06/07/2017

63% - facebook

By “the Facebook effect” he didn’t mean the possibility, discussed extensively over recent weeks, that Facebook manipulates its menu of “trending” news to emphasize liberal views and sources. 11/06/2016

57% - Brochure level 5 krechendo gestion financière (2)

2 PROGRAMME Krechendo Trading PROGRAMME level 5 Introduction aux marchés financiers   Les acteurs Les produits L'analyse technique   Le chartisme Les Indicateurs techniques Les différentes stratégies de Gestion Financière    Scalping, Trending, Intraday Swing Gestion de portefeuille Théories économiques     Markov, mouvements browniens et marchés financiers Les probabilités basiques appliquées aux marchés financiers Modèle Coxx-Rubinstein Arbres binomiaux à 3 temps, 4 temps La gestion du risk: 27/02/2017

57% - 330 Quartzite Brazil Athenes2005.paper PDF

Serra do Espinhaço The Serra do Espinhaço is a meridian trending mountain range system, that extends to the South of Minas Gerais State up to the Bahia’s State, to the North. 30/07/2013

54% - Brochure MF2019

Conferences Supported by a prestigious Steering Committee, the MedFIT conference programme features the latest opinions on trending topics related to collaborative innovation partnerships, and focuses on market access, financing, the digitalisation of the sector and regulations. 10/07/2019

51% - In the Flesh Zine (3)

Within minutes of the news breaking, In The Flesh began trending not just in the UK but worldwide, we said goodbye to #saveintheflesh and began campaigning under #renewintheflesh and we set Netflix and Amazon in our sights. 17/02/2015

47% - PLSED106016EN web

Trending and forecasting Forecast values such as demand to better control demand charges and billing rates. 07/08/2012


Engineering Institute of Technology Nirma University, Ahmedabad ABSTRACT Holographic Projections is one of the world’s top trending technologies. 05/02/2018

44% - But! OM 759

Trending Topics, les “sujets tendance”), c’est-à-dire que c’était le hashtag le plus utilisé en France sur Twitter à un moment T. 29/10/2012

39% - eMarketer Quantifying Digital Brand Ad Effectiveness Finding the Right Mix of Meaningful Metrics

And the TRP helps marketers gauge how effective they are in reaching their true target audience—a growing and trending desire among brand marketers. 11/04/2012


El afán recaudatorio le va a la zaga y se está convirtiendo en el nuevo ‘trending topic’, incluso en los ayuntamientos más progresistas del mercado. 28/07/2013