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Werkbonus 92%

Na heel wat gepalaver met de RSZ zijn we ondertussen wel in staat om deze verlaging voor elk trimester individueel te berekenen.


Internship - Tourism 76%

VR CAP 37135 3 months □ until the end of December 2014  first trimester 2015 □ spring 2015


Internship - International trade 73%

VR CAP 37135 3 months □ until the end of December 2014  first trimester 2015 □ spring 2015 □ summer 2015 The trainee will be include in the


cri de nn 58%

Friederici,2 Anne Christophe,3 and Kathleen Wermke1,* 1Center for Prespeech Development and Developmental Disorders, Department of Orthodontics, University of Wu¨rzburg, 97070 Wu¨rzburg, Germany 2Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, 04103 Leipzig, Germany 3Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, Ecole Normale Supe´rieure/CNRS, 75005 Paris, France Summary Human fetuses are able to memorize auditory stimuli from the external world by the last trimester of pregnancy, with a particular sensitivity to melody contour in both music and language [1–3].


practice placccc 58%

While genetically determined problems are usually made apparent in the first trimester by absence of a fetus, deformities of the fetus, or the presence of hydropic


1-s2.0-009121828490137X-main 53%

These findings imply an association between pelvic examinations and PROM at term, and the author comments that "it would seem prudent to recommend that no pelvic examinations be done routinely in the third trimester unless a valid medical indication exists."


RapportMD 43%

Behavioral studies in animals have found significant adverse effects on tests of learning and memory from exposure to MDMA during a developmental period equivalent to the third trimester in humans.31 However, the effects of MDMA on animals earlier in development are unclear;32,33 therefore, more research is needed to determine what the effects of MDMA are on the developing human nervous system.